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by Jeff
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A haibun about humanity's darkest hour. Writer's Cramp entry.
For too long, our hubris allowed us to assume that we were alone in the universe.

Once we realized we weren’t, it took us far too long to figure out that we weren’t the top of the food chain.

Now, as their warships the size of continents blot out the last rays of sunlight, surrounding Mother Earth and cutting off any hope of escape... we suddenly wish we were alone in the universe.

         no longer hidden—
         an inauspicious end looms
         in the darkest sky


86 words / incl. 3 lines (for the haiku)

Form: Haibun  

Written For: "The Writer's Cramp

Prompt: Please write a story or poem that has the title, "The Darkest Sky." Also, please choose "Mystery" as one of your genres.
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