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Rated: ASR · about 5 hours ago
I have tried to summarize my observation with vivid and simple manner.
Rated: 13+ · about 5 hours ago
Whew! Life! It's time to get down and let her rip!
Rated: ASR · about 7 hours ago
Sometimes epiphanies about my insights on writing and life and what goes on...
Rated: E · about 7 hours ago
Rated: 13+ · about 8 hours ago
Musings on anything.
Rated: 18+ · about 10 hours ago
Why am I always looking? Everyone knows nothing is found by searching.
Rated: 18+ · about 12 hours ago
It's a blog. Cool people have blogs, right?
Rated: 18+ · about 13 hours ago
A blog for my assorted thoughts and rambling inner monologue.
Rated: 18+ · about 13 hours ago
The loneliness of the long distance ranter--all visitors are welcomed and forewarned.
Rated: 13+ · about 13 hours ago
The Mausoleum: Discussions on All Things Horror...
Rated: 18+ · about 15 hours ago
LaRue waltzes lights FANDANGO. Watch character lists tumble into blogs. Style in-progress
Rated: 18+ · about 16 hours ago
The Saga of Prosperous Snow Continues
Rated: 18+ · about 18 hours ago
Second blog -- answers to an ocean of prompts
Rated: ASR · about 18 hours ago
slip a little, emotional traces
Rated: E · about 19 hours ago
Blog for describing updates to some of my writing projects
Rated: E · about 20 hours ago
A Journal to impart knowledge and facts
Rated: E · about 21 hours ago
My thoughts and musings
Rated: 13+ · a day ago
A rant, that will hopefully help us all get it out of our systems and into view.
Rated: E · a day ago
Blog were I will talk about Ideas, take suggestions, and other stuff
Rated: E · a day ago
Random Thoughts and Experiences
Rated: E · a day ago
2016 Daily verses, poems. It will include a year long journal to share with everyone@WDC.
Rated: 13+ · 2 days ago
No doubt obscure and irreverent, or irrelevant thoughts.
Rated: 18+ · 3 days ago
A continuation of my original blog, "Surviving Motherhood".
Rated: 13+ · 3 days ago
Thoughts and takes on the way life presents....
Rated: E · 3 days ago
Getting to know me.
Rated: E · 3 days ago
A new adventure in the land of Erie, the next chapter in my life story.
Rated: E · 3 days ago
positive thoughts
Rated: E · 3 days ago
Bits and pieces
Rated: 13+ · 3 days ago
after death, what becomes our family
Rated: E · 4 days ago
not looking for reviews or anything, just curious if anyone can sympathize
Rated: 13+ · 5 days ago
Repository for my Zanier Ideas... on writing, and life.
Rated: 13+ · 5 days ago
A BLOG to share books, thoughts, and hopefully a few smiles.
Rated: 18+ · 5 days ago
A third blog? A good idea? A fresh start? A disaster? An omen? ...who knows anything?
Rated: E · 5 days ago
My story of how writing helps me cope with my illness -Fibromyalgia.
Rated: 13+ · 5 days ago
I am setting this blog up to share general thoughts I have, and things I enjoy.
Rated: 13+ · 5 days ago
Now a residence for BC and BCOF items. Random bloggisness wil apear in POTPOURRI.
Rated: E · 6 days ago
Updates, tips, and humorous insights into the journey of writing fantasy fiction.
Rated: 18+ · 7 days ago
You don't need to read this. This is not the blog you are looking for.
Rated: 18+ · 7 days ago
Blog started in Jan 2005: 1st entries for Write in Every Genre. Then the REAL ME begins
Rated: 18+ · 8 days ago
This is a journal to mark the path towards being published and in between.
Rated: E · 8 days ago
Faith to journey as God leads into unknown territories and situations. Where am I going?
Rated: 18+ · 9 days ago
When you really have nothing better to do.
Rated: E · 10 days ago
I travel the country on business, sometimes the world. Come see where I've been.
Rated: ASR · 10 days ago
Rated: E · 11 days ago
This is where I express my feelings, thoughts and views on various matters.
Rated: 13+ · 11 days ago
Theses are my thoughts and ramblings as I forge my way through this thing they call life.
Rated: E · 12 days ago
Yet another blog. Been here so long I thought I ought to blog again. Besides, it is fun!
Rated: ASR · 14 days ago
This blog is a wide variety of things. Most titles are prompts I have followed.
Rated: E · 15 days ago
Thoughts from time to time.
Rated: E · 15 days ago
Featured in the Comedy Newsletter (October 28, 2015)
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