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Log 1. Day 1. Entry 1.

My name is Silas after one of the Disciples. I'm fifteen and I'm a Sarural. You won't know what that means. No body does, but that's on purpose. Only Sarural's themselves know what it means.
I've writen it down on this log for one reason. Today I have become what we call a Star of Sururali.

Saru = Of The Shadow

Ral = People/Rulers

Basically we are the only people (that we know of) that do not follow what They say. 'They' is the Cenet. The people that control everything we do. Atleast they control everything and everyone except us. The Sarurals. We were outcast when we were born. Most of us died out here. In the wastelands of the earth. We're all different to what 'They' wanted. Our minds have developed differently to the others. The people that are controlled that is.

When people like me are born nowadays the Sarurals like me take them into our makeshift town, made out of the rubbish left by the City Dwellers. We eat stuff that we grow from the earth that still struggles to regenerate itself. Atleast that is what the Great One said when the Saruals were first forced to live in the wilderness. He also said that although our ways my be hard, we are lucky to be free. He was right. Only the cruel slide of machines, the clank of metal, the grind of wheels can be heard coming from the city.

End Log 1. Entry 1.

"Would you know my name,

Something something heaven...."

Delta hummed under her breath. What is HEAVEN?

she wondered to herself as the next command came

through. Turning her towards the computor. Is this the

real life? Is this reality?
Strange words made

beautiful noises in her head. Oh oh. Oh oh. from the

day we arrived on the planet. I did not arrive I was

born from the womb of a woman known as MUM.

"You're a Wizard Harry." She looked up at the sky, as if

seeing a man twice her height before her. "What the!"

she said shaking her head dazedly. Something must be

wrong with her. She could hear the most amazing

things in her head. Beautiful words of humour and

wisdom of love and of terrible but thrilling battles. She

could see the faces of people that told these tales.

"Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day. For thou arrt

more lovely and more temperent than even the darling

buds of May." Her words had no feeling but the man

that spoke them did. She did not understand much of

what she heard, it was the voice, the strange melody or

the face of the HOMOSAPIEN she saw in her mind.

Glancing about herself she saw that no one else heard

the voices nor anything but the commands of the Cenet.

Making my way downtown,
walking fast faces pass
and I'm homebound.
Staring blankly ahead.

Dum te tum to da.......

You know i'd walk a thousand miles if I.

Everythin's so wrong and I don't belong.....

More of the sounds filled up her nearly blank mind.

" What's the use,

whats the point,

you've got the wrong girl.

Anything you can do I can do better.

You're supperficial. I'm A Misfit." The words had a tune

as they tumbled out her mouth.

She did not understand but it sounded nice and for

some reason the words felt right on her tongue.

Log1. Day 2. Entry 2.

The master of our clan just arrived to tell me that the final stage of my ceremony are to be posponed because a new possible Sarural may be entering our midst. Apparently this possible person is a young girl who may even know some of the old scripts stolen from memory by the Cenet. She is therefore like the Wise Mother and a valuable person to find. We are assembling the next mission to go as we speak. She has to be saved from the bland life she is force to endure.

End Log 2. Entry 2.

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