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Plugger: Shannon H
The Plug: Had this idea rolling around in my head for a while now and finally put some pen to paper. This is only Chapter 1 and it probably still needs a good bit of work. All helpful feedback and critique gladly welcome.

Pluggee: Tales of the Zenith     (13+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Action/Adventure :: Western
Description: Taryn Ballin has to keep her ship flying and her crew paid in the new frontier

Plugger: J. M. Kraynak loves Writing!
The Plug: This was a very abrupt muse that came to me during Writer's Cramp. I finished and submitted it with only 1 minute before the deadline, so I had no time to edit it. A good critique would be appreciated! Hope you enjoy it!

Short Story
Pluggee: The Gathering     (E)
Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Romance/Love :: Holiday
Description: Love can break the strongest of walls. Writer's Cramp Winner 11-25-2015

Plugger: Reneef
The Plug: This is the way the book will end, the final chapter. Read and correct, please.

Pluggee: The Marine's Daughter     (E)
Genre(s): Drama :: Inspirational :: Romance/Love
Description: The final chapter of The Marine's Daughter.

Plugger: tallwriter
The Plug: The Winx girls grow in size and muscle.

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Giant Muscular Winx Girls     (18+)
Genre(s): Fanfiction :: Erotica :: Fantasy
Description: The Winx Club girls grow into hulking giantesses.

Plugger: tallwriter
The Plug: Little Pumpkin Cake becomes huge and powerful!

Interactive Story
Pluggee: God-like Pumpkin Cake     (13+)
Genre(s): Fanfiction :: Fantasy :: Other
Description: Baby Pumpkin Cake from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic becomes incredibly powerful!

Plugger: tallwriter
The Plug: Gigantic babies are unleashed upon the world.

Interactive Story
Pluggee: The Giant Baby Destroyer III     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Sci-fi :: Other
Description: A new story of a giant baby unleashed upon the world!

Plugger: Joto-Kai
The Plug: Sigrun, paladin, teams up with an evil spirit to save an innocent; the results are predictably lamentable.

Pluggee: Failure to Adapt     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Occult :: Mystery
Description: A girl in a tower needs Sigrun to lower her standards.

Plugger: Noiry Tretsinnal
The Plug: I plan on rewriting this and to do that I need good, solid reviews, so every review will earn you 7500 Gift Points and every good review will earn you double that.

Pluggee: Soldier's of Fate: Invasion     (18+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Fantasy :: Action/Adventure
Description: 7500 per review. Follow a roster of new heroes and villains in the ultimate struggle.

Plugger: groovygirl
The Plug: Please read and give honest reviews.

Pluggee: Painted     (13+)
Genre(s): Inspirational
Description: by your hands alone

Plugger: groovygirl
The Plug: Please read and give honest reviews.

Pluggee: Would You     (13+)
Genre(s): Inspirational
Description: carry me always

Plugger: groovygirl
The Plug: Please read and give honest reviews.

Pluggee: Would That I Could     (13+)
Genre(s): Inspirational :: Emotional :: Other
Description: if you would...

Plugger: HRK
The Plug: Nobody knows what happens next.

Pluggee: Slowly and smoothly     (E)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Mystery :: Thriller/Suspense
Description: Adventure should be a part of ones life.

Plugger: HRK
The Plug: Deep feeling which give pain.

Pluggee: Nostalgia     (E)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Dark :: Experience
Description: Difficulties that emotionally weaken oneself.

Plugger: J. M. Kraynak loves Writing!
The Plug: I'm trying to broaden my horizons so I'm attempting different styles, and what better way than a challenge?

Pluggee: The Things Betwixt...     (18+)
Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Dark :: Supernatural
Description: Flash Fictions and my darker short stories that chronicle the journeys of Virgil Solomon.

Plugger: missourigirl
The Plug: A young adult fantasy. I would love reviews! I'm thinking of a series.

Pluggee: The Mystery of the Red Marble     (E)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Young Adult :: Other
Description: Two girls meet and help a Fairy Princess. This is the full story for the first book.

Plugger: S.z.kamoonpuri
The Plug: The Jealous Leper

Pluggee: The Jealous Leper     (E)
Genre(s): Inspirational
Description: Jealousy is bad and it harms yah

Plugger: Shivay💃
The Plug: The title is enough to say what inspired me to write it. Your words will tell me how well or bad I did?

