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Rated: 18+ · about 2 hours ago
Daily notes and timed freewrites but mostly my blog
Rated: 13+ · about 7 hours ago
My blog. I'm opionated and I just want to sound off.
Rated: E · about 7 hours ago
A writer uses whatever he/she make come across to get her creative juices going.
Rated: ASR · about 9 hours ago
Rated: E · about 14 hours ago
You are what you write. Illusion and Reality...I reside in between. Where are you?
Rated: 18+ · about 17 hours ago
Don't judge a book by its cover... This isn't about tube anemones.
Rated: E · about 19 hours ago
My thoughts and musings
Rated: E · about 20 hours ago
Blog for Blogging Circle of Friends and/or Blog City
Rated: 18+ · about 20 hours ago
The Continuing Saga of Prosperous Snow
Rated: 13+ · about 21 hours ago
Maxed out on previous blog. As long as I am learning, my newbie is still showing
Rated: 13+ · about 22 hours ago
My Journal of This and That
Rated: 18+ · about 23 hours ago
ON THE WRITE PATH: travel journal for Around-the-World in 2015.
Rated: 18+ · a day ago
Second blog -- answers to an ocean of prompts
Rated: ASR · a day ago
I have tried to summarize my observation with vivid and simple manner.
Rated: 13+ · a day ago
Poetry and Prose about life, family, thoughts & Lesbian concerns of heart
Rated: 13+ · a day ago
This is my blog about whats happening with me!
Rated: 18+ · a day ago
A day to day in my life. Come on in and sit a spell.
Rated: E · a day ago
I will share the many thoughts that invade my introspective soul.
Rated: 13+ · a day ago
My mind goes wandering and my heart tags along. Thoughts from a slightly mad old man.
Rated: 13+ · a day ago
Herein reside my in-depth interviews with up-and-coming writers of my acquaintance
Rated: 18+ · a day ago
lone musings of the vast prarie inside my head
Rated: E · 2 days ago
A running blog on a real newbies adventures with the WDC website
Rated: 13+ · 2 days ago
Thoughts, feelings and events of the day.
Rated: 13+ · 2 days ago
Theses are my thoughts and ramblings as I forge my way through this thing they call life.
Rated: 13+ · 2 days ago
Whew! Life! It's time to get down and let her rip!
Rated: 18+ · 2 days ago
My place to think with my fingers and who knows just what might pop up.
Rated: E · 3 days ago
Footprints, A Memoir
Rated: 18+ · 3 days ago
A journal I'm using to help with my writing.
Rated: 18+ · 3 days ago
A personal journal based on the five Chinese elements: Earth, Wood, Water, Fire, & Metal.
Rated: 13+ · 3 days ago
Some of the strangest things forgotten by that Australian Blog Bloke. 2014
Rated: 13+ · 3 days ago
This is a series of descriptions -- hopefully one per day.
Rated: E · 4 days ago
Blog for describing updates to some of my writing projects
Rated: 18+ · 4 days ago
A continuation of my original blog, "Surviving Motherhood".
Rated: 18+ · 4 days ago
A journal called Life. Nothing Is Perfect. Yet.
Rated: 18+ · 4 days ago
A blog for my assorted thoughts and rambling inner monologue.
Rated: 13+ · 4 days ago
Just some random everyday thoughts.
Rated: 18+ · 4 days ago
A personal musing while I grapple with a childhood of bullies and almost-abuse.
Rated: 18+ · 4 days ago
Tales of science and mystery and all the ways things can go horribly wrong.
Rated: 13+ · 5 days ago
It's who we are. It's what we stare at in the middle of the night. It's a bug zapper.
Rated: 13+ · 5 days ago
My writing blog
Rated: E · 5 days ago
Just a few musings from the state that I have personally nicknamed "America's Down Under"
Rated: 18+ · 5 days ago
Another plate full of the meat and vegetables of my life.
Rated: 18+ · 5 days ago
Why I want to write a book
Rated: 18+ · 5 days ago
A collection of my rants and ideas explained.
Rated: 13+ · 6 days ago
Day-to-day musings and wonderings of an infected mind.
Rated: ASR · 6 days ago
Welcome to Whatsit's Wild World.
Rated: 18+ · 6 days ago
Ever notice how random events come together and create order from chaos?
Rated: 13+ · 6 days ago
My Blog -Thoughts and things on my mind. Including 30 days to Positive.
Rated: 13+ · 6 days ago
Here you will find my daily journal of small stones and inspiration!
Rated: 18+ · 6 days ago
Day to day thoughts and inspirations.
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