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Plugger: Hanna Smith
The Plug: This is the prologue I wrote for my fourth and final draft of my book, Beautifully Privileged. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Pluggee: Beautifully Privileged:Prologue     (13+)
Genre(s): Mystery :: Drama :: Thriller/Suspense
Description: Four girls go to a ceremony to honor their old bestie who mysteriously disappeared.

Plugger: ~Lisa Noe~kittylove~
The Plug: a poem about doubting if God still Loves me. from innocent child to a young woman who has sinned and finds herself corrupted my an evil person. I appreciate any feedback for this poem which is written from my heart.

Pluggee: When God Loved Me     (E)
Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Emotional :: Spiritual
Description: this is a poem about if God still loves me.

Plugger: Opal Somnambulist
The Plug: A horror story about a brutal series of murders, somehow all leading back to a young girl estranged from her family. This is the first chapter - reviews highly appreciated!

Pluggee: Deus Pascit Corvus     (18+)
Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Fantasy :: Other
Description: The Swift family has been murdered. Detective Thorne must find out why one girl survived.

Plugger: Robert Edward Baker
The Plug: I'd love any feedback I can get on this short story set during the poet Robert Frost's childhood. Thank you! Bob :D

Short Story
Pluggee: Thalia     (ASR)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Mythology :: History
Description: A fictional encounter during Robert Frost's (the poet) early childhood in New England.

Plugger: Robert Edward Baker
The Plug: Please tell me how to improve my post-apocalyptic tale. This is a short story set not too far into the future in Palm Springs. Thanks! Bob

Short Story
Pluggee: Winter in Palm Springs     (13+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Dark :: Action/Adventure
Description: A dystopian vision of a post-apocalyptic America… just to cheer people up! :D

Plugger: Lucía Surbella
The Plug: My first item on writing.com. A short poem about my limerent experience.

Pluggee: My Desire     (13+)
Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Relationship :: Personal
Description: Desire Stirs Within Me

Plugger: InkSpout
The Plug: Essay written for a GRE study guide prompt. For those from out of the states: GRE=Graduate Record Examination (needed for grad school admissions). Two more of these posts may also be coming your way. I would appreciate your feedback!

Pluggee: GRE practice prompt 1     (E)
Genre(s): Other :: Other :: Other
Description: 30 min to respond to test prompt; limited editing and first draft only

Plugger: Shopgirl739
The Plug: Not sure how to edit this down. Any suggestions will be welcome!

Pluggee: The Lonely Little girl     (E)
Genre(s): Mystery :: Family :: Ghost
Description: A young girl leaves her favorite teddy bear with a friend so she will not be lonely.

Plugger: Shopgirl739
The Plug: A story poem that I could use some serious feedback on. Thank you.

Pluggee: The Mistress of Mohryha     (E)
Genre(s): Folklore :: Mystery :: Fantasy
Description: An heiress chosen to protect the denizens of the ancient hills of Eire

Plugger: Jessenovels
The Plug: Hey, guys. This is a new poem I've written, would mean the world if you took a minute to read it.

Pluggee: Every Second     (E)
Genre(s): Personal :: Experience :: Tragedy
Description: Every second we lose more and more.

Plugger: Ross.P
The Plug: Wouldn't mind getting any constructive criticism on this one, be as honest as you feel!

Pluggee: Worth A Thousand Words (Or Close Enough)     (E)
Genre(s): Personal :: Writing :: Other
Description: My thoughts after seeing a photo of my neighborhood's boardwalk in the 30's.

Plugger: deadstroke
The Plug: Sequel to An Ancient Evil. The other members of the group are recovering from the battle with Pestilence. The Banking guild presses it schemes.

Pluggee: An Ancient Evil Awakens - Chp 2 - rev 1     (13+)
Genre(s): Other :: Other :: Other
Description: The sequel to An Ancient Evil

Plugger: deadstroke
The Plug: Sequel to An Ancient Evil. Aonair's dragon Dedstoke reveals a piece of a apocalypse that thrust them into another dark age.