Pluggee: Do not go gentle into that good night     (E)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Self Help :: Other
Description: Do not go gentle, regardless the hardships. *Dedicated to my mother.

Plugger: Shivay💃
The Plug: It really means a lot to me. I would like to know what you have to say about it.

Pluggee: Without you, love!     (E)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Romance/Love :: Relationship
Description: Always reciprocate your love, else it would be too late to contemplate

Plugger: Darlin ~ Writer
The Plug: A fun little story written about the first day of Shotgun Deer Season in Illinois that I wrote a few years back,... ENJOY!

Pluggee: First Day Of Deer Season     (E)
Genre(s): Family :: Comedy :: Entertainment
Description: A blog I wrote four years ago. It's fun though!

Plugger: J. M. Kraynak loves Writing!
The Plug: Its not but a memory, and had this prompt not touched that place deep within, I may very well have forgotten it. 500 GPs per review.

Short Story
Pluggee: Erica...     (13+)
Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Emotional :: Romance/Love
Description: A bittersweet memory and ode to my girl in black. Writer's Cramp 11-20-2015 Winner

Plugger: Winn-Back after 2 yrs!
The Plug: Jezzy is a high school student. She has a plan, her teacher was not part of it. Teacher/student romance, with depth. First 10 chapters, so far. More to come.

Pluggee: Teaching Mr. Cooper     (13+)
Genre(s): Drama :: Romance/Love :: Relationship
Description: All Jezzy wanted was to take care of her sister. Falling for her teacher wasn't the plan.

Plugger: ~Innerlight
The Plug: Ed Crook wrote excerpts to his novel A Paramedic's Journey he would like feedback of his work

Pluggee: A Paramedic's Journey "Excerpts"     (E)
Genre(s): Personal :: Emotional :: Experience
Description: his experiences as a paramedic written by Ed Crook "would like feedback"

Plugger: ponkacheese
The Plug: Let me know what you think. Enjoy =)

Pluggee: WINTER     (E)
Genre(s): Nature :: Entertainment :: Other
Description: Every season has a breath to it - a character that defines its life. It comes and goes...

Plugger: Cheri Annemos
The Plug: I want this to be contest ready. Would appreciate a review geared to that end.

Short Story
Pluggee: The Shadow of Mr. James Buchanan     (18+)
Genre(s): Relationship :: History :: Other
Description: Rewrite of non-winning contest entry. Looking for honest critiques

Plugger: Shawn Odette
The Plug: I am considering sending this story to a publisher. I need honest criticism. Tell me what the story needs, if anything, and ask yourself while reading if this is a story you would pay to read in a short story publication.

Short Story
Pluggee: The Bridge     (13+)
Genre(s): Ghost :: Death :: Paranormal
Description: A youth's spirit is trapped on the bridge where he died.

Plugger: turtlemoon
The Plug: Allow nature to help heal the spirit.

Pluggee: Consider the Rain / word count 141     (E)
Genre(s): Family :: Nature :: Contest
Description: Keep a positive attitude in times of stress and grief.

Plugger: turtlemoon
The Plug: What the universe has to offer for healing of the spirit.

Pluggee: Stella Starlight     (E)
Genre(s): Inspirational :: Nature :: Other
Description: Supplication to the stars for peace of mind.

Plugger: Carlo
The Plug: Let me know your thoughts so I could improve :)

Pluggee: Bless Your Soul     (E)
Genre(s): Music :: Other :: Other
Description: Sounded beautiful when we played it with a piano

Plugger: Carlo
The Plug: just noticed that we had a page like this. I knew I had to try it out.

Pluggee: From Abi (Color of the World)     (E)
Genre(s): Family :: Experience :: Other
Description: Dedicated for my single mom friend and her daughter.

Plugger: ReinaHW
The Plug: This story is one of my attempts at writing horror, bear in mind that the main lead is a lesbian so please no bigotry.

Pluggee: A Whisper Of Silk     (18+)
Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Adult :: Gay/Lesbian
Description: Love from the grave is not what it seems

Plugger: ReinaHW
The Plug: This is a short piece I wrote for my mum in memory of the baby brother I never got to know due to his being still born back in 1981.

