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December 20, 2014
12:54pm EST

Rated: E | In & Out | Writing.Com | #155333
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Plugger: Cecilia
The Plug: Okay this is the first four chapters of a story I started and I'd like input on whether to continue it and any adjustments I should make. The chapters are fairly short. Please treat my baby kindly.

Pluggee: I Remember It     (13+)
Genre(s): Tragedy :: Romance/Love
Description: After Anna loses her parents in a fire she meets the boy with the tears and the sky.

Plugger: Sully's Girl
The Plug: This is the Prologue of a historical fiction novel I am writing. I would love to hear what people think. Thanks!

Pluggee: Prologue     (18+)
Genre(s): History :: Action/Adventure :: Romance/Love
Description: The beginning chapter of a story of vengeance, betrayal and lust for power.

Plugger: danzacheyanne
The Plug: It's been almost 10 years that my Grandpa has passed away, Dec 23! His favorite holiday was Christmas! I had a dream about him Dec 17 2007 and I'd like to share it with my family! I need help bringing this out and to make it more interesting and error fre

Pluggee: Grandpa's Christmas Card     (E)
Genre(s): Other
Description: A story about a dove sending a Christmas card to heaven!

Plugger: AngelaG ~Creative Blizzard~
The Plug: I appreciate all feedback!

Pluggee: Revealing Character     (E)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Writing :: Emotional
Description: An assignment detailing the best ways to reveal character in screenplays.

Plugger: ~Lisa Noe~kittylove
The Plug: I thought I would give creating a new poetry style a try. this is what I call a Quadway poem. "Parts Unknown".

Pluggee: New Poetry Type "QUADWAY Poetry"     (E)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Experience :: Romance/Love
Description: this is a form of poetry I created just to satisfy my curiosity. "quadway poetry"

Plugger: Erin Fink-Nottle
The Plug: very short prologue that i wrote for a potential book idea. would love to know what you think. does it capture your attention? do you think it's the right length? what are you thoughts? critical/honest reviews very much appreciated! thanks! :)

Pluggee: Prologue for Potential book idea     (13+)
Genre(s): Thriller/Suspense :: Mystery :: Drama
Description: potential prologue for an idea i have of a new adult/contemporary/drama/mystery/thriller

Plugger: ~Lisa Noe~kittylove
The Plug: please look this over and see if it makes any sense. thanks

Pluggee: Who?     (E)
Genre(s): Biographical :: Arts :: Emotional
Description: a poem I wrote while in a sort of writing trance.

Plugger: Ben Langhinrichs: A new day
The Plug: Pondering on the meaning of life... and who it is meant for.

Pluggee: Moonbeams and Monkeys     (E)
Genre(s): Dark :: Animal
Description: Musings on the meaning of life (and whether it is meant for us).

Plugger: beetle
The Plug: How's the subject matter? And the characterization? The dialogue? The overall language? Is the resolution, such as it is, fitting? Are Mathias and Tad's actions believable? Does there need to be more backstory for Tad? Thank you, in advance :-)

Short Story
Pluggee: Revelations     (18+)
Genre(s): Gay/Lesbian :: Romance/Love :: Religious
Description: Mathias Stahl is growing into his own man. He has a few revelations along the way.

Plugger: strlcuckoo
The Plug: The latest from a foolish man(aren't we all?)

Pluggee: Foolishness     (E)
Genre(s): Romance/Love
Description: lost not forgotten love

Plugger: Bruce.
The Plug: I wonder why this does not hold the readers interest. Perhaps you know the answer.

Pluggee: My Mate Monica. Novel Chapters.     (18+)
Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Thriller/Suspense
Description: East London 1973, and a stalker is on the prowl.

Plugger: Kristalyn Nyte
The Plug: This started as a dream, has grown into a book, Let me know what you think, thanks

Pluggee: unfinished     (E)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Sci-fi :: War
Description: Scientists from the Vallisian system discover Earth, will their past destroy our future?

Plugger: Dire Magnus
The Plug: Please read this! I could really use the feedback.

Pluggee: Inanimate Being     (13+)
Genre(s): Dark :: Emotional :: Relationship
Description: A short, crafty free-verse poem.

Plugger: typingrhyme
The Plug: A Christmas Miracle I will always remember and I want to share the story.

Short Story
Genre(s): Family :: Religious :: Holiday
Description: True story that happened over 30 years ago

Plugger: AngelaG ~Creative Blizzard~
The Plug: My newest writing advice assignment about appropriate elements for fantasy stories.

Pluggee: Fantasy Film Elements     (E)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Writing :: Educational
Description: I detail the necessary elements for a fantasy genre film.