Pluggee: An Ancient Evil Awakens - Chp 1- rev 1     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Dark :: Other
Description: The sequel to An Ancient Evil

Plugger: espero
The Plug: The Farm

Pluggee: The Farm     (E)
Genre(s): Biographical :: Experience :: Family
Description: Recollection Of My Uncle's Farm

Plugger: Derinda Harp
The Plug: Please give me some feedback on my first poem. Thanks!

Pluggee: Looking @ myself through a broken mirror     (E)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Personal
Description: A poem about looking back on life and realizing that perspective is everything.

Plugger: deadstroke
The Plug: Death hunts the dragon and the plot thickens

Pluggee: An Ancient Evil Awakens - Chp 3 - rev 1     (13+)
Genre(s): Other :: Other :: Other
Description: The sequel to An Ancient Evil

Plugger: Lox
The Plug: How do you live with a friend who is unreachable? What do you do when trouble hits?

Pluggee: Descent     (13+)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Relationship :: Young Adult
Description: A university student speaks to her counsellor about a girl she once knew.

Plugger: Omit Lunacy
The Plug: Short free verse poem.

Pluggee: it's always you     (E)
Genre(s): Family :: Other :: Other
Description: it's always you

Plugger: espero
The Plug: The Breakup Dealing With An Emotional Breakup

Pluggee: The Breakup     (E)
Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Biographical :: Emotional
Description: Dealing With An Emotional Breakup

Plugger: espero
The Plug: Living Not Dying Letter To Family

Pluggee: Living, Not Dying     (E)
Genre(s): Death :: Biographical :: Adult
Description: Final Request To Family

Plugger: Judith Allen
The Plug: Poodle Skirts and Crinolines. Our Millie is caught up in a fashion battle with that snooty Ima Rae. The latest fashion store-bought from the City against the Sears and Roebuck Catalogue. Who will win?

Short Story
Pluggee: Poodle Skirts and Crinolines     (13+)
Genre(s): Comedy :: Experience :: Family
Description: Our Millie finds that the looks and fashion matter with snooty Ima Rae.

Plugger: Judith Allen
The Plug: Our Millie - The Outhouse Queen. Our Millie always dreamed to being a fair queen, but never thought her dream would come true like it did. Toilet paper tiaras in the rain on an outhouse door float brings fame and shame.

Short Story
Pluggee: Our Millie - The Outhouse Queen     (13+)
Genre(s): Family :: Cultural :: Entertainment
Description: The adventures of an Appalachian girl growing up in the mountains and having big dreams.

Plugger: Judith Allen
The Plug: Our Millie and Pearlie Gates Trouble at the beauty parlor when Pearlie Gates is asked to come up with a hair color worthy of the final heavenly journey, complete with a feuding family and unhappy customers.

Pluggee: Our Millie - Pearlie Gates     (13+)
Genre(s): Comedy :: Family
Description: The further adventures of Our Millie's friends. In this chapter we meet Pearlie Gates.

Plugger: Elycia Lee ☮
The Plug: Written for a contest. Please help me review this piece...

Pluggee: Nasi Lemak, Char Kuey Teow & Roti Canai     (E)
Genre(s): Food/Cooking :: Cultural :: Contest Entry
Description: Written for Project Write World

Plugger: Nick Knight
The Plug: A good story for those into the furry fandom. PLEASE ADD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Furries from Space     (18+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Animal :: Adult
Description: A group of furries from space come to Earth and take you with them.

Plugger: BIG BAD WOLF is an Uncle
The Plug: Something to look at.

Pluggee: Harsh Judges     (13+)
Genre(s): Opinion :: Educational :: Cultural
Description: You see a picture of a man in a black Turban. What is your reaction?

Plugger: BIG BAD WOLF is an Uncle
The Plug: I remember what happened to me that day.

