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Two hops up and one hop back is how walks the Snippensniffersmack...

Two hops up and one hop back, is how walks the Snippensniffersmack
It sniffs and smacks as it hops, searching for the sweetest zops
It can’t deny the yummy smell, and hops real fast when on the trail
Always searching high and low, to find out where the zops do grow
Sniff-smack here and sniff-smack there, on the ground or in the air
But the zops are pretty too, and come in every different hue
There’s red, blue, green, to say the least, with spots or stripes to please this beast
So when the “Snip” finds its prize, use your brain-man-please be wise!
Clear the path get out the way, heed my words…heed what I say
It fluffs up huge into a ball, five times its size and that’s not all
It rattles and shakes though in a trance, around this treat in a freaky dance
This dance kicks up small limelux rocks, yes…all this for some tasty zops
Duck your head…stay out of sight, until the “Snip” gets a bite
‘Cause limelux rocks burn when shot, a steamy nasty kind of hot
But once the “Snip” eats the zops, it’s sniff and smack…hop, hop, hop
Two hops up and one hop back, is how walks the Snippensniffersmack
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