Short Story
Pluggee: Do Not Blame Yourself     (E)
Genre(s): Other
Description: This is written in memory of the baby brother I never got to know

Plugger: HRK
The Plug: The Only Being

Pluggee: The Only Being     (E)
Genre(s): Religious :: Inspirational :: Personal
Description: One should have faith in the Creator.

Plugger: Joto-Kai
The Plug: A poem older than Writing.com, brought up by a discussion on my current decisions. ;-) Leave the rest to your imagination, or you can ask. A little edit and ... suggestions/critique welcome!

Pluggee: The Invitation     (ASR)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Other :: Other
Description: Don't bet on a second chance.

Plugger: Tonya Townley
The Plug: Prologue to the novel I'm currently working on...

Pluggee: Broken     (13+)
Genre(s): Young Adult :: Family :: Other
Description: Prologue to my novel Broken

Plugger: typingrhyme
The Plug: Poem concentrating on a world of good works

Pluggee: GOD IS STILL AROUND     (E)
Genre(s): Religious :: Community
Description: God is still at work in spite of all the bad news you hear

Plugger: Saundra Alston-Fisher
The Plug: I penned this very short story a number of years ago, I feel my best work to date. A young man is visited in his dreams by a mysterious person who gives him important information. I'm being cryptic because I don't want to ruin it for you.

Short Story
Pluggee: McKenzie's Choice     (E)
Genre(s): Thriller/Suspense :: Crime/Gangster :: Other

Plugger: Danza
The Plug: Needing some opinions on my piece. Here I share my personal testimony. Any ides, opinions, welcome. Needs some editing and proofreading. I really appreciate anything. Thanks.

Pluggee: Power of Prayer & A Surprising Vision     (E)
Genre(s): Inspirational :: Spiritual :: Religious
Description: Here I share my testimony of a silent prayer that led a church member to have a vision.

Plugger: Danza
The Plug: Dear writers, this is a story about a testimony I have. I would like to make this sound more interesting with bigger words. Needs proofreading and editing. Would like for it to stand out as it's important. This needs a lot of proof reading and correcting

Pluggee: Family Drama, Angels, and Karma     (E)
Genre(s): Drama :: Religious :: Inspirational
Description: After family drama I am left with a testimony. God sent a angel in disguise to comfort me.

Plugger: RocketMan
The Plug: Just give me your honest opinions and that'll be good.

Pluggee: Depession     (ASR)
Genre(s): Dark :: Death :: Emotional
Description: A brief narrative on depression.

Plugger: Jay L
The Plug: My new poem.

Pluggee: It All Begins Within     (E)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Inspirational :: Dark
Description: A new poem that I wrote.

Plugger: Nick Knight
The Plug: An interactive story I greatly enjoy. I'm in need of more writers to add to it.

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Meet Fast and Furious     (18+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Crime/Gangster :: Thriller/Suspense
Description: You wander into the turbo-charged, adrenaline pumped world of racing. What happens?

Plugger: Joshua Dyer/ J.E. Dyer
The Plug: Does this piece resonate?

Short Story
Pluggee: Blackberry Smiles     (E)
Genre(s): Cultural :: Inspirational :: Family
Description: Going home can be tough.

Plugger: Semaj
The Plug: Wrote this a few years ago, just edited it a bit. Let me know what you guys think?

Pluggee: Midnight     (13+)
Genre(s): Dark :: Supernatural :: Death
Description: My favorite poem that I've written.

Plugger: NathanQ7
The Plug: I'm looking for any helpful feedback, please leave the name of a work of yours that you would like me to review.

Short Story
Pluggee: I'm Happy     (13+)
Genre(s): Dark :: Other :: Other
Description: A man wakes up in an alley way and meets an enigmatic person.

Plugger: (Hedoren) BD Mitchell
The Plug: A short Thanksgiving comedy. It's dialogue-only with three characters -- is it clear who's saying which lines?

Short Story
Pluggee: Let's Talk, Turkey!     (13+)
Genre(s): Comedy :: Holiday :: Contest Entry
Description: Maybe don't invite the turkey who lives next door to Thanksgiving dinner. Dialogue only.

Plugger: Zoey Rae
The Plug: This is a poem I wrote at age 11

Pluggee: Forests     (E)
Genre(s): Other
Description: A poem I wrote when I was younger.