Plugger: Heather LT
The Plug: Could use a review or two on this chapter. Any feedback regarding dialogue, character development, or sequence of events will be appreciated.

Pluggee: Dragoman Challenge C5     (E)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Cultural :: Travel
Description: A fast paced race around South America takes one pair off course.

Plugger: turtlemoon
The Plug: Brand new piece written for a contest, "Whispers Of The Soul" with a prompt from December Days.

Pluggee: Winter Solstice Serenade     (E)
Genre(s): Contest :: Nature :: Holiday
Description: Entry for Whispers Of The Soul Contest with Violin Day in December as the prompt.

Plugger: Stevie
The Plug: Childhood poem that I'd like thoughts on.

Pluggee: Earth Witch     (E)
Genre(s): Mythology :: Fantasy
Description: Poem I wrote when I was 13 years for a regional competition - got published

Plugger: Stevie
The Plug: First poem I have written in a very long time.

Pluggee: Another Year     (E)
Genre(s): Other
Description: Another year that has come and gone, reminds me of how far I've come.

Plugger: Stevie
The Plug: 100 word short story for competition

Short Story
Pluggee: Broken     (13+)
Genre(s): Dark :: Emotional
Description: A world turned to ash by monsters of men.

Plugger: TheOneGirl
The Plug: Hey guys! I wrote this awhile back and I'm basing a longer story on it. Let me know what you think its fairly short.

Short Story
Pluggee: Demented (Short Story)     (13+)
Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Psychology
Description: Is there a psychotic mind in all of us?

Plugger: Jamais
The Plug: Something I wrote a while back and I'm wondering if it's any good. I'm debating making it into something bigger or doing something else with it, I'm not sure what but I like the story, so.... I would be really grateful for some feedback!

Short Story
Pluggee: We All Have Demons     (13+)
Genre(s): Dark :: Death :: Gothic
Description: Aaron's demons.

Plugger: Dr. Szioli
The Plug: Weird little crime story about a Chinese restaurant.

Short Story
Pluggee: Duck     (18+)
Genre(s): Crime/Gangster :: Sci-fi :: Thriller/Suspense
Description: Two men meet among the ducks.

Plugger: Dr. Szioli
The Plug: A sort of interesting history poem, somewhat political, somewhat slam-y.

Pluggee: Fourthmeal     (ASR)
Genre(s): History :: Political :: Nonsense
Description: Poem about eating.

Plugger: Ben Langhinrichs: A new day
The Plug: I urge you to read and respond to my essay about ways that we all need to work to change a system that embodies and allows racism. We can make a difference, but we must do it ourselves.

Pluggee: My fellow white Americans     (13+)
Genre(s): Cultural :: Political
Description: A call for change for all, but especially white Americans, with regards to racism.

Plugger: Dr. Szioli
The Plug: A science fiction story that contemplates the end of the universe.

Short Story
Pluggee: Mournful, the dying Universe     (E)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Psychology :: Dark
Description: A Navigator wakes up on board his ship with memory impairment.

Plugger: typingrhyme
The Plug: Thought my poem could use a rewrite so here is the new and I hope improved version.

Pluggee: PEACE PRAYER     (E)
Genre(s): Religious :: Community
Description: Turning prayers into action

Plugger: embe
The Plug: Sins of the past, now forgiven, living together.

Pluggee: "Democracy - Unplugged"     (13+)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Cultural :: Tribute
Description: Too late to save the brave, buried with wife and child.

Plugger: Elomi
The Plug: Not sure if this needs to be more balanced. It feels a little too talk-y at the start and maybe too strong at the end? The beginning is a monologue style that shifts to a first-person later on, not sure if that works or not. Any reviews would be useful.

Short Story
Pluggee: Happy Anniversary     (18+)
Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Death
Description: A happy anniversary celebration takes a sinister turn for the worst after a lover's spat

Plugger: leeflan
The Plug: Christmas Crumbles A short tale about a child who wants to believe in the magic of Christmas.

Pluggee: Christmas Crumbles     (E)
Genre(s): Children's :: Holiday :: Comedy
Description: Holiday rhyme about a child who wants to believe. Happy Holidays to you!!

Plugger: Amy Gillett
The Plug: This is the first two pages of my novel. Would love some feedback! Any inconsistencies? Do you want to read on? Why/why not?

Campfire Creative
Pluggee: Chapter 1 of the Affinity Series     (E)
Genre(s): Young Adult :: Fantasy :: Romance/Love
Description: A series based in the future around the last remaining people with affinities.

Plugger: embe
The Plug: My historical poem about the truth of Jesus.

