The Enchanted Forest


Welcome to the Enchanted Forest!

Hi! Can you hear me? CAN YOU HEAR ME? (shouting near your right ear) Finally! I know you still marvel at how magnificent our place is but we need to go to a safer place right now if you don't want to get feasted on by the predators here. I know a safe place for non-pixie. See that small hut over there? There's where you take a rest before you head on to your tasks. Follow me...

By the way, I'm Drya. I'm one of this enchanted forest pixies and I'm here to aid you with your quest. Yeah I know the Master Adventurer, he's a friend and we were on a Haiku hunt together! That is an adventure in itself. I also remember the time he bravely saved me from a predator hawk. I would have been dead by then but for him. And to repay my debt, I promised to him that I will help any non-pixie that will come here.

Now this forest may seem idyllic and yet there are those dark corners where the hungry gnomes live and the swamp of vipers. I don't even know the creatures that crawl out of there at night. Now if I were you I watch for spiders! They are helpful as creators of webs and words. I hear some of you are writers... so they can inspire. They will not harm you and may lead you away from dangers. Have faith for this will likely be the easiest realm you will visit on this journey. I have heard what my other fellow pixies have in store. So put your leathers on, cover yourself (did I mention the mosquitos are HUGE here? Not as big as a pixie, yet...) and don't worry about food. There are lots of yummy plants to eat along your way. The adventurer prepared a little booklet for your backpack to help with that, but I will flit by at meal times. I love food! And you will likely meet the friendly mushroom dwellers and see the fairy lights at night!

Looking forward to being your humble servant while you are here. Have fun!


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Blogging Category
Prompt: Music Video

Music Video 1 :: What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

Music Video 2 :: Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

Music Video 3 :: Earth by Lil Dicky


*TackG* Choose one of the 3 music videos about earth/nature above and write a blog about it.
*TackG* Tackle your life experiences that somehow connect to the music video in at least 750 words.
*TackG* Include your chosen music video (music video embed link tag is provided) in your blog and don't forget to provide a word count at the end of your entry.
*TackG* Post your entry in your assigned thread.

Writing Composition Category
Prompt: Music Video

*TackG* Using one of the above music videos, write a short story or poem about it. You may choose both short story and poetry because it will be judged separately.
*TackG* Your composition must be in a static item (book entry might be accepted but expect a lower score for not following instruction) and properly rate it.
*TackG* Your chosen music video must appear somewhere on top or on the bottom of your composition for our reference. Embed link tag is provided below each music video, simply copy and paste.
*TackG* We don't set word count limit for your story and line count limit for your poetry as long as the former is enough to be called a short story and the latter, poetry and not prose.
*TackG* Please do provide a word count and line count for your composition.
*TackG* Link your completed composition to your assigned forum thread.

Reviewing Category
Genre: Environment, and Nature

*TackG* Review 3 items each for Environment and Nature Genres.

         For easier access to these genres, go to Browse By Genre located on your left side menu or click on the following links:
         :: Environment  
         :: Nature  

*TackG* Review must contain at least 500 characters excluding disclaimer and WritingML.
*TackG* Provide a link back to [#2267246] "Ultimate Trinket Adventure [Mainland] within your review. Feel free to affiliate your reviews to any group you belong.
*TackG* Link your completed reviews to your assigned forum thread.

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