Plugger: Maria
The Plug: I would appreciate any feedback on my first attempt expressing nature.

Pluggee: November     (E)
Genre(s): Nature :: Other :: Other
Description: This poem depicts the varying natural elements during November in Northwestern Ontario.

Plugger: Maria
The Plug: I would appreciate any feedback on this poem. It is my first attempt at expressing emotional insight that hinders growth as a person.

Pluggee: The World's Bane     (13+)
Genre(s): Psychology :: Experience :: Philosophy
Description: This poem is about how one can become self righteous because of unhappiness.

Plugger: flashramey-WE GOT THIS!
The Plug: {b-item:#2057703}

Pluggee: Lonely Thanksgiving     (E)
Genre(s): Family :: Holiday :: Emotional
Description: Remember to include those who might be alone.

Plugger: Mr. Jones
The Plug: A lil late for all hallows eve. Oh well.

Pluggee: I Feel Like Salem, Massachusetts     (13+)
Genre(s): Dark :: Gothic :: Supernatural
Description: Evil, just plain evil

Plugger: Slimer509
The Plug: A surreal story about dreams, love, and loss, written in a unique style designed to complement the freeness of dreams. The story is full of metaphor and symbolism, forcing readers to really think about what they're reading.

Pluggee: Falling to Nowhere, Standing on Nothing     (13+)
Genre(s): Relationship :: Dark
Description: Just how much of a dream is reality? When Rachel’s life changes, her dreams follow.

Plugger: Maria
The Plug: My first attempt at communicating in words the turmoil of emotions in a depressed person.

Pluggee: Deadly Dawn     (18+)
Genre(s): Dark :: Death :: Emotional
Description: This is a description of what depression can be.

Plugger: ~Innerlight
The Plug: Please review and rate this poem this poem is about despair

Pluggee: Destiny     (E)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Personal :: Relationship
Description: a metaphoric use of the sea

Plugger: woody
The Plug: Edgar Allen Poe's death has always been a mystery - UNTIL NOW!

Pluggee: Death's Delirium (Poe's Untimely Demise)     (13+)
Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Dark :: Death
Description: How he died has been a mystery - until now!

Plugger: George R. Lasher
The Plug: Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye, and then turned to find nothing there?

Short Story
Pluggee: Peripheral Visions     (18+)
Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Dark :: Ghost
Description: fleeting glimpses out of the corner of your eye...what are they...why do we have them?

Plugger: FruitSeller
The Plug: Chapter two of my fantasy tale, here for the public.

Pluggee: CHAPTER TWO- The Beasts Of The Forest     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure :: Supernatural
Description: Robert returns in this forest adventure. Monsters, magic and more is waiting.

Plugger: George R. Lasher
The Plug: When I was a little boy, my grandmother lived with us. Sometimes, at night, I would wake up and wonder...Is grandma snoring, or is there a panther in the house?

Short Story
Pluggee: The Panther In the Hall (short version)     (13+)
Genre(s): Dark :: Biographical :: Drama
Description: A child's nightmares haunt him for life

Plugger: D Barnhart
The Plug: would like feed back and will return the favor thank you

Pluggee: The life of Vander chapters 5-10     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure :: Other
Description: the target was missed begin the quest

Plugger: D Barnhart
The Plug: Would like feedback and will return the favor as well thank you

Pluggee: The life of Vander first 5 chapters     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure :: Other
Description: fantasy book 1 of what I worked out 5 intro of the main characters and plot of book 1

Plugger: Brina
The Plug: Revitalized my blog to a newer, better blog where I talk about all the little thoughts that run through my head as I work on my first book. I could really use feedback in both that and my new First Chapter! Thanks to all who check it out.

Pluggee: From Dreamer to Writer to Author     (18+)
Genre(s): Writing :: Experience :: Inspirational
Description: I tell of my struggles as I learn and go through the process of writing a book from page 1

Plugger: Shroompelt
The Plug: Looking for feedback, please be honest.

Short Story
Pluggee: The Lord's Prayer     (E)
Genre(s): Religious :: History :: Spiritual
Description: Wrote this with a friend of mine... About a girl who sees something amazing.

