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The most absurd piece of poetry ever written. By a child.
Once a long long time ago,
There was a boy whose name was Joe,
Joe was treated very well,
He thought his little life was swell,
But nobody could understand,
What he was saying, the little man.

One day when he got to bed,
He lifted up his weary head,
And asked for just a glass of coke,
But Mum couldn't understand the words he spoke,
It sounded like the call of a manic parrot,
So she went and got Joe a carrot.

When Joe saw this he was very mad,
His useless Mum and useless Dad!
They never got him what he asked for,
They really were such a bore,
He decided to run away,
'Cause they wouldn't, wouldn't understand what he'd say!

Joe ran and ran 'till he reached the zoo,
He decided to stay there, (Wouldn't you?
You get too see the penguins and bears,
And see the monkeys eat some pears,
And all of it, completely free!
No wonder he lived happily.)

So Joe lived better in the zoo,
With the big cats and the shrews,
He lived there 'till he was one hundred and three,
And then he died happily,
Because, you know what? It really seems,
that Joe could speak to animals and share their dreams.

That is the tale of little Joe,
Who spoke animal, not the English that we know.

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