Pluggee: That Day- September 11, 2001     (13+)
Genre(s): Personal :: History :: Tribute
Description: What happened to me that day.

Plugger: Charlie Maddox
The Plug: Written for a contest. I am unable to edit at this point since it's already been submitted; edits after submission are forbidden. I would still like feedback, though. There are 2 typos I already know about in Part Four. Dang it, anyway! lol

Short Story
Pluggee: A Tiny Beautiful Something     (18+)
Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Romance/Love :: Writing
Description: A snowstorm, a stranded stranger, no cell service, and the whole state at a standstill.

Plugger: Lox
The Plug: Is a young girl's life is built on a lie? Please review this and let me know what you think!

Short Story
Pluggee: No Coward     (E)
Genre(s): Family :: Writing :: Other
Description: Lily's father is her hero, but some unwelcome guests threaten everything.

Plugger: Airy Gracegiven
The Plug: Looking for some notes on chapter 1 of my book. I put in edit points to help as well. Tell me what you really think.....

Pluggee: My Novel - Chapter 1     (E)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Paranormal :: Children's
Description: She just turned 13 and finds out she's a witch....

Plugger: S.z.kamoonpuri
The Plug: A very special solar eclipse

Pluggee: A Special solar eclipse     (E)
Genre(s): Scientific :: Experience :: Other
Description: A rare treat of a solar eclipse here in Tanzania

Plugger: Hidden Author
The Plug: Please add what happens when a shrunken college student is trained for battle: http://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/707969-Shrunken-in-an-Exam/action/view/chapter_map/13322111221212111

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Shrunken in an Exam     (18+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure :: Relationship
Description: Everyone hates exams. But yours is livened up when you suddenly shrink...

Plugger: Hidden Author
The Plug: I'm asking all interested to elaborate on what happens when a shrunken man becomes the pocket pet of a foreign soldier woman.

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Shrunk in an Airport     (13+)
Genre(s): Erotica :: Fantasy :: Action/Adventure
Description: You are shrunk in an airport.

Plugger: Robert Edward Baker
The Plug: Enjoy dystopia? Check out my Eutopia. :) This is a short story about a man attempting to escape his fate on a distant planet in the distant future. Please make any suggestions for improvement. Cheers! Bob :)

Short Story
Pluggee: Tom's Birthday     (13+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Cultural :: Dark
Description: A dystopian tale about a man's birthday for the WDC contest What a Character.

Plugger: hippychick
The Plug: Journaling a short story idea evolved into the actual story! I'd love your review and practical advice on my first short story.

Short Story
Pluggee: The Lady on the Porch     (E)
Genre(s): Experience :: Personal :: Writing
Description: I put myself in the place of someone observing me and my habit of sitting on the porch.

Plugger: hippychick
The Plug: As a practicing writer, new to WDC, I am looking for practical suggestions and feedback on my work. Thanks in advance!

Pluggee: The Arrival     (E)
Genre(s): Writing :: Nature :: Experience
Description: Journaling observations of the sunrise.

Plugger: Chris J.
The Plug: I'm interested in critical reviews, particularly pertaining to atmosphere and style. This is short, has few or no grammatical errors and should be fairly easy to read. The first chapter/prologue adds context, but this chapter can be read without it.

Pluggee: The Great House II     (E)
Genre(s): Gothic :: Paranormal :: Mystery
Description: The second chapter of a subdued Gothic novelette/literary work.

Plugger: Nick Knight
The Plug: An enjoyable story for action/adventure writers, and those into the crime/gangster genre. Additions would be greatly appreciated.

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Meet the Fast and Furious     (18+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Crime/Gangster :: Thriller/Suspense
Description: You wander into the world of street racing. What adventures await you?

Plugger: Chris J.
The Plug: This is the introduction to what will probably become a novelette. You can think of it as the story's establishing shot; this segment has no plot but focuses exclusively on establishing the setting and atmosphere. All impressions are welcome.

