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How To Upload Writing From Your Computer
When creating an item on Writing.Com, there are three ways to add your text into the creation screen. (For more information on how to create an item and get to the creation screen, please read: "How To Create an Item)

Type Directly Into the Item Body
Members can type their work directly into creation windows offered by WdC in a wide variety of formats, including static items, groups and message forums, interactive stories, etc. Information is typed directly into these windows in an "Edit" mode. However, internet issues can always interfere before you click that "save" button; only after you physically click on one of the three Save modes at the bottom of the creation window will your work be saved on WdC. Currently, there is no automatic save mode on WdC as offered in most commercial Word Processing programs. We always recommend that you make sure you copy your work before you click the "Save" button as a "just in case" precaution for your internet connection.

Copy/Paste Text From Your Computer
You can create your work on your own computer, then upload it to Writing.Com by copying the text from your computer then pasting it into the item body portion of the item creation screen. This recommended procedure ensures you maintain a viable copy of your work while transferring it to your WdC portfolio. An added benefit of saving your work on your hard drive may become apparent should your economic fortunes require you to downgrade your membership level, thus reducing the number of items you can maintain in your WdC portfolio.

Steps to Copy/Paste Your Text
1. Open the existing file on your computer into your word processing program. It is suggested that you convert your file to a .txt first, as it takes care of the problems with text wrapping and symbols that occur when you copy and paste directly from Word or Word Perfect. Some members using PCs suggest copying the document into "Notepad" first.

2. Then select all of the text. Some programs will have a "Select All" tool under the "Edit" pull down and most will automatically select all of the text when you click in the document area and press Ctrl-A.

3. After you have selected all of the text, copy it. Most programs will copy the selected area when you press Ctrl-C. If not, check in the "Edit" pull down for a copy tool or consult your program's help documentation.

4. After the document has been copied, you can create a new "Static Item on Writing.Com. (Read "Create/Edit a Static Item for complete information on how to do this.) Fill in the appropriate information in the top sections of the form, such as the item's title, content rating, brief description, etc.

5. When you get to the Item Body area, click in the text box and paste what you had previously copied. Most web browsers will treat Ctrl-V as paste. You can also check the program's "Edit" pull down menu or consult your program's help documentation.

Convert From Word Doc
WdC also provides an option for directly converting a Word document into WdC format. Our tool   converts your document for easy transfer. Simply convert your document, then copy and paste the text into the item body portion of the creation screen.

Whichever method you use, remember to save your work frequently. Uploading your work onto WdC and getting it seen by others is the first step toward writing success.1

Recommended Reading

1  Written by Jace and The StoryMistress

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