Plugger: Frodie
The Plug: Another Daily Flash Fiction challenge entry. (<300 words)

Pluggee: Morrigan's Crows     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Contest Entry :: Dark
Description: An injured traveler becomes an interesting hunt to the beasts of the night. DFFC

Plugger: Brokenhunter
The Plug: This is an old poem of mine that I think kinda fits the season. It is probably the only poem that I have ever written that I like. It is about a creature that is little known today, but is one of my favorites from folklore.

Pluggee: Gachoner     (E)
Genre(s): Folklore :: Fantasy :: Supernatural
Description: A poem about an interesting fairy creature from Irish folklore.

Plugger: Koyel~writing again
The Plug: Please rate and review.This is an enjoyable short story. I hope you enjoy.

Short Story
Pluggee: The revelation     (18+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Fantasy :: Dark
Description: A fantasy story of my own.

Plugger: Koyel~writing again
The Plug: I have written a decuain for the first time. Please rate and review. I hope you like it.

Pluggee: Anticipation     (E)
Genre(s): Inspirational :: Emotional :: Experience
Description: A poem for the Whispers of the Soul Contest.

Plugger: ~Lisa Noe~ Kittylove
The Plug: I would really appreciate and welcome any comments about my poem I have written. I am just experimenting with different forms of poetry.{e:cat2}

Pluggee: In Heaven     (E)
Genre(s): Biographical :: Death :: Spiritual
Description: This is my first attempt at a roundel form of poetry It is an assignment for Poets Place.

Plugger: FruitSeller
The Plug: The first chapter of my fanstasy novel, during which I explore and fully develop an entire fantasy world. Join me as I delve into its deep history and wonders all while battling the cruelty of this monster infested realm.

Pluggee: CHAPTER ONE- The Black Sheep     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure :: Death
Description: Join Robert as he explores a fantastical new world.

Plugger: babyjami
The Plug: I am very excited about writing this novella, but I want to see if there is any interest first....and if I'm headed in a good direction.

Pluggee: Predicaments - Chapter 1     (ASR)
Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Western
Description: A reserved farmer and adrift woman sign up for more than they can handle.

Plugger: nivekstar
The Plug: add if you want to

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Voltron Female Weight Gain     (18+)
Genre(s): Fanfiction :: Fantasy :: Other
Description: 5 possible females from the Voltron universe will either willingly or not gain weight

Plugger: ~Lisa Noe~ Kittylove
The Plug: Read # 863800 "A Day In Heaven" This is life by my POV and It is all about God and what he has sent forth into this world. it is not your traditional poem of spirituality, give it a peak and let me know what you think? I'M seeking the Lord always

Pluggee: Poetry and stuff just for fun!     (E)
Genre(s): Other :: Other :: Other
Description: this is some stuff I'm writing just to have some fun.

Plugger: FruitSeller
The Plug: With a new whole chapter coming in on monday, nows the time to get a sneak peak.

Pluggee: Early Days (where it all started)     (ASR)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Other :: Other
Description: This is a draft that will won't edited please see the full chapter (under its folder)

Plugger: Stevie
The Plug: It's a collect of flash fiction entries (only two so far) all under 300 words. Each entry has different prompts I've have to use. Would welcome comments and reviews.

Short Story
Pluggee: Flash Fiction     (13+)
Genre(s): Contest :: Contest Entry :: Other
Description: My entries in the daily flash fiction challenge.

Plugger: (Hedoren) BD Mitchell
The Plug: Michael Reeve is back for more wizardy stuff -- but this time things get a bit darker than usual.

Short Story
Pluggee: Stronger Than Rage     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Horror/Scary :: Drama
Description: A man meets his inner demon and the unthinkable happens. (a Michael Reeve wizard story)

Plugger: DB Cooper
The Plug: After more then ten years at Writing.Com, I am hoping for my first badge and second ribbon.

Short Story
Pluggee: Olympic Medal Mystery     (E)
Genre(s): Detective :: Children's :: Mystery
Description: Lisa solves a mystery to further her life's dream to become a detective.

Plugger: Mr.Sideburns
The Plug: Give it a read and invite your friends! Feedback welcome and enjoy.

Short Story
Pluggee: What Was Watching Me     (ASR)
Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Paranormal :: Experience
Description: ever feel like your being watched when no one is around?

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