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October 31, 2014
3:11pm EDT

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by Shaida
Rated: E | Book | Romance/Love | #1858043
English Translation of the Persian Odes of Amir Khusro, the Indian Orpheus
            The Indian Orpheus                                                     
              A Hundred Odes
Translated By Khalid HameeShaida                                                                   


Khusro  was born in India in 1252 AD as Abul Hasan Yameenuddin. His father, Amir Saifuddin, was a Turk from Central Asia and his mother an Indian Rajput, the daughter of the then Prime Minister, Amad ul Mulk. His father died when he was young, and he was brought up by his maternal grandfather in affluence. Both Amir and Khusro were his titles, of which Khusro he adopted as his pen name. During his lifetime he became a favorite of kings and princes and was loved by the great mystic, Khaja Nizamuddin Aulia of Delhi. He was burried next to him when he died at the age of 73 years in 1325 AD,

He grew up to be a great poet - musician of all times, with the magical qualities of Orpheus of the Greek mythology. He invented several enduring musical instruments and wrote many famous ragas. Since his father spoke Turkish and Persian and his mother Hindi, he was fluent in all three and this helped him invent a new language - Urdu - which is a mixture of those three languages. It is now spoken by about four hundred million people in the world and is also the official language of Pakistan. He wrote profusely in Persian, Hindi and his new language, Urdu, but much of his writings has been lost, though part of his Persian poetry, mainly odes, among others has survived.

Translation by its very nature cannot capture the taste and flavor of the original. It is not possible to translate the beat, the rythm and the flow of Khusro's odes in another language. However, I have tried to preserve some of these by translating his couplets as couplets.

Khusro is a romantacist par excellence. He loves women with all their faults and especially beautiful women with faults:

        Oh, praise the Lord, the holy and pure, the maker of us all
        For made He you from dust and clay a crafty, lovely doll

When he yearns and craves for them he can make us cry:

        Oh, how can I this rainy night without my darling sleep
        When everyone is weeping here, weep I and clouds weep

        Without you, darling, the gardens are in grip of doom and gloom
        So shining brightly in the dark, my sweet sunshine, come to me

When he discribes the women's faults, he becomes delicious:

        Cruel she is but don't call her that
        Call her a lady though she is a brat

        No one but her for me will do
        Although she is a perfect shrew

        I know a beauty who likes to boast
        Of a beau to fry, and a lover to roast

He also advises us:

        If she is yours because you are greedy
        Better it is to be lonely and needy
        And if she yours because of your money
        She is no honey, and it is not funny

        And if she shows no mercy or pity
        Delay you not and leave the city

And he uses his favorite preacher to admonish us:

        When I fell in love the preacher said
        "She's a predator; you'll soon be dead

        "You are a believer; she'll send you to hell
        She is a remorseless infidel

        " Without her you will be in pain
        And she will leave you again and again

        "But you're in love; you've taken the bait
        You must now KHUSRO resign to fate"

But he cannot also help turning to God:

        I would rather be sinful, bad, and flawed
        Than be a saint, and be a fraud

        The kings, O KHUSRO, don't you applaud
        Just have in your heart the love of God

And finally:

        And when I'm dying she'll say, "Gee whiz
        What a hapless lover my KHUSRO is"

1  Abr meebaarad o mun meeshawam az yaar juda

No, leave me not, my sweetie pie; enjoy this rainy day
And tear you not my love from my loving heart away

Oh, how can I this rainy night without my darling sleep
When everyone is weeping here, weep I and clouds weep

With the air so fresh and clear, and the garden lush and green
Oh, why is not our nightingale a part of the lovely scene?

For you, my one and only one, I shed the tears of blood
So don’t be out of my sight, for it will become a flood

O light you’re of my eyes; O you’re my gift of sight
And when you’re away from me, my day looks more like night

I love to peek, and to ogle you from every chink and crack
My eyes will surely crack up, dear, if they not keep the track

Away not go from your KHUSRO lest you begin to whittle
Like a flower you're going to wither if cut you are from thistle

2  Sad hazaaraan aafree jaanaafreen e paak ra

O praise the Lord, the holy and pure, the maker of us all
For made He you from dust and clay a crafty, lovely doll

So sweet and bitter, so tart and luscious, you can be all in one
Dispense you can a poison such, the cure for which is none

