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Three friends and I went to visit a psychic. Once is more than enough.
I am always afraid if somebody asks me to go to a fortuneteller or a psychic. I don’t know whether it’s true or false, but I was told (when I was still very young) that some psychic can “exchange” your fate with someone else’s. I know it sounds funny and stupid, but somehow I do believe it. Anyway, knowing something about your future is a curiosity. I have a few friends who can read hand palm and I always asked them do it for me. Notice: friends are not real psychic, and we always did it for fun.

A few months ago, Lily, my colleague at that time implied to me that there’s a very good psychic in the city that sometimes you have to queue for hours for your turn. I told her I had no interests in a real psychic but in the end, she won. Anyway, I asked along Ua and Indra to come with us (with a little effort, both of them agreed to come along).

So we went and waited for 3 hours before the master came. We were the first clients (later, people were coming and there was even a family came from another city. They said that they also heard of his famous. So I guessed waiting for 3 hours probably wasn’t a waste at all).
The helper wanted us to buy a cassette just in case we might forget of what the master was going to say (we found out that it helped much as whatever came out from the master’s mouth was like a waterfall).

All of us asked about love and money matters (what else?). We gave him our Chinese names and birthday dates ( that what was I afraid of ). I was told that in the beginning of 2004, I’d meet some guys and one of them could become my soul mate. I’m going to have 3 men to be chosen from and the best year to get married is 2005.
If what he said is right, then around this time I should have met some guys but so far the people that I met since I arrived don’t seem so potential to me.
He also said that I am a spender (can’t prove him wrong). I won’t have much money in my savings until I reach 34 years old. I admit that even though I am a spender but I am not that spender spender. I am someone who enjoying life as it is. I love traveling, foods, books, bags and treatment products. I am young and I can afford them, so why not? On my previous post, I wrote something about being a shopacholic and also be able to save a little in my bank. So I think nothing is wrong with the way I live (as long as I stay single, nothing else to worry about). In this point, I think the master is so right.

But the whole physic things didn’t bring anything that so surprising. I knew I was going to a new place and therefore I’d meet new people. I was hoping he could tell me what color is my soul mate, how old is he, etc. And I already knew the money condition of my own. I was hoping he could tell me whether in the future I’d live in rich or poor conditions.
After consulting, each of us were given a love charm and we have to put it as near as to our chest ( “between bra” as he said ). I think it’s ridiculous to put it that way. Anyway, even though I wasn’t so satisfied with it, I still keep the charm with me, except that I put it in my bag instead of my chest.
I think that trying for once is more than enough; I’d never go to a psychic anymore.
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