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Collect treasures, complete tasks, and win the golden Apple..

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Welcome to The Ultimate Trinket Adventure!

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Finally, the long wait is over! The Grand Adventurer now opens the Magical Castle to all non-pixies alike who want an ultimate adventure. I'm Ynthia, a pixie in-charge for guiding you dear adventurer while you are here in the mainland castle. I'll be explaining to you later on the adventure rules, and also the things you need to do prior to accessing the other realms. But before that, please listen to our Grand Adventurer's message.

Welcome! I am glad you safely warped yourself here to our magical place. I am Gervic, the Master Adventurer and Grand In-Charge of this Ultimate Trinket Adventure. Oh, and by the way, thank you pixie Ynthia for helping our dear adventurer safely enter the castle.

I watched you through my magic crystal ball, and I was impressed at how well you completed them. Those tasks you did were just enough to get you the Entrance key. And with that, I will reward you with this Box of Goodies . The tasks that you'll be facing (doing) in other realms may not be as easy as those at the entrance. You will have to use most of your creative writing skills, blogging skills, and reviewing skills. Don't worry because the greater the tasks, the bigger Box of Goodies you'll get.

You are currently in the Castle of the Magical Mainland. All participating adventurers will take the tasks already prepared for each realm, namely: The Enchanted Forest, The Magical Underwater Realm, The Burning Lava Land, The Magical Floating Island, The Abysmal Realm, and The Magical Light Realm. There will be delightful Box of Goodies every time you complete the tasks in every realm. Not only that, our scribe fairies led by eyestar~* had prepared a short piece that I'm pretty sure you all want to read. Each realm has its unique page design and colors that you will certainly love.

After you completed all the tasks of all the realms, you are invited to visit me in my "Enchanted Chamber. Accessing my room requires you to have all the trinkets collected and received from your adventure. There will be optional tasks to complete which grants you access to my "Rarest Trinket Box.

Before you set foot on this adventure, I need you to remember the adventure rules, because we don't want you to get lost amidst this vast Magical Land. You have your pixies to help you, but sometimes (or most of the time), they prefer to play with other pixies and forget about you.

Adventure Rules line divider
[Please read the rules of this Ultimate Trinket Adventure and be guided accordingly.]

*Key2* This will be a two-month long activity and it's up to you how fast you complete the tasks already available in all realms. If you can complete the adventure in a week, good for you. Some may complete them in a month and others, two. However, this is not a race. We want everyone to participate in this adventure and we encourage all to showcase your prowess in writing and reviewing. Winners will be determined through the quality of work and responses.

*Key2* There are six realms in this adventure. All of them are Trinket locked. This means that you need the collect required trinkets in order for you to access the item. Each realm has tasks that you are required to complete in order to advance to the next realm. Accessing realm must be done IN ORDER .To become acquainted with the realms' order, refer to the Map below.

*Key2* There will be a need to create a Book item for this activity, therefore, a paid membership is required. You will put all your blogging responses in your newly created or existing blog book. The task has three Categories, namely: Blogging, Writing and Composition, and Reviewing categories which are prompted with either of the following: Quotations, Music/Video, Giphy Animation, Images, Proverbs, and/or Word prompts.

All blogging responses must be put in a blog/book item
and all Writing and Composition responses must be in static item.

*Key2* Post in your assigned thread any completed category by providing links to your task response in {b-item:#######} format (for static item), {entry:#######} format (for book item entries), and {review:#######} tag (for reviews).

*Key2* Every time you complete all the tasks in a certain realm, I will send you the Key Trinket which is one of the required Trinkets to access the next portal.

Finally, remember to have fun! Take the tasks at your own pace. No hurry, no pressure. You have two months to complete the adventure (if you sign up early).

To help you understand more...
Check out "*Notepad*Ultimate Adventure Task Guide"  

In case you're lost in the wilderness, please always check this thread:
*Down* *Down* *Down*
"*Audio3*Task Updates and Announcement Chamber"  

Gallery Chamber line divider
[Below are images of our sprites on duty, treasure you need to collect, adventure map, landmarks, etc. Feel free to familiarize them because you will be meeting them along your adventure.]

*FairyR* *FairyR* *FairyR* *FairyR* *FairyR* *FairyR* *FairyR* *Bullet* *FairyL* *FairyL* *FairyL* *FairyL* *FairyL* *FairyL* *FairyL*

[These pixies are collectible trinkets that are necessary in accessing new portals.]

Details of the Pixies:
Pixie Trinkets are one of the required trinkets to access the realms. These are free for collection and are made available on all realms. These trinkets are considered rare and can only be collected by participating adventurers.