The soul you are of blossom, and you make the garden bloom
And when you go, you leave it in a deadly, deadly gloom

When out of sight you are, my love, my tears block my light
When wetter become my eyes yet, they whet my appetite

With magic in those eyes of yours oh, how you on me prey
So leave me not, O huntress, pray do not you go away

Comfort me not, O doctor; please sew not my wounded heart
For me to vent my longings all you let it fall apart

O cry not, KHUSRO, all the time your bitterness down you tone
For soften a heart a bit you can’t when made it is of pure stone

3  Geh az mai talkh meekun aan do laal e shakkarafshaan ra

Well, if she makes her sweet lips tart with the wine just a trace
Keep that should all the oglers off staring at her face

Oft I reveal my love for her and hope that she will imbibe
Knowing well she loves me not, and takes she not a bribe

To soothe my lust I ask her oft for a kiss of her flaming cheek
The breath I use inflames my love; I get not what I seek

O burn me, God, instead of her in the fire of flaming hell
For knows she not the pain she gives; she really cannot tell

Tell, KHUSRO, the tale of Majno’s love, and how endured he pain
For he was in love, and knew he not impatience how to rein

4  Beem ast keh sodayat baigaana kunad ma ra

I fear my love for you, my love, will make me totally mad
And infamous so I’ll become that it will make you sad

The passion I have will make me lose my reason and my creed
And the pangs will also make me reject my life and soul indeed

You have me bound, body and soul, with chains of braided hair
Now only you can make me free and get me off the snare

When sleep I can’t, I drink and drink to drown my pain and sorrow
And drunk I get thinking of you when sober I’m next morrow

Like moon eclipsing a million stars, you eclipse the beauties all
And KHUSRO, like the moth, cannot resist your candle’s call

5  Saba nau kard baagh o bostaan ra

In garden renewed by springtime breeze, its winter garment shed
The budding flowers like goblets wait for the vintage wine red

With gathering clouds in the heaven above letting water slowly drip
And birds all sing their melody sweet, like wine as rain they sip

The budding flowers, all ready to bloom, their lovely faces flush
With eager lips when kissed by birds, they blush, and blush, and blush

The oaks and pines are full and green with the advent of spring
And the songs of love by the loving birds make the lovely cypress swing

And when you arrive on such a scene with a smiling rosy face
I dare not say a rose you are, for you it might disgrace

So come, my love, and fill the cup with a lot of rosy wine
For time flies and the eternal life is neither yours nor mine

Be not so proud and learn you please, whatever you have, to savor
And don’t you think the beauty you have will last somehow for eve

When KHUSRO comes to your salon, him you should try to reach
For find you will not a single one with such an eloquent speech

6  Chun bakshaaie lab e shakkarshikan ra

Open you when your sugary lips
Your word from them their sugar grips

Your open mouth dares one to kiss
Which a stricken lover is prone to miss

And lit you have in my heart a fire
Which is consuming my being entire

And when in the garden you take a walk
Your beauty becomes its only talk

Excited, the birds run all amok
With envy the flowers go all in shock

But none of this affects your pride
Nor the stony heart that is inside

For the pain of KHUSRO there is no cure
The pangs of love even kings endure

7  Der aamad der dil aan sultaan e dilha

O beauty queen, come live in my heart
And make it your home; from it not part

The seeds of love in it you sow
Then watch my terrible yearning grow

Take care of it; don’t you throw
My poor little heart to the vulture and crow

Parting from you I can’t endure
My sorrow and pain no one can cure

Your love has set my heart on fire
Consuming it is my being entire

Your love from all does take a toll
Look, KHUSRO too has lost his soul

8  Zahay wasf e labat zikr e zabaanha

Oh, how your lips are loved by all
And mouth that bears the pearls that fall

Your smile that makes you look like a flower
We love so much; we greatly admire

When heaven sees my flaming desire
Instead of a shower, it rains the fire

And when in the park, I cry with pain
The birds and the bees go all insane

And bleeding when KHUSRO walks around
There’re pools of blood all over the ground

9  Bashguft gulha dar chaman aey gulsitaan e mun bia

Flowers are blooming everywhere, O flower of mine, come to me
Conifers await you night and day, my graceful pine, come to me

Thanks to my overflowing tears, tulips and roses are fresh and young
Strolling along the garden walk, my lily divine, come to me

