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How could I give the correct answer?
Real Fool
Ashok Banerjee

I was five or six,
I wanted to be wise,
I became wise.
My parents and Grand-parent
Became April-fool.
I got immense pleasure.
Now I understand,
they become foolish to
give me joy.

Now, I am an old man.
I go to an orphanage,
Every 1st April.
They are children.
They ask me questions,
They think they are wise.
I act like the answer is unknown.
They become happy.
I also become happy
And gift some gifts to them.

This year, I truly became an April fool.
Rosy is a three-year-old girl.
She is crying
And asked me,
"When do my return
And adore me?"
I feel her pain.
But I haven't got any answer.
I become a real fool.

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