*Key2* *Key2* *Key2* *Key2* *Key2* *Key2* *Key2* *Lock* *Key2* *Key2* *Key2* *Key2* *Key2* *Key2* *Key2*

[These key are collectible trinkets that are necessary in accessing new portals.]

Details of the Keys:
Key Trinkets are one of the required trinkets to access the realms. You will need to complete all the tasks provided in a certain realm to collect this. These are very rare and will only be given (via trinket transfer feature) by the Master Adventurer to those adventurers who successfully complete all the tasks in a certain realm.

*Asterisk* *Asterisk* *Asterisk* *Asterisk* *Asterisk* *Asterisk* *Asterisk* *Bullet* *Asterisk* *Asterisk* *Asterisk* *Asterisk* *Asterisk* *Asterisk* *Asterisk*

[These trinkets are like rare found treasures.]

[Note that these are just temporary trinket images and will be deleted from the album once the original ones are ordered.]

Details of the Other Rare Trinkets:
These are found as treasure-like trinkets that are considered extremely rare. These can only be found and collected after doing tasks from the Master Adventurers Enchanted Chamber. Collection of these is optional as it requires Gift Points or certain tasks to collect. If you wish to have them in your collection now, bribe the Master Adventurer with 30K Gift Points.

*Compass* *Compass* *Compass* *Compass* *Compass* *Compass* *Compass* *Castle* *Compass* *Compass* *Compass* *Compass* *Compass* *Compass* *Compass*

[Take a moment to familiarize the order of the portals below.]

Details of the Map:
This map will guide you with your adventure. It is especially marked for you to know where to go next. Open The Numbered Map

         1. The Magical Mainland Castle (You are currently here)
         2. The Enchanted Forest
         3. The Magical Underwater Realm
         4. The Burning Lava Land
         5. The Magical Floating Island
         6. The Abyssal Realm
         7. The Magical Light Realm

Adventurers line divider
[Everyone is cordially invited to participate in the adventure. Below are the ones who already signed up. Sign up is open until the last day of the first month of this activity. However, doing that will leave you a month to complete the tasks.]

         [1] Spring in my Sox :: "*FolderG*Rinsoxy's Task Responses"  
                   *BookOpen* Blog Item: "Ultimate Trinket Adventure Book

         [2] KingsSideCastle :: "*FolderG*Kingscastle1's Task Responses"  
                   *BookOpen* Blog Item: "Adventurer's Journal

         [3] Elfin Dragon-finally published :: "*FolderG*Elfindragon's Task Responses"  
                   *BookOpen*Blog Item: {item:}

         [4] jondakota :: "*FolderG*Jondakota's Task Responses"  
                   *BookOpen* Blog Item: "Invalid Item

         [5] ruwth :: "*FolderG*Ruwth's Task Responses"  
                   *BookOpen* Blog Item: {item:}

         [6] Starling :: "*FolderG*Pager's Task Responses"  
                   *BookOpen* Blog Item: "Invalid Item

         [7] Showering Dutchessbarbie. :: "*FolderG*Dutchessbarbie's Task Responses"  
                   *BookOpen* Blog Item: "My Ultimate Trinket Adventure Logbook

         [8] Sunny :: "*FolderG*Sunnie's Task Responses"  
                   *BookOpen* Blog Item: "Magical Trinket Adventure

         [9] Andy~hating university :: "*FolderG*Andy78's Task Responses"  
                   *BookOpen* Blog Item: "Invalid Item

         [10] J.R. PETE :: "*FolderG*Jtpete86's Task Responses"  
                   *BookOpen* Blog Item: {item:}

         [11] Lilith of House Martell :: "*FolderG*Lilli's Task Responses"  
                   *BookOpen* Blog Item: "Lilli's Ultimate Adventure!

and I'm expecting more...

Prizes and Rewards Line Divider
[Below are the activities prizes and rewards. Click on each dropnote to reveal what delightful prizes and rewards you can get. Awards and rewards will increase when more donations and sponsorship received.]


*TrophyG* 1st:: Ultimate Adventurer
(1 winner to be chosen)
Award: 500K Golden Apple Trophy (Portfolio Award)
Winner: YOU

*TrophyS* 2nd:: Grand Adventurer
(1 winner to be chosen)
Award: 200K Golden Plaque (Portfolio Award)
Winner: YOU

*TrophyB* 3rd:: Adventure Enthusiast
(1 winner to be chosen)
Award: 100K Multi-colored Shield (Portfolio Award)
Winner: YOU


Ultimate Adventure Blog
(1 Winner to be chosen]
Award: 75K Ribbon (Blog Item Award)

Ultimate Adventure Short Story
(1 Winner to be chosen]
Award: 50K Banner (Static Item Award)

