The Enchanted Forest


Welcome to the Abysmal Realm!

Welcome to my lair. You can see it from that castle under the moon. I am Oddessa, the dark pixie and why they call my place abysmal, I do not know. I mean even the dark places have light. You will have to experience a bit of the dark side though to find it. That's my thing. Dark! What adventure is so good without a bit of mischief and not being able to see in the dark what comes?

I am always delighted to have visitors for few come on their own. And here you are choosing it thanks to that Darling Master Adventurer with his hidden darkness. He was playing with his crystal ball while wearing that fairy ring and conjured me up. He was surprised, believe me. He forgot he even had a hidden yet playful dark side. I was nicely napping as well you might in the dark of the moon. He interrupted a wonderful dream I was having about hanging people upside down over a den of snakes with huge fangs just to watch them twitch. Oh, I wouldn't really harm them but I am a dark fairy and love tricks! So Beware and listen well, for if you die, it is your own foolishness that will do it.

Now back to the Master. We spoke together through the crystal and I invited him to visit, curious as why he would want to. When he told me of his vision of offering an Adventure through the map of realms and wanted to entice folks to come way up here, well, what decent dark pixie could resist fresh victims...er.. valiant visitors? I gave him a taste of what might befall his troop and he survived, even in the castle, which looks like it might be a less dangerous place. You never know. The abyss changes. He listens vey well! I signed on in blood to be a helpful guide, if you can believe it. A blood oath was required! Gosh, he knows his magics and pixies!

So there will be tricky dark things along the way, and maybe trolls or feet eaters, but I will give you a light and pop in now and then with warnings. Watch for owls. I borrowed them for the occasion as they fear no dark and are wise. Just for you. You will find a perfect space for you to complete tasks and rest. Food will be provided along the journey. Don't believe all that stuff about eating in the pixie realm! Fairies may play that game but...we love to eat and go to parties and ... what is that you ask? Of course, I get invited to Cayla's parties, and Farrah's campfires and Windtrex's chatter group ( a rather long winded affair for me but I get a few digs in!) and the forest picnics! I rarely go to the Realm of Light, as it is bit too bright for me. But I do host the odd dark tales night for everyone. It reminds me to check my rock wall date book to see when my turn comes.

Oh you are good at getting me off track! Back to the Adventure. You made it this far I am sure with ease. Now for the hard part... You are gonna love it! I know I will. So heed and face the dark. Show what you are made of. I will be watching.

And so will some other less helpful creatures. *Bigsmile* Be ware!

When you can't see me, as I imitate the shadow, listen to the voice from the dark! Make sure it is mine you hear though.


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Blogging Category
Prompt: Giphy Animation

Giphy Animation 1

Giphy Animation 2

Giphy Animation 3

Giphy Animation 4

Giphy Animation 5


*Tack* Choose one of the 5 giphy animations above and write a blog about it.
*Tack* Tackle your life experiences that somehow connect to your chosen giphy animation in at least 750 words.
*Tack* Include your chosen giphy animation (giphy animation embed link tag is provided) in your blog and don't forget to provide a word count at the end of your entry.
*Tack* Post your entry in your assigned thread.

Writing Composition Category
Prompt: Giphy Animation

*Tack* Using one of the above giphy animations, write a short story or poem about it. You may choose both short story and poetry because it will be judged separately.
*Tack* Your composition must be in a static item (book entry might be accepted but expect a lower score for not following instruction) and properly rate it.
*Tack* Your chosen giphy animation must appear somewhere on top or on the bottom of your composition for our reference. Embed link tag is provided below each music video, simply copy and paste.
*Tack* We don't set word count limit for your story and line count limit for your poetry as long as the former is enough to be called a short story and the latter, poetry and not prose.
*Tack* Please do provide a word count and line count for your composition.
*Tack* Link your completed composition to your assigned forum thread.

Reviewing Category
Genre: Dark, Ghost, Gothic, Horror/Scary, Paranormal, and Thriller/Suspense Genres.

*TackG* Review 1 item each for Dark, Ghost, Gothic, Horror/Scary, Paranormal, and Thriller/Suspense Genres.

         For easier access to these genres, go to Browse By Genre located on your left side menu or click on the following links:
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*Tack* Review must contain at least 500 characters excluding disclaimer and WritingML.
*Tack* Provide a link back to [#2267246] "Ultimate Trinket Adventure [Mainland] within your review. Feel free to affiliate your reviews to any group you belong.
*Tack* Link your completed reviews to your assigned forum thread.

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