Pluggee: First Five Minutes After Death     (ASR)
Genre(s): Military :: Religious :: Relationship
Description: The breaking of the sun a new way, my grateful heart dawning upon a blessed heaven.

Plugger: JakeTheMaster
The Plug: Chapter 2 of the story mentioned (I hope) directly beneath this one. Again, please rate and review because it motivates me to make more.

Pluggee: Exotrine, Chapter 2     (ASR)
Genre(s): Dark :: Technology :: Action/Adventure
Description: Conor, on his way home, finds exoforms and discovers something new about the exo-virus.

Plugger: JakeTheMaster
The Plug: Chapter 1 of a story I'm working on. If you like it, please rate and review; it motivates me to make more.

Pluggee: Exotrine, Chapter 1     (ASR)
Genre(s): Crime/Gangster :: Dark :: Mystery
Description: You don't want to be left waiting with no car in a storm. Especially after the apocalypse.

Plugger: JimT
The Plug: Chapter 1 of a comical Christmas tale involving a mythical Hollywood starlet and a combat medic she met during her only USO tour in 2002.

Pluggee: Christmas I Do's-Chapter 1     (E)
Genre(s): Comedy :: Military :: Romance/Love
Description: An actress re-unites with a combat medic she met from her USO trip.

Plugger: Shannon
The Plug: Although I can't do any more editing on this piece until after the winners are announced (on or around 12/15/14), any feedback/suggestions for improvement are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for taking the time to R&R my work. Have a great day!

Short Story
Pluggee: Wanted     (18+)
Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Crime/Gangster :: Dark
Description: November 2014 "What a Character" entry

Plugger: M Holman
The Plug: Ilaria is a character that I've used in RPG's. I came across this excerpt from her "life" today and I just want honest opinions xD I've been looking to do more work with her and her story.

Pluggee: Ilaria     (13+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure
Description: This is a character that I've been vaguely toying around with.

Plugger: Madridista
The Plug: What in the eyes of a theatre audience is comedy, others call life. How does it feel?

Pluggee: When two become none after wedding vows     (E)
Genre(s): Arts :: Community :: Entertainment
Description: Kenya's Mr and Mrs Smith

Plugger: katt
The Plug: Please read and give honest feedback on the first ten pages of my screenplay. I have already registered it with the guild, but want to polish it before trying to pitch it. Do these pages make you want to keep reading, and if not, why not? Thanks!

Pluggee: The Prophecy of Pinta Island     (E)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Animal :: Comedy
Description: A lizard with identity issues has to lead a gang of unruly iguanas to save their home.

Plugger: beetle
The Plug: Thanks for reading! How's my characterization, dialogue, and language? Is Jasper likeable, even though he's a bit of a cad? Is the long-suffering, patient Louis believable? Is Arthur three-dimensional enough for the length of the piece? Thanks, again.

Short Story
Pluggee: Con Accuratezza (With Precision)     (18+)
Genre(s): Relationship :: Gay/Lesbian :: Music
Description: Critic Jasper Phelps falls gracelessly in love, to the amusement of his peers and partner.

Plugger: egreyes
The Plug: {item:2019867}

Pluggee: Little China Girl     (13+)
Genre(s): Contest
Description: A Poem about addiction- Inspired by David Bowie and Iggy Pop- China Girl.

Plugger: Tyson Young
The Plug: A futuristic short story, almost ready to start sending out to publishers. Please tell me what you think!

Pluggee: Mnemosyn     (18+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Crime/Gangster :: Thriller/Suspense
Description: A man who works in a memory-erasing clinic has an encounter with the mob.

Plugger: Elisa, Snowman Stik
The Plug: While I wrote this song about Black Friday, it is starting to apply more and more to Thanksgiving.

Pluggee: It's That Time of Year Again     (ASR)
Genre(s): Holiday :: Satire
Description: On Black Friday, is the hoopla worth it?

Plugger: embe
The Plug: The journey of faith.

Pluggee: "My Fear of Failure"     (E)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Relationship :: Experience
Description: His heart so sad he formed life on earth, my fear of failure.

Plugger: Brad J. Shaw
The Plug: Looking 4 some reviews 4 my short mystery "Death For Sale".... Am rewarding GPs, but since I am still like 3 weeks new... I have only accumulated enough to pay the bare minimum. Also go 2 my portfolio, so u can read & rate all 4 parts.TYVM

Pluggee: Death For Sale, Pt 2     (13+)
Genre(s): Mystery :: Crime/Gangster :: Detective
Description: The discovery

Plugger: Pat
The Plug: My first piece of work here. Seeking honest reviews. I have already caught a few mistakes that I made in my haste and excitement to get it posted, will try to slow down next time and review my work a little more carefully.