Ultimate Adventure Poetry
(1 Winner to be chosen)
Award: 50K Banner (Static Item Award)

Ultimate Adventure Reviewer
(5 Winners to be chosen]
Award: Merit Badge

Most Active Blog Commenter
[We encourage participants to comment to each other's blog and three active commenters will be chosen]
(3 Winners to be chosen]
Award: Merit Badge


Entrance Task Completion:
Entrance Box of Goodies

The Enchanted Forest Task Completion:
Enchanted Forest Box of Goodies

The Magical Underwater Realm Task Completion:
Magical Underwater Realm Box of Goodies

The Burning Lava Land Task Completion:
Burning Lava Land Box of Goodies

The Magical Floating Island Task Completion:
Magical Floating Island Box of Goodies

The Abysmal Realm Task Completion:
Abysmal Realm Box of Goodies

The Magical Light Realm Task Completion:
Magical Light Realm Box of Goodies

High Rank Fairies line divider
[These are fairies who live in the Magical Mainland Castle and are tasked to do certain functions. Some are volunteers of this activity. These are the fairies whom the Master Adventurer is most grateful of.]

You can visit the home of the High Rank Fairies here:
Home of the High Rank Fairies  (13+)
House of the High Rank Fairirs
#2268087 by GERVIC 🐉 House Targaryen

The Fairy Scribe
[A fairy in-charge for writing the introductory story of the realms.]
Talent: Writing

The Fairy Council
[These are fairies in-charge for judging the works and writing submissions of the adventurers]
Talent: Council, Judging
         Beacon - House Night's Watch

The Fairy Gifters
[These are fairies in-charge for gifting, rewarding, and awarding adventurers to ensure CR.]
Talent: Gifts Keeper
         Lilith of House Martell

The Fairy Sponsors
[These are fairies sponsoring a certain trinket, awards in the form of Merit Badges, Awardicons, Shop Items, Reviews, and many others. Amount of sponsorship must be at least 100K to acquire this talent.]
Talent: Awards Keepers
         Richard ~ Shenanigans INC. -Two Trinkets [100K GPs]

The Chest Keeper Fairies
[These are fairies donating gift points for the activity. They always make sure that the activity chest and coffers are full. Amount of donation must be at least 50K to acquire this talent.]
Talent: Chest and Coffer Keepers
         eyestar~* - 30K+100K GPs
         Richard ~ Shenanigans INC. - 1M GPs
         Lilith of House Martell - 50K GPs
         buddhangela's Psychotic Break - 50K GPs
         Nixie Martell cheerleader - 100K GPs
         The StoryMaster - 500K GPs
         J.R. PETE - 50.25K GPs
         Sunny - 50K GPs

If you wish to be part of the High Rank Fairies, feel free to choose which talent you wish to acquire. You may choose to acquire all talents though.

All high rank fairies will get a customized fairy signature with username and talent like the one displayed above except for Chest Keepers whose donation is below 50K. Other that that, sponsors will get a surprise from the Master Adventurer and Chest while Chest Keepers will get the following:

*Fairy2* at least 10K donation gets you a Cnote
*Fairy2* at least 30K donation gets you a Cnote and a Merit Badge
*Fairy2* at least 50K donation gets you a customized fairy signature, a Cnote and a Merit Badge of your choice
*Fairy2* at least 100K donation gets you a customized fairy signature, a Cnote and a 25K Portfolio Awardicon
*Fairy2* at least 150K donation gets you a customized fairy signature, a Cnote and a commissioned Merit Badge
*Fairy2* at least 300K donation gets you a customized fairy signature, a Cnote, a commissioned Merit Badge and a 50K Portfolio Awardicon
*Fairy2* at least 500K donation gets you a customized fairy signature, a Cnote, a 75K Portfolio Awardicon and a commissioned Merit Badge

Send you gift points donation to [#2267247] "High Rank Fairies Group

Line Divider Phantasy


Our fairies are still working on polishing and shining up the castle. Our fairy scribe, Eyestar is currently working on the story of the six realms, and the Master Adventurer is currently writing all the tasks in his magical Task Book. We're making sure that all the realms are safe for the non-pixies (adventurers). Thus, this activity will be open once all of these are properly organized. No specific dates for now, but perhaps in the middle of the year.


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Images that you can use for your Blog and Reviews:

Adventurer's Image to Use Adventurer Review Circle Banner Adventurer Review Square Banner
{image:2273289}          |          {image:2273291}          |          {image:2273290}
[Images are scaled at 50% from original]

Please do not create a new post for sign-ups. Please use the sign-up thread created. Thank you!
This activity is a fantasy-themed activity but the tasks aren't as it involves multiple genres.
This activity requires an upgraded membership.

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