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April 19, 2014
11:42am EDT

Member Testimonials
Testimonials provide visitors a glimpse inside our site and its community. With more than 1,000 comments, Writing.Com is proud to have one of the largest collections of testimonials anywhere online. If you are a member who would like to submit a testimonial, please see: "Send Your Testimonial!
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      "I have just celebrated my second anniversary with Before coming here, I had completed only one story and was shy about anyone reading it.I was lucky to stumble on this site and discover that a lot of people are apprehensive about putting up that first piece. The genuine acceptance and encouragement I have received from the members has made my portfolio blossom. I now have more confidence in what I produce and eventually hope to publish. Thank you, "
-- Shawlyn
Comment added on 04-08-2014    
      " I witnessed a murder. The police didn't investigate it. I gave them a written account of what happened and I was told I was illiterate. I didn't have $14,000 to pay a ghostwriter to write a book for me. In my search of trying to find someone to do it for me I ran across this website. Now with the guidance of published authors I have paid pennies to, I've written a book that is near completion. I pay people with GPs to view my story and make comments. I have tried finding local real people to read my book and make comments. The problem with is you get a more truthful answer by anonymous people who know how to write than a beta reader you have met in person. This website give me a place to post my writing that gives me a shield of protection. I can see the ratings of the authors who view my work and can see whose advice to follow. Here I am getting the services a publishing house would give me. There are many people in this world who give bad advice for the fun of watching people destroy themselves. There is no way I as a learning writer would just take anyone off the internets advice. It would be the same as going onto youtube and looking up how to make flying shoes. There are many people with videos who give step by step instructions on how to make flying shoes, but you can't get off the ground with bad advice. I get great advice here that's why I'm here to stay. "
-- Remembering
Comment added on 04-08-2014    
      "I've been a WDC member for nearly 6 years, and I find it to be a wonderfully creative place. I am amazed at the huge variety of opportunities to be inspired to write: prompts, contests, review requests from fellow authors, and many more. I have always found the peer-peer reviews to be helpful and respectful, especially when pointing out something that didn't make sense, or to offer a suggestion for future efforts. If you like to write, this is the place to be!"
-- 20-Mike-14
Comment added on 03-21-2014    
      " has the best community of any site I've ever seen. The support and helpfulness of its members transcends anything I've witnessed before. When I joined the site a couple months ago, I wanted to get insight on my writing and read other writers' work. Since then, I've come to find that this site is so much more than just another writing site. There may be other places you can get reviews on your work, but you will not have the dedication and attention to detail that you get on this site. I don't have to be here for years to see that WDC is what you make of it. It can either be a place where you go to read and maybe get some reviews on your work or it can be a place where you feel at home. You wouldn't think it would be possible to make so many friends in two months on a site, but I've already met so many great people that I consider actual friends here. You can be as social or reclusive as you want, but you'll always get respectful and encouraging treatment from the members. Plus, the site owners actually play a daily role on the site. They're constantly coming out with improvements. I can't think of another site of the same caliber where you can have interactions with the owners like it's nothing. Really down-to-earth people here. I have so much appreciation for this site."
-- Charlie
Comment added on 03-16-2014    
      " I want to thank all of the kind souls here from the bottom of my heart, I have found the reviewers to be kind, honest, and encouraging. I have found everything on here to my liking, and every time I write a new chapter and prepare to publish it on here, I have a feeling of deep satisfaction. Thank you everyone!"
-- Alice
Comment added on 03-09-2014    
      "Thank you WdC for fulfilling my dream of becoming a writer, something I had very little hope of. You've also changed my life because of the friends you bestowed me with. I'm grateful."
-- Aisha - 2 years on WdC
Comment added on 03-06-2014    
      "I love this site SO much. I've been working tirelessly on a prologue for my very first public novel now for ages, and I had no way of getting anyone's input on it. Until I found WDC! Without Writing, I wouldn't have ever got the awesome tips I'm now using to finish this well as the entire novel!"
-- Will
Comment added on 03-04-2014    
      "I joined not even a month ago, and I can already honestly say that without a doubt, this is the site I'm on most of the time. My dad told me about this site and helped me set up my own account. I love the atmosphere and the people, they are all so thoughtful and caring. Every time I think of quitting my writing I always come back here,and have always gotten back on my feet. I want to thank each and every person who has encouraged me to continue to write. I hope in the future, hopefully soon, I'll become a published author. I promise that I will not be giving up anytime soon. Thank you so much for supporting me and for the encouragement that I have received."