Pluggee: The Great House I     (13+)
Genre(s): Gothic :: Paranormal :: Mystery
Description: The introduction to a novelette/literary work. Subdued plot. Gothic atmosphere.

Plugger: Sagacious Luo
The Plug: One of the three items that'll lead into my first novel.

Pluggee: The Fallen Tower: Drake's Testament     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Dark :: Action/Adventure
Description: A thief's final words

Plugger: Charles Clayhorn
The Plug: Chapter three! This one I'm not sure if I want to keep or move past. If you find yourself enjoying this story I have 11 chapters posted in my portfolio and would really enjoy any thoughts or comments on any and all of it. Thanks!

Pluggee: Sons of Gailland chapter 3     (13+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Fantasy
Description: chapter 3 of my novel

Plugger: Charles Clayhorn
The Plug: Sorry I posted these out of order. This is the first chapter and the other is the second. It's basically two brothers caught up in a high fantasy adventure. Still a work in progress. Any advice is appreciated!

Pluggee: Sons of Gailland     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure :: Other
Description: Two brothers thrown into an epic tale of warring kingdoms.(excerpt from my novel)*

Plugger: Charles Clayhorn
The Plug: Hi I'm new here and this is the first chapter of my novel. Just looking for a little feed back and some idea of how it's going to be received. This is a rough copy. Any feedback will be appreciated! Thanks guys!

Pluggee: Sons of Gailland chapter 2     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure
Description: chapter two of my novel

Plugger: Lox
The Plug: You would really be a great help if you could cast a critical eye over my story, I need to improve all aspects of my writing!

Short Story
Pluggee: Reality Bites     (13+)
Genre(s): Teen :: Relationship :: Other
Description: A girl waits for her boyfriend in the attic of an abandoned house, but she is not alone.

Plugger: Chellé
The Plug: Writing for different grade levels. Please note, I have low vision, so if my eyes are tired, I may not respond right away, but once I have had time to rest, I will.

Pluggee: Literary Lives Matter     (E)
Genre(s): Writing.Com :: Writing :: Activity
Description: Writing for different grade levels

Plugger: Chellé
The Plug: This is an introductory post about me. Please note, I have low vision, so if my eyes are tired, I may not respond right away, but once I have had time to rest, I will.

Pluggee: Who, On Earth, Is Chellé?     (E)
Genre(s): Biographical :: Personal :: Other
Description: About Me Page

Plugger: Victoria West
The Plug: This is the first story I've completed in several years. Hoping to polish it up and submit it somewhere for publication. All feedback very much appreciated!

Short Story
Pluggee: Here and There     (GC)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Horror/Scary :: Thriller/Suspense
Description: A woman soon regrets cultivating a skill better left untouched.

Plugger: R.G.
The Plug: This is, as the description says, the first chapter of a short story. It is inspired by the Mexican Revolution, and it's my first attempt to write something in a languace which isn't italian. Still, I've included both versions. Hope you enjoy.

Pluggee: L'incontro - The meeting     (E)
Genre(s): Foreign :: Environment :: Other
Description: First chapter of a short story. Under advice, it now has an English translation.

Plugger: S.z.kamoonpuri
The Plug: Elegy n eulogy for Mohammed Ali clay

Pluggee: Elegy 'n ' eulogy for Mohammed Ali Clay     (E)
Genre(s): Sports :: Biographical :: Action/Adventure
Description: Most loved popular boxer passes away

Plugger: Chris J.
The Plug: This is a poetic narrative about defeat. The style is impressionistic and 'coarse', allowing the reader to fill in unwritten details. There is currently no rhyme-scheme, and I'm interested in whether it works well as it is or should be given one.

