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Plugger: Paula LaRue
Pluggee: DIGITAL DIET -- UH OH!     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 07-21-16 @ 8:55pm
The Plug: My Jan blog is still up. Where have all the bloggers gone? Here's a spoof on eating and etiquette. Eh, maybe we're just sick of societal impolite mode. Warning ... time.

Plugger: rebecca
Pluggee: Beauty     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 06-23-16 @ 10:28pm
The Plug: beauty

Plugger: rebecca
Pluggee: music.     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 06-23-16 @ 10:24pm
The Plug: music.

Plugger: Mare - House Targaryen ☮
Pluggee: Revised!     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 06-19-16 @ 9:18am
The Plug: A revised edition of my first attempt at writing fiction

Plugger: Djokolot
Pluggee: Monster Mind     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 06-11-16 @ 6:24pm
The Plug: Technology... Have we created a monster?

Plugger: Djokolot
Pluggee: The Box     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 06-11-16 @ 6:20pm
The Plug: Received like no other Christmas present I ever got!

Plugger: Djokolot
Pluggee: A Funny Thing Happened On My Way Back to the Shore     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 06-11-16 @ 6:11pm
The Plug: Yes, a funny thing did happen, although I didn't find it very funny back then! Looking back at it today, it's funny!

Plugger: IntuitiveWhiteWalkers
Pluggee: Mother Fell Down and Hit Her Head ... Again and Again     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 05-30-16 @ 2:26pm
The Plug: How does a reader get so up close and personal with the genre they write about? Well, for this well-known mystery/crime writer, it's because she lived it!

Plugger: ruwth
Pluggee: Things happen . . .     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 05-12-16 @ 2:33pm
The Plug: I am very excited as I post this entry/essay here. Please give me some solid feedback. I am actually thinking of submitting it for publication. Tell me what you think! I wrote it back in 2011 but edited it today. :-)

Plugger: Joto-Kai
Pluggee: Tragedy of Guinevere     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 04-14-16 @ 11:22am
The Plug: Even more deeply philosophical (or deep into sophistry?) than usual, this. Would welcome any comments, debate...

Plugger: Kerri J. Miller
Pluggee: Long Time No Blog     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 04-14-16 @ 9:36am
The Plug: A blog to help me stay accountable with my writing. This entry is a rant about some. . .problems.

Plugger: ruwth
Pluggee: Priorities . . .     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 04-13-16 @ 5:12pm
The Plug: One of my personal favorites. I'm going to re-read it now myself. I hope y'all will join me. :-)

Plugger: Sum1
Pluggee: Santa Fe!!     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 04-13-16 @ 5:06pm
The Plug: Self Promo here. Going home is always good. Seeing family, visiting my mother's grave, enjoying love and friendship. It's all that matters if you ask me.

Plugger: Paula LaRue
Pluggee: BISPHENOL A --- Revisited/ New 2016     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 01-19-16 @ 4:47pm
The Plug: Uh, oh chemicals that are most awful.

Plugger: Spacecat - loves Spain
Pluggee: Pray for the World     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 11-15-15 @ 8:15am
The Plug: We need to consider and pray for ALL the worlds problems not just those of our immediate neighbours

Plugger: Brina
Pluggee: First Line and thoughts thereafter     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 10-24-15 @ 5:37am
The Plug: I share my first line and delve into the thoughts running around in my head as I work on the first chapeter of my book. Please please please read and comment as you choose. feedback is a wonderful thing in writing.

Plugger: Brina
Pluggee: A new blog. A new story. A new attempt. Same passion.     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 10-22-15 @ 6:19pm
The Plug: from near day 1 to completion and publishing my first book, this blog follows along as I go through the struggles of writing. Now I am hoping the new track I am taking will get me further along in the writing process.

Pluggee: Learn     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 09-23-15 @ 12:03pm
The Plug: What Have I learned, and what will I learn... that is the question At The Moment...

Plugger: Catherine Sarah
Pluggee: Minecraft and Why It is Dangerous For Me To Play It     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 08-19-15 @ 9:40pm
The Plug: The Ultimate Time-sucker

Plugger: Henny Penny
Pluggee: Why is Winston Grumpy?     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 08-12-15 @ 2:19pm
The Plug: My new book about Grumpy Winston

Plugger: Catherine Sarah
Pluggee: What Do I Call You, Novel?     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 08-07-15 @ 6:52pm
The Plug: Titles...whaaaa!

Plugger: Catherine Sarah
Pluggee: My Kitten's Being Spastic!!!     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 07-29-15 @ 3:29pm
The Plug: My kitten is inhibiting the creation of art!

Plugger: ruwth
Pluggee: A Fresh Start...     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 07-19-15 @ 2:57pm
The Plug: Hmmm... Although I did not get very far with my fresh start in 2015, this entry will definitely introduce you to ME! (If you are interested, that is.) It is a good starting point if you don't know me or it is a good refresher course if you do... :-)

Plugger: Gemini☮Gem
Pluggee: Snoring lullaby     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 07-14-15 @ 10:46pm
The Plug: I love to sleep to the sweet, sweet sound of dog snores...

Plugger: PandaPaws GOT Tyrell
Pluggee: Sometimes, Self Praise Stinks     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 07-07-15 @ 10:05pm
The Plug: Think twice before you praise yourself...

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