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Plugger: Meesh
Pluggee: Home Comforts     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 02-13-15 @ 4:21pm
The Plug: Day two of writing my blog, trying to step away from just recording my dairy and write something a little more engaging. For better or worse, this is it,

Plugger: Cheri Annemos
Pluggee: Day 12: Making up words     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 02-12-15 @ 7:27pm
The Plug: I am in the 30-day blogging competition. The prompt is at the top of the blog. I think it's funny. I hope you do to. Based on a true story.

Plugger: Meesh
Pluggee: Day one.     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 02-12-15 @ 4:58pm
The Plug: New blog. Taking my first steps into changing my creative direction.

Plugger: Humble Dragon
Pluggee: The Metal Book     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 12-24-14 @ 12:35pm
The Plug: How hard could it be to disarm a four year old? Trust me… a lot harder than you think!

Plugger: Lazy Writer
Pluggee: Election Time Again     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 11-02-14 @ 7:52pm
The Plug: My rant about campaigns and elections

Plugger: Lazy Writer
Pluggee: Publish or Quit     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 11-02-14 @ 7:51pm
The Plug: Trying to decide about self publishing

Plugger: Rebecca~Going to Michigan?
Pluggee: Day 234 Blog City     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 10-22-14 @ 11:41pm
The Plug: My most recent entry. For Blog City.

Plugger: Lorraine - Night's Watch
Pluggee: Memory & Ideas     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 09-28-14 @ 6:51am
The Plug: Trying to think of an idea for my NaNo novel. Would appreciate any comments on the ideas I've found.

Plugger: Henny Penny is chugging along
Pluggee: The Stages of Being a Newbie     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 07-31-14 @ 4:39pm
The Plug: For those Newbie's who may need some help

Pluggee: FLAG DAY MONTH: JUNE 14, 2014     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 06-06-14 @ 7:06pm
The Plug: Swing into Summer. Hope your written works sail sedate seas starting in June/14. Find flipside personal, June Updates and oh ratz -- garden chores galore. Horticulture achey beeswax, fer sure. Skies vibrant!

Plugger: Henny Penny is chugging along
Pluggee: NEVER, NEVER AGAIN     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 06-02-14 @ 1:06pm

Plugger: A*nIllustrative*Faith
Pluggee: Coming Soon.     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 05-23-14 @ 12:06pm
The Plug: I'm recovering and I need WDCs help with my recovery.......

Plugger: ~Baroness LL~Baratheon
Pluggee: Silence is Golden     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 05-02-14 @ 9:59am
The Plug: We all need a time to reflect.

Plugger: Tina is signing books
Pluggee: Worst event in History?     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 04-01-14 @ 10:58am
The Plug: This is a subject near and dear to my heart. I expound.

Plugger: Tina is signing books
Pluggee: March 26 prompt     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 03-26-14 @ 11:35am
The Plug: Writing prompt for today

Plugger: G. B. Williams
Pluggee: WhyCare?     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 03-18-14 @ 3:07pm
The Plug: This posting is somewhat out of character with my blog, but in some ways it goes with the tone and tenor of my blog on Death and Relationships. It would be great to have a few reviews on my blog and this piece in particular. Thank you

Plugger: Lazy Writer
Pluggee: Aliens??     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 02-24-14 @ 4:53pm
The Plug: Just want to see what others might think.

Plug Time: 02-05-14 @ 10:10am
The Plug: Hoping this audience kindly checks FICTION FANDANGOs entries for 14 DAYS OF ROMANCE. Trying an extra incentive for self -- combining previously unknown prompts into this serial. Dont let the title fool you, okay? WORD: perhaps we all fall prey to umbrage

Plugger: A*nIllustrative*Faith
Pluggee: 30 Day Blog Contest Catch Up!: Days 1-10     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 01-16-14 @ 9:39pm
The Plug: Lots of fun prompts....

Plugger: Soh~Free bird
Pluggee: Playing with time     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 01-09-14 @ 9:26pm
The Plug: This is my latest entry on my new blog. I'm blogging for the first time, so I would appreciate some reviews :)

Plugger: Wordsmitty
Pluggee: Holiday Spirit     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 10-20-13 @ 4:27am
The Plug: This month on WDC calls for a special attitude and outlook to be consistent with the whole approach to writing and peer support. Here's what I discovered when I started thinking about it and all the activities here.

Plugger: ruwth
Pluggee: rambling ruwth reviews "Requiem"     (Rated: ASR)
Plug Time: 09-19-13 @ 9:21am
The Plug: This blog entry is a copy of a review I wrote this week. I would like feedback on the quality of my writing in this review.

Plugger: ~Alexi~ House Hightower
Pluggee: Sept 9 "Send Him back for 24 hrs"     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 09-11-13 @ 4:03pm
The Plug: 30 Day blog Sept 9

Plugger: ~Alexi~ House Hightower
Pluggee: 1 Good Morning Memory day the 13th Mmm!     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 09-01-13 @ 6:08am
The Plug: My first thirty day blog.

Plugger: Fivesixer...blog CHAMP!!
Pluggee: This one's about sleeping motions and excessive fowl.     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 08-31-13 @ 11:15pm
The Plug: Odd behavior while sleeping, social networking highlights (including what's next for Sharknado), and congrats to G-Stamm. Tro lo lo!

Plugger: Stevestruck
Pluggee: Do You Have A Muse?     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 08-26-13 @ 5:17am
The Plug: What is the surprising answer to that question?