-- Rebecca
Comment added on 03-03-2014    
      "The environment here at WDC is exactly what fragile writers need in order to slip a finger out of their shell, find that it didn't get cut off, and in fact got manicured instead. It's amazing."
-- JaceCar
Comment added on 02-28-2014    
      "I have to say, from the bottom of my heart, I have received some of the most helpful, kindest reviews since I have joined some three years ago. Thank you for letting me reveal my soul and pour my guts out to you guys."
-- Mr. Jones
Comment added on 02-18-2014    
      "Today marks my eleventh anniversary on the site. That fact, more than any words I could possibly write, is the truest testimony of the greatness of this online community. The site (along with its members and staff) constitutes one of the longest, strongest, and most treasured relationships in my life. I have no doubt my writing ability is where it is today because of this site and the people who so generously give their time and expertise to it."
-- Jeff
Comment added on 02-15-2014    
      "WDC has ruined my life. I spend every free moment trying to get feedback, write new and interesting material, touch someone's life. I've neglected my family, ignored my dog and am seriously thinking about quitting my job so I can write more reviews and learn how to make a better haiku. Dang you,, for being such a useful and interesting site!!"
-- WordNinja
Comment added on 02-11-2014    
      "I wanted to write to you and thank you for this awesome site! I joined a couple of weeks ago in the hopes of getting some feedback and improving my writing. Within hours of joining, I immediately had emails from people welcoming me and reviews on the things I'd posted. Everyone has been so encouraging, but also refreshingly honest. I finally know where I've been going wrong and how to make that next big leap in quality. I'd especially like to thank Bruce (brucef) for going above-and-beyond in reading my whole forty-five chapter novel! I never expected someone to take the time and energy to give me feedback on every single chapter the way he did. This site has given me a new passion for writing and the confidence to try new things. I've found my new home :-) Thank you, - Ani"
-- Anistasya
Comment added on 02-06-2014    
      "So much to say about "Writing.Com" I was first introduced to it in 2002. I had to back away from my writing for a while due to health issues. I could not wait to re join a great site that I have never forgotten. The people here give great advice. They boosted my interest in writing way back then, so I have never let go of it. So glad to be back and to hopefully stay on board. Already feel like I never left !"
-- LifeLessons
Comment added on 02-05-2014    
      "WDC... I stumbled upon this site about 2 or 3 years ago, but my account was made about 8 months ago. This site was intriguing and exciting, as there was a whole bunch of different stories to read and know, some of them will haunt me until i die, but others will be happily remembered as fantastic literary pieces. I'm not a critique or someone very demanding, i just need a funny and epic story to read. Also while having an account you can get to know the authors behind the stories you may have liked and get new friends instantly. This site is an awesome opportunity to those with an imaginative mind who want to give their stories to those willing to read them and i'm proud to be part of this community, and who knows maybe one day i could submit some of my own material, only time will tell..."
-- L.U
Comment added on 02-05-2014    
      " is the place where you can go when your characters have decided to take over your life and you need a reality check. Or just some laughter. The site is as serious as you want to make it, or as much fun. It's up to you what you do with it. "
-- Christine
Comment added on 02-05-2014    
      "One of the best things I did in 2013 was come back to I actually joined in July 2011, but never really settled. I think I logged in a few times in 2012 but, again, it wasnít home. Then in 2013, something clicked! I started to get involved in the community and thatís when it all made sense. I guess this website can be a bit tricky to get your head round, with its unique links and codes. It can also be pretty overwhelming Ė thereís so much to do and read! But as soon as everything makes sense, you can put your feet up and get comfy Ė because youíre home! As soon as I found my feet, I started to write more, I started to enter contests and take part in activities. I am definitely not the best writer the world has ever seen. But when people started to review my work and tell me they liked it, it felt really good. This sparked my energy and enthusiasm for getting words on the page. Now I donít just write, I love to write. Iíve even found the confidence to start a few of my own activities. Honestly, when I first joined, I felt like everyone knew each other and Iíd never fit in! But the more I joined in, the more connected I felt. Now I feel like I have hundreds of real, caring friends. is the most positive place in the world. If Iím having a hard day, I just head to WDC and, within minutes, something or someone can make me smile."