Pluggee: The Old Black truck     (E)
Genre(s): Children's :: Biographical :: Educational
Description: A story of the author's youth on a Wisconsin farm. Geared toward a children's audience.

Plugger: sumaiyamomoko
The Plug: I am totally new here.Looking for constructive criticism , honest opinions and passionate readers and writers to have a look at my first work .Thank you .

Pluggee: The Boy     (13+)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Romance/Love :: Spiritual
Description: Something I had to write to keep me from going insane .

Plugger: Tyson Young
The Plug: A mind-bending story -- almost ready to send out for publication.

Short Story
Pluggee: Reset     (18+)
Genre(s): Thriller/Suspense :: Drama
Description: A black telephone provides a link through time.

Plugger: John Doe
The Plug: Let me know what you think. Thank you.

Pluggee: Frustrations, Oh Lord.     (13+)
Genre(s): Spiritual
Description: My mind is my cross, and I will bear it even it forsakes me.

Plugger: Ruan Quinn
The Plug: Sometimes, second chance is just standing beside us, waiting for us to finally realize that we are given a second chance.

Pluggee: His Existence: One     (E)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Romance/Love :: Young Adult
Description: His Existence: Chapter One

Plugger: Arabelle B. Wolfe
The Plug: I wish to enter this short story into a contest but I want some reviews first to see if there is anything lacking or that needs to be fixed. Thank you

Pluggee: A Little Resolve     (E)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Drama :: War
Description: A short story about a stubborn girl with a resolve to do something brave

Plugger: ~Lisa Noe~kittylove
The Plug: I wrote this for Christmas I wish you a Merry Christmas may it be blessed. please review!

Pluggee: Christmas Wishes     (E)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Family
Description: this is a little Christmas poem(song) I wrote I hope you enjoy it.

Plugger: minniemouse
The Plug: Competition entry for WDC's "What A Character" competition. Any comments and criticisms gladly received in order to better my writing.

Pluggee: Ten     (E)
Genre(s): Teen :: Writing.Com
Description: Entry for "what a character" short story competition.

Plugger: SapphireDragonScales
The Plug: First poem I've posted to this site! Originally written as a poetry journal submission, I'm not quite sure it's right for that. However, I think it has its clever points and some good turns of phrase. About relationships and longish.

Pluggee: Young Love     (13+)
Genre(s): Relationship :: Personal :: Opinion
Description: The cynical side of me has a take on how many young romantic relationships seem to go.

Plugger: Erin Fink-Nottle
The Plug: short contemporary/romance/drama story about a girl's encounter with a guy on the bus. first attempt at this genre, would appreciate any and all feedback. thanks!

Short Story
Pluggee: Bumper     (13+)
Genre(s): Young Adult :: Romance/Love :: Experience
Description: Contemporary story about a girl who is changed by her encounter with a boy she meets.

Plugger: TheOneGirl
The Plug: This is a chapter from a book that I am writing and I would like your opinion on it. It is historical fiction and fairly short. I would love to see what you think!! :)

Pluggee: Chapter from The Soldier     (13+)
Genre(s): Family :: War :: History
Description: The Romanoski family is hiding in Poland from the Communist in Russia during WWII.

Plugger: AngelaG ~Creative Blizzard~
The Plug: This my observation of Michael Blake's Dances with Wolves screenplay. I appreciate all feedback and screenwriting advice.

Pluggee: Observing Dances with Wolves Screenplay     (ASR)
Genre(s): Writing :: Western :: War
Description: My observations about Michael Blake's Dances with Wolves screenplay.

Plugger: ..LetMeThink..
The Plug: I hate being cold, so naturally I have grown to have a truly vehement distaste for winter. Until recently, when a handsome man stealthily swayed my opinion. So stealthy was he that it took a whole year to notice.

Pluggee: 10 Reasons to Hate . 1 Reason to Love     (E)
Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Nature :: Relationship
Description: I hate the cold, but with you the frigid air is more than bearable. Cold start, warm end.

Plugger: John Doe
The Plug: I look forward to hearing from you. :)

Pluggee: Edgar Allan Seuss - The MANtis     (ASR)
Genre(s): Comedy :: Dark :: Romance/Love
Description: A poem inspired by Dr. Seuss and Edgar Allan Poe. And the animal kingdom. Line count: 28

Plugger: words
The Plug: I wrote this story after reading an article in the newspaper. All comments gratefully received.