Pluggee: The Wolven Ward     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: War :: Death
Description: A poetic narrative about defeat, dark atmosphere, impressionistic style, fantastic setting

Plugger: Stephe R. Seede
The Plug: The same things that motivate concerned people to wash-up, is probaby the same things that motivate non-concerned people to not wash-up... but in reverse.

Pluggee: The Hygiene Thing     (13+)
Genre(s): Health :: Experience :: How-To/Advice
Description: A piece for those who practice good hygiene, and for the "stinkys" who don't care.

Plugger: Stephe R. Seede
The Plug: A piece dedicated to those who love to review. The power of criticism... it can be both a good and bad thing. Sometimes it's welcomed, sometimes it isn't.

Pluggee: What Makes A Quality Reviewer?     (13+)
Genre(s): Reviewing :: Opinion :: Experience
Description: For every valued reviewer and fan, there's always a critic!

Plugger: Stephe R. Seede
The Plug: The inspiration behind powerful writing is not to be underestimated and deserves a worthy audience. And avid readers deserve interesting stories to read.

Pluggee: Quality Writing = Quality Reading     (13+)
Genre(s): Writing :: Experience :: Activity
Description: Worth while writing deserves worth while reading, from a worthy audience.

Plugger: Agape Novels
The Plug: Tanner and Hannah find out their parents' big secret: They are Twins.

Interactive Story
Pluggee: The Secret Twins     (13+)
Genre(s): Other :: Other :: Other
Description: Tanner and Hannah find out their parents' big secret: They are Twins

Plugger: Horseman
The Plug: Two people meet on a world in which you have to have points on your life license to be allowed to live.

Pluggee: Pointless     (13+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Romance/Love :: Entertainment
Description: You only live as long as you have points on your life license.

Plugger: cheshire
The Plug: I wrote this due an escalation in tragic events over the past few years.

Pluggee: A Question to Humanity     (E)
Genre(s): Philosophy :: Experience :: Inspirational
Description: This is something I wrote due to an escalation of events in the past few years.

The Plug: A complicated beginning dor a complicated topic and story

Pluggee: Time Jumper Part One     (E)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Technology :: Entertainment
Description: Time Travel

Plugger: RustyLeprechaun
The Plug: Looking for reviews on a new genre to me. Horror/comedy. Ross the baker finds himself in the middle of a zombie outbreak in Yorkshire. If only he had rang in sick as he had planned.

Pluggee: Clean Up Aisle Z(ombie)     (ASR)
Genre(s): Comedy :: Fantasy :: Horror/Scary
Description: The zombie apocalypse has come to Yorkshire. This was never meant to happen.

Plugger: RisanF
The Plug: --Andrew Champion is given a special project, partnered with the geekiest girl in school.-- Looking for comments on characters and plot. Will gladly return reviews for item of your choice! (PG-13 and under, please)

Pluggee: Different and Cool- Part 1     (13+)
Genre(s): Drama :: Romance/Love :: Friendship
Description: Andrew Champion is given a special project, partnered with the geekiest girl in school.

Plugger: Word Warrior ~ seen my muse??
The Plug: Dark; the subject is bullying...David returns to school to find that things have changed...but not for the better.

Pluggee: The Dropout     (18+)
Genre(s): Paranormal :: Thriller/Suspense :: Other
Description: David returns to school...

Plugger: Marnie Jane Cavazzi
The Plug: I'm a newbie that writes poetry.Feedback is welcome 🙂

Pluggee: The Cuckoo Clock     (E)
Genre(s): Family
Description: An elderly woman waiting for her son to come home from war

Plugger: RocketMan
The Plug: Out of all of the things that I would rate 4/10, this is one of the best ones. I'd appreciate any feedback.

Pluggee: An Agonizing Letter on Happiness     (E)
Genre(s): Melodrama :: Nonsense :: Other
Description: It is mostly melodramatic questions. Overall I'd give it a 4/10. Let me know if you agree.

Plugger: Samberine Everose
The Plug: My poem in a heart shape form. Any thoughts or comments is greatly appreciated. Gps will be given to any constructive feedback. Thank you.