-- Fran
Comment added on 02-04-2014    
      "I recently joined WRITING.COM about ten days ago. I stepped in with fear as I am a new writer... I felt like, I was entering a world way beyond my capability with WRITING.COM, as english writing is not my first language... I was not about to disclose that, I wanted to see the come back. I had visions of a firing squad, a flock of intellectual literacy, academics and scholars shooting me down. Instead, WRITING.COM had encouragement, don't get me wrong, I was told what I needed to work on, improve and correct. WRITING .COM has opened a whole new world for me, starting with confidence, the want to write more and read other artists work. Some times we just need to remember even the best of artists had dilemmas of, would they use chalk, coal, color, sketch or paint to expressÖthe practice of a rough start created Master Pieces. Thank you WRITING.COM Simonajane ;-) Simona"
-- Simona
Comment added on 02-04-2014    
      "To write is to pour the contents of your brain out onto a piece of paper, allowing them to pool and coalesce like so much wet clay, ready to be shaped and organized into a recognisable form. Like any art, it is open to interpretation and critique, both positive and negative. It was the fear of the negative, of derision, regardless of how baseless this fear is, that kept my pen from paper for too long a time. The anonymity found on the internet, and in this case, more specifically has given me the freedom and release to write with gay abandon, unfettered by my previous fears and with support from people who are firmly in the same boat as I. So I say to one and all write on my friends. Not for fame or recognition but for the sheer love of it! "
-- iamthenez
Comment added on 01-17-2014    
      "It was six years ago that I started getting out of comics and into reading stories. I had finally began to appreciate the world of writing. I struggled with getting out of Special Education Reading & English. It was really hard to read more than just a single chapter. It hurt so much that I could barely take it. Then my brother found the answer. seemed like a pain at first, but then there was something that really got my mind flowing. Interactive stories and fanfictions that were stories about shows and characters I had known and loved. So, I read them and the fact that the entries were less than 5000 characters most of the time made my reading more bareable. In just a year my reading had improved by six grade levels. My consoler thought that I had been lazy this entire time. But, my teacher knew the war that I fought to learn how to read and comprehend literature. In 2009, I graduated with a regular high school diploma. And it was thanks to that I graduated from High School. If I had known about this testimonal and thanking ability five years ago, I would have thanked this site a long time ago. I still struggle with reading as a mentally challenged individual. But, thanks to I have not given up. I have continued the fight to read and write. I now even have my own stories up and desire to learn more about the world of writing. Thank you, you helped me win the war of Camm's Reading Skills."
-- FlashWally22
Comment added on 01-02-2014    
      "Since discovering just over a month ago, I can honestly say it has become my internet home. There is a vast array of activities, contests, and interactive content! I have made a few new friends already, and the reviews have been a tremendous help to me, as I work to improve my writing skills!"
-- Patrece ~not enough time!
Comment added on 12-21-2013    
      "I try to forget Writing to fulfill my Dadís ambition to me, because he said you canít live in writing. But writing is one of my passion, always pulling me somehow; finding a pen and a paper just to write-specially poetry and then I hide. I may be lack in technicalities or education in writing, but my heart is full of expressions, and founding Writing.Com is a great privilege and opportunity to again open the leaf of my book in Writing. And it really improves me every day, from the reviews and writing information. I begin to loved this site since the day I begin to share my bits and pieces of me. And feel that I am truly belong here, because of the warmth acceptance and encouragement that I always received from all the wonderful people here. "
-- Samberine-1 year in WDC
Comment added on 12-21-2013    
      "Without WDC, I would still be wasting my time!"
-- Furied
Comment added on 12-15-2013    
      "The website has helped me in many unexpected ways. 1. I am better able to express my thoughts. 2. I enjoy reading creative writing about different topics. 3. To establish writing goals. 4. To learn and share with a diverse audience. 5. makes my day! "
-- express
Comment added on 12-15-2013    
      "I came to about a year or so ago. I was reading stories off it long before that though. And now I write about everything as long as someone request it that is. For the longest time I was an awful writer. I never could control myself or use the correct words. When I joined I realized that my writings were improving as I read others. Though my writing is quite slow and awfully inappropriate at times its detail is much better. I thank and everyone that's reviewed me with their honest opinions. You have opened the gates of my creative mind. And let my creativity run wild. I've never enjoyed writing so much. Thank you!"
-- MidnightWolf
Comment added on 12-15-2013    
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