The Enchanted Forest


Welcome to the Magical Floating Island!

Shhhh! Listen to the wind. I, the wind pixie, Windstrex, send my voice on the breeze to travelers in this realm of the air. You have reached my floating island and will need my guidance on your adventure. Those who did not hear and heed met with unfortunate accidents. It is easy to fall off cliffs here as clouds, mists, and air magics come and go without a set pattern. Like the wind! And then there is the winged collector of strange or shiny things. It considers visitors one of the strangest and if one is lucky you are taken to his tree fort. But no worries, just follow my echo! If you look, you may even see my impression near a floating carriage as you travel around and above the island. I love whispering and whistling.. that is me you hear when the wind whistles!

The Master Adventurer has entreated me to assist him here. I owe him for tending me when my wings were injured by a child playing badminton. He had the gift to see me but thought I was the birdie. He had a good arm! The Adventurer found a spell for healing me. He knows a lot of super power magics from his travels in our realms. Plus we both write poetry! Not even I know his real name but consider him a kindred pixie. So trust his wisdom and follow my voice for a wonderous visit you will never forget.


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Blogging Category
Prompt: Image/Photo Prompts

Image/Photo Prompt 1
Where is this boy going?
Who is he?
Why does he have a buffalo with him?

Image/Photo Prompt 2
Who is this boy?
What is he waiting for?
Where did he come from?
Why is he standing here?

Image/Photo Prompt 3
Where are these two children going?
What just happened to them?
What is this place?


*Tack* Choose one of the 3 image/photo prompts above and write a blog about it.
*Tack* Tackle your life experiences, opinion or observation that somehow connect to your chosen image prompt in at least 750 words.
*Tack* Include your chosen image/photo prompt (photo link tag is provided) in your blog and don't forget to provide a word count at the end of your entry.
*Tack* Post your entry in your assigned thread.

Writing Composition Category
Prompt: Image/Photo Prompts

*Tack* Using one of the above image/photo prompts, write a short story or poem about it. You may choose both short story and poetry because it will be judged separately.
*Tack* Your composition must be in a static item (book entry might be accepted but expect a lower score for not following instruction) and properly rate it.
*Tack* Your chosen image/photo prompt must appear somewhere on top or on the bottom of your composition for our reference. Link tag is provided below each image/photo, simply copy and paste.
*Tack* We don't set word count limit for your story and line count limit for your poetry as long as the former is enough to be called a short story and the latter, poetry and not prose.
*Tack* Please do provide a word count and line count for your composition.
*Tack* Link your completed composition to your assigned forum thread.

Reviewing Category
Genre: Children's, Parenting

*Tack* Review 3 items each for Children's, and Parenting Genres.

         For easier access to these genres, go to Browse By Genre located on your left side menu or click on the following links:
         :: Children's
         :: Parenting

*Tack* Review must contain at least 500 characters excluding disclaimer and WritingML.
*Tack* Provide a link back to [#2267246] "Ultimate Trinket Adventure [Mainland] within your review. Feel free to affiliate your reviews to any group you belong.
*Tack* Link your completed reviews to your assigned forum thread.

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