Pluggee: My Only Heart     (E)
Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Inspirational :: Other
Description: The only one who Shape my Heart

Plugger: Elaine Joy
The Plug: The first chapter in a book I'm writing that I'd love to get feedback on, I'm here to learn so I'd love any advice :)

Pluggee: Bright Skies Chapter One (full ch)     (13+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Sci-fi :: Romance/Love
Description: A novel about a young women unexpectedly getting involved with an alien invasion of sorts

Plugger: I wAS u
The Plug: Much appreciation to whoever reviews.

Pluggee: Joining the dance Chapter 1     (E)
Genre(s): Spiritual :: Family :: Other
Description: A story of change.

Plugger: RavanaRaven
The Plug: Please review this poem, it is for a possible contest at the end of the month. GP's for reviews too.

Pluggee: Farewell My Friend     (ASR)
Genre(s): Dark :: Romance/Love :: Psychology
Description: A farewell not to someone who no longer matters

Plugger: lucytgwriter
The Plug: A crossover of the many interactive stories on this website, focused on characters from this website's interactive stories meeting characters from other interactive stories. Add your own interactives, or someone else's interactive! Anything is possible!

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Writing.Com Interactives Crossover!     (18+)
Genre(s): Other :: Other :: Other
Description: Writing.Com's Interactive Stories are all brought together!

Plugger: Nick Knight
The Plug: This is an interactive I created for fans of the 80's classic TV series, Knight Rider. Additions and reviews would be greatly appreciated.

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Meet KITT     (18+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Detective :: Computers
Description: You meet KITT from Knight Rider. What adventures await you?

Plugger: Thundersbeard
The Plug: Greetings, A steampunk newsletter is laying at your feet. Kind Regards, Johny Thundersbeard, Editor & Member. {item:1776061}

Pluggee: The Clockwork Crier: Beyond Yesterday #2     (E)
Genre(s): Steampunk :: Sci-fi :: Fantasy
Description: Secondary issue of the Steampunk Author Guilds newsletter, The Clockwork Crier. High GP $$

Plugger: AngelaG
The Plug: This is my prologue and first half of my first chapter to my newest romantic mystery titled "Prior Engagement". I appreciate all constructive feedback!

Pluggee: Prior Engagement - Beginning     (ASR)
Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Mystery :: History
Description: Early draft of my newest mystery and romance novel.

Plugger: AngelaG
The Plug: I just wrote and polished this response for a WDC reviewer's forum. I appreciate all feedback.

Pluggee: Theme That Runs Through My Veins     (E)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Experience :: Educational
Description: Posting response for a WDC Power Reviewers Forum. I let my Determination theme lead me.

Plugger: JD Francis
The Plug: Something I had started a few years back but never finished. Thought today would be a good day to revise this piece. Thanks for reading.

Pluggee: The Last Walk     (E)
Genre(s): Nature :: Death :: Spiritual
Description: The wonderment before death

Plugger: Timothy Sam
The Plug: A indulging yet grueling read which features alluring scenery and a unique plot !

Pluggee: Endure the Night     (E)
Genre(s): Sports :: Action/Adventure :: Thriller/Suspense
Description: A look into the mind of an ultra runner in the midst of the toughest race in the World.

Plugger: Not Maria
The Plug: A story about what it means to truly live. Feedback is appreciated, but I will not be editing any time soon.

Pluggee: The Meaning of Life     (13+)
Genre(s): Drama :: Young Adult :: Philosophy
Description: Four candidates for a scholarship have to answer a question: What is the meaning of life?

Plugger: Adrienne
The Plug: Written for All Gold Star families after reading Ghazala Khan's response to Donald Trump

Pluggee: Gold Star Is Their Name     (E)
Genre(s): Military
Description: Written for all Gold Star Families after reading Ghazala Khan's response to Donald Trump.

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