Plugger: ~Alexi~ House Hightower
Pluggee: A Weekend with My Three Princes     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 08-13-13 @ 6:26am
The Plug: A Weekend With my Three Princes

Plugger: Moody Blue: Needs an Upgrade
Pluggee: 7/20/13: My Five Song Titles Piece     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 07-21-13 @ 5:15pm
The Plug: Entry for 30Day Blogging Challenge

Plugger: Intuey*Heart2Anon!TY
Pluggee: Such A Disturbing Dream     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 07-21-13 @ 5:07pm
The Plug: A very disturbing dream I had

Plugger: spaulphil
Pluggee: Without a Backward Glance     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 07-19-13 @ 1:33am
The Plug: Stories from the past make for good lessons for the future. Will we ever learn?

Plugger: Walkinbird
Pluggee: Desperate, But Not Serious     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 05-05-13 @ 3:05am
The Plug: A mentor told me recent entries provoke thought and encourage contemplation. Do you agree? Not sure I can say it's always thought-provoking, but you shouldn't expect perfection in a blog subtitled, Hand-me Downs, Hand-me Ups, and Alzheimer's In-between.

Plugger: NOVAcatmando
Pluggee: Japanese Tea at the Pittsfield Y     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 05-03-13 @ 11:56am
The Plug: Does anyone know where the blog SEARCH feature went? If so, let me know please - thx!

Plugger: Madame Momerath
Pluggee: You Might Be A Crafter If...     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 03-18-13 @ 8:46pm
The Plug: I call it crafting, you may call it hoarding. It's all a matter of perspective. And I can totally justify it! Read on and find out why.

Plugger: R2W
Pluggee: A Dad is Born     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 03-15-13 @ 1:56am
The Plug: 1st entry chronicling the joys of dadhood

Plugger: Crissy
Pluggee: Right or Happy?     (Rated: ASR)
Plug Time: 03-03-13 @ 10:08am
The Plug: Is it more important for you to be right, or for you to be happy? Me, I'll take happiness and give up a little pride any day.

Plugger: Joy of House Florent!
Pluggee: E-Book Awards: Are You Ready to Enter a Contest to Win One?     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 02-11-13 @ 1:51pm
The Plug: If you are interested in winning an award for your E-Book, I have a partial list of E-Book Awards Contests in this entry.

Plugger: Eric Wharton
Pluggee: It's a Boy, It's a Girl, It's a ... Cake?     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 02-02-13 @ 3:49pm
The Plug: Just started a new blog and this is my second entry. This one is on gender reveal parties. Come take a look.

Plugger: LostGhost
Pluggee: What bedevils me as a writer?     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 01-01-13 @ 11:34am
The Plug: My first blogpost on WDC.

Plugger: Winnie
Pluggee: Day 3 - Pen or a Computer?     (Rated: ASR)
Plug Time: 12-16-12 @ 9:48pm
The Plug: "After staring for a long time at the bright page in front of her, just looking at the blinking line do whatever she's suppose to do, she arranged her hands in position and started to write."

Plugger: Winnie
Pluggee: Childhood Memories? Wait a minute! Am I not a child anymore?     (Rated: ASR)
Plug Time: 12-16-12 @ 9:42pm
The Plug: Write about your most cherished childhood memory.

Plugger: Winnie
Pluggee: The Camels are SO NAUGHTY!     (Rated: ASR)
Plug Time: 12-16-12 @ 9:40pm
The Plug: Write about a holiday in which things just did not go as planned. The Camels are SO NAUGHTY!

Plugger: Professor Pat~Punctuation Inc.
Pluggee: And the moral of the story is...     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 12-16-12 @ 4:50pm
The Plug: A nostalgic look at TV in the 60s when I was a child

Plugger: Professor Pat~Punctuation Inc.
Pluggee: Some days are like that; yeah they are.     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 12-16-12 @ 4:41pm
The Plug: Some days are difficult; good friends can help.

Plugger: Professor Pat~Punctuation Inc.
Pluggee: WDC—My Second Home     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 12-16-12 @ 4:34pm
The Plug: I felt like sharing my love for Writing.com today!

Plugger: ruwth
Pluggee: Alzheimer's Disease: The Long Good-Bye     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 12-11-12 @ 11:33am
The Plug: An awesome poetic expression of the challenges of Alzheimers.

Plugger: Thundersbeard
Pluggee: Starting to Read: Waylander     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 09-08-12 @ 5:31am
The Plug: Thoughts and methods on my current reading list and request for recommendations for my reading list.

Plugger: Kåre Enga in Ireland
Pluggee: Off with it! Aches and pains...     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 08-22-12 @ 6:19pm
The Plug: I truly believe we bloggers need to read blogs! This isn't brilliant. It's just an update. Read mine; I'll read yours.

Plugger: Prosperous Snow (Neva)
Pluggee: Reflections on “Ever Met a Phor?”     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 08-12-12 @ 2:23pm
The Plug: Metaphors important to writers.

Plugger: Making money writing
Pluggee: Building a Community and My Various Blogs     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 08-11-12 @ 6:48pm
The Plug: Building a Community and Other Things

Plugger: Kåre Enga in Ireland
Pluggee: Wanna look young? Sit next to someone older!     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 08-06-12 @ 9:11pm
The Plug: We'll see if this works! Just a "normal" blog entry. :-)

Plugger: Prosperous Snow (Neva)
Pluggee: The Scent of Coffee in the morning     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 08-04-12 @ 7:36pm
The Plug: The aroma of coffee brewing always brings back memories of my Grandpa.

Plugger: Thundersbeard
Pluggee: The VEGETABLE GARDEN Lives     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 07-22-12 @ 9:20pm
The Plug: Been in a writing rut for some time now, around the time a young old friend passed away from cancer, and am trying to recapture some of the magic I felt at the start of the year. One of those "good things" was blogging in a creative non-fiction manner.

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