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Rated: E · about 5 hours ago
You are what you write. Illusion and Reality...I reside in between. Where are you?
Rated: ASR · about 6 hours ago
I have tried to summarize my observation with vivid and simple manner.
Rated: E · about 7 hours ago
My thoughts and musings
Rated: E · about 7 hours ago
A little bit of spice to flavor the pot.
Rated: E · about 8 hours ago
A Journal to impart knowledge and facts
Rated: 13+ · about 8 hours ago
This is a series of descriptions -- hopefully one per day.
Rated: E · about 8 hours ago
Featured in the Comedy Newsletter (October 28, 2015)
Rated: 18+ · about 10 hours ago
The Saga of Prosperous Snow Continues
Rated: 13+ · about 10 hours ago
No doubt obscure and irreverent, or irrelevant thoughts.
Rated: E · about 10 hours ago
Blog for October 30 Day Blogging Challenge
Rated: E · about 11 hours ago
Let the blogging begin again and again and again.....
Rated: 18+ · about 12 hours ago
You don't need to read this. This is not the blog you are looking for.
Rated: ASR · about 15 hours ago
Announcements pertaining to Writing.Com!
Rated: E · about 18 hours ago
A place to put down ideas for writing and other related projects
Rated: 18+ · about 21 hours ago
Just my rambling thoughts and a place to vent.
Rated: E · about 22 hours ago
My random thoughts and reactions to my everyday life. The voices like a forum.
Rated: 18+ · about 22 hours ago
My journey through (and beyond) the valley with Cancer as my companion.
Rated: 18+ · a day ago
Second blog -- answers to an ocean of prompts
Rated: E · a day ago
journal/ blog
Rated: 13+ · a day ago
My mind goes wandering and my heart tags along. Thoughts from a slightly mad old man.
Rated: 18+ · a day ago
Another plate full of the meat and vegetables of my life.
Rated: 18+ · a day ago
Reflections and ruminations from a modern day Alice - Life is Wonderland
Rated: 18+ · a day ago
Morning confessions, afternoon daydreams, and evening wind-downs.
Rated: 18+ · 2 days ago
Ever notice how random events come together and create order from chaos?
Rated: 13+ · 2 days ago
Theses are my thoughts and ramblings as I forge my way through this thing they call life.
Rated: 13+ · 2 days ago
Poetry and Prose about life, family, thoughts & Lesbian concerns of heart
Rated: E · 2 days ago
Thoughts, inspirations, and questions.
Rated: 13+ · 2 days ago
Now a residence for BC and BCOF items. Random bloggisness wil apear in POTPOURRI.
Rated: 18+ · 2 days ago
A daily record of inspiration and ideas for all.
Rated: 13+ · 3 days ago
A rant, that will hopefully help us all get it out of our systems and into view.
Rated: 18+ · 3 days ago
Love cats or random jabber? Come join the fun!
Rated: E · 3 days ago
My Adventures on WDC both funny and serious. I store Items and tid bits I learn here.
Rated: 13+ · 3 days ago
Repository for my Zanier Ideas... on writing, and life.
Rated: 13+ · 3 days ago
The journal of a skin changer who helps free her kind.
Rated: E · 3 days ago
My weird blog
Rated: E · 3 days ago
Sundry Thoughts and Experiences of a Wannabe World-Renowned Bonne Viveuse
Rated: E · 3 days ago
Day to day stuff....a memoir without order.
Rated: E · 4 days ago
Rated: 18+ · 4 days ago
My personal thoughts
Rated: 13+ · 4 days ago
Some of the strangest things forgotten by that Australian Blog Bloke. 2014
Rated: ASR · 5 days ago
This blog is a wide variety of things. Most titles are prompts I have followed.
Rated: ASR · 5 days ago
Rated: 13+ · 5 days ago
Thoughts and takes on the way life presents....
Rated: E · 6 days ago
This is going to be my blog. I've never had a blog so this is new to me.
Rated: 18+ · 6 days ago
A chronicle of the half-witted ramblings from a demented fellow
Rated: E · 6 days ago
Blog for Blogging Circle of Friends and/or Blog City
Rated: 13+ · 6 days ago
It's who we are. It's what we stare at in the middle of the night. It's a bug zapper.
Rated: E · 7 days ago
My first blog
Rated: 18+ · 7 days ago
Daily notes and timed freewrites but mostly my blog
Rated: ASR · 7 days ago
I have got to write every day, and this is how I'm going to get writing ingrained into me!
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