Short Story
Pluggee: The Curse of the Prize Marrow     (E)
Genre(s): Satire :: Comedy
Description: A gardener achieves unexpected fame

Plugger: Supersonic: Meteor Smash!
The Plug: A cute story about a day in the life of a stuffed teddy bear.

Pluggee: Kuma's Adventure     (E)
Genre(s): Children's :: Friendship :: Animal
Description: A day in the life of a stuffed teddy bear

Plugger: MissTique~AngelArmy
The Plug: Something I wrote for world geography class. A story about a soldier in Ancient Greece. Let me know what you think, and if I should make a part 2. Thanks!

Pluggee: Something Worth Fighting For     (ASR)
Genre(s): War :: Family
Description: Story written for world geography.

Plugger: Ryan
The Plug: Here are chapters 1, 2, & 4 of a long short story I'm working on. Please let me know if you find any parts funny, and all advice to make the story better is greatly appreciated! GPs for anyone who helps :)

Short Story
Pluggee: Disillusionment     (13+)
Genre(s): Comedy
Description: Chapters 1, 2, 4 of a novella; Theme: lack of control

Plugger: Stephanie Ferguson
The Plug: Written for "What a Character"! Would love some feed back. Please honest reviews please!

Pluggee: My name is Nate     (E)
Genre(s): Contest Entry
Description: Nate wonders about his existence.

Plugger: bblossom89
The Plug: Hello! This is a part of a larger piece that will open up to a fantasy action/adventure story! I would love some input on this dark mystery thriller!!

Pluggee: A Book Named Lisa     (E)
Genre(s): Dark :: Mystery
Description: This is a part of a larger piece. Gaby stumbles across a mysterious journal.

Plugger: John Doe
The Plug: Please rate and review/comment if you feel so called. Thanks :)

Pluggee: Steve Jobs     (E)
Genre(s): Inspirational
Description: Line count: 15

Plugger: Curtis Lee Cancino
The Plug: Things get deep. Tell what you think.

Pluggee: DesMart-tes (Chapter 3)     (13+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Comedy :: Dark
Description: The intrepid neo-bandito begins to search for his baby's momma. Is she even alive?

Plugger: Curtis Lee Cancino
The Plug: What happens when a man jumps out of the 12th story window with a baby cradled in his arms?

Pluggee: DesMart-tes (Chapter 2)     (13+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Comedy :: Dark
Description: DesMart-tes and his injured infant, George, are on the run and looking for help.

Plugger: Brad J. Shaw
The Plug: I am starting a 6 pt short story titled "Death For Sale'. I had 3 parts finished & up today, but had to pull them to correct some tech. mistakes in part 2. So please enjoy part 1 and get to know my character and the setting. Plz Rate & review also

Pluggee: Death For Sale     (E)
Genre(s): Mystery :: Crime/Gangster :: Detective
Description: A fictional detective story that I got an idea for from watching the news one night

Plugger: Lone Wolf
The Plug: A thank you and a tribute to my fellow veterans.

Pluggee: Thanks To My Fellow Vets     (E)
Genre(s): Military :: Inspirational
Description: An expression of thanks to my fellow veterans for their selfless service to our country.

Plugger: Cornhusker
The Plug: A determined elf decides that he's going to fly like a human.

Pluggee: Elmer The Elf And His Flying Machine     (E)
Genre(s): Children's :: Animal :: Comedy
Description: Elmer the elf overcomes all odds to build his own plane and to fly, like the humans do.

Plugger: turtlemoon
The Plug: Hot off the writing tablet. The page is still sizzling (but not the poem story.... sorry). Editing suggestions are welcomed and will be considered.

Pluggee: A Song in the Moon     (E)
Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Nature
Description: Moon captures the song of two old lovers.

Plugger: LIS - Here Again!
The Plug: I hope my one experience with making a contest will help someone. It's not all about the GPs. It's about the friends you gather on the way.

Pluggee: When I ran a Contest on WDC     (ASR)
Genre(s): Other
Description: A failure, yet a triumph.

Plugger: Multiman
The Plug: This book means a lot to me. It is a symbolic representation of the civil war that I fought in my mind during a truly horrendous time in my life. So far, I only have two chapters posted, and they're decently short. So feel free to read and review.

Pluggee: Winter Rebellion (Draft 1)     (18+)
Genre(s): War :: Crime/Gangster :: Drama
Description: Two brothers from poverty grow up and become opposing military leaders. My true story.

Plugger: Laura Nia
The Plug: This is an ongoing story and I'd like to see what someone else thinks.

Pluggee: Doors- Chapter One     (E)
Genre(s): Other :: Family :: Fantasy
Description: Cameron Holt's parents disappeared 13 years ago.But he might have something to find them.

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