Without you, darling, the gardens are in grip of doom and gloom
So shining brightly in the dark, my sweet sunshine, come to me

Your braids are trying to chain me, dear; your eyes are out to charm
So me if you want to captivate, my valentine, come to me

You may be tart and pungent but your absence is much worse
So bearing all your pungency, my vintage wine, come to me

Without you I, your KHUSRO, am tongue-tied and confused
To give me wit and fluency, O soul of mine, come to me

10  Gunj e ishq e to nihaan shud der dil e weeraan e ma

Smoldering is the fire of love in the wasteland of my heart
Consume it will my body all; my soul will fall apart

Leave me alone, O doctor, please, I feel completely sure
That she, who gave the pain to me, does also have the cure

Among the beauties of the world, you stand above and all alone
So be a queen and rule them all, and let them moan and groan

And when you come to walk in the park, they gossip and they talk
In charm and grace you are alone; no one can walk the way you walk

With you not there, your lovers are in agony and in pain
For deep in love these lovers are; do not them you disdain

They sigh, they gasp, they weep, they cry, they moan all night, and groan
And even in a crowd, my dear, they feel so lonely and, so alone

But lucky was KHUSRO when, with a wink, you said, “O I will be
His real love, his only love, but he will have to die for me"

11  Dar kham e gaisoo e kaafirkaish daari taarha

Lo, tangled are the pious ones in the curly brown hair
And caught is all their piety in its wavy, twisted snare

And dazzled so the learned are by the beauty of her face
That gone are all their tact and wit, and lost they have their grace

The clamors and the tumults are, of every shade and grade
The powers of the beauty and also its tools of trade

Yet kissing her lovely ruby lips is a pleasure and a thrill
A cure for every malady and a curb for every ill

The path of love and passion is a thorny one indeed
But follow will I the rose of mine, if she will take the lead

And I’ll reach there even when it takes me years and years
If short of water the garden is, I’ll supply it with my tears

So, KHUSRO, it is the long and short of the story of my love
And love is what it takes to keep the stars and moon in place above

12  Khabarat hast keh az khaish khaber neest mara

How numb am I you know not, dear
No hope have I, no qualm, no fear

Headlong in love, I have lost my head
Headless am I, neither live nor dead

Crying and weeping, having caused a flood
My eyes are dry, no tears, no blood

With bonds so strong no one can tear
Bound am I by her braided hair

Unable to win her stubborn streak
Surrendered have I to her strange mystique

And like a climber in quest of a peak
I am a moth, and a star I seek

Judging from, KHUSRO, her beautiful face
You have lost it all; you have no case

13  Her keh zaer e parahan beenad mara

Under my shirt you have to look to find the real me
And when you do, instead of me, a carcass you’ll see

But even though half dead am I, that bad it cannot be
You might see some life in me, using my eyes when you see

Oh, would it not be wonderful if everyone could see
Me doing tete-a-tete with you over a cup of tea

So please, my love, be nice to me; you do not want to see
The crows and vultures eating me and people saying – gee!

A lover great you may not be but wonder oft do we
If Romeo had to do, KHUSRO, what you‘ve done, would he?

14  Aey ba badi kerda baaz chashm e badaamoaz ra

Ruination wrought by your magical eyes
Even fate can’t do, even if it tries

Happy are lovers with what they get
Obey they do and never regret

Be not so proud of beauty, my pet
What does not last, people forget

Life is short, and the time flies
Only death is sure and the rest are lies

So spend it all and leave no sum
Because tomorrow may never come

15  Noosheen labay keh laalash nau kard jaam e Jum ra

Those juicy lips with the ruby wine
Of which the kings for a sip do pine

Someone so nice giving so much pain
Sounds unreal and not very sane

Hungry they are but God they seek
Mystics are preys to her misty mystique

A losing lover knows what love is
Knows not the winner, for she is his

To no one we lovers can find to turn
We love, we hope, we wish, we yearn

And so does KHUSRO, the poor, the meek
Look, how love's made him frail and weak

16  Gufti zay dil baroon kun ghamha e baikaraan ra

Come, O my love and ease the pain
Promise I do I’ll never complain

Since you, O robber, took my heart
Sleep I cannot; I'm falling apart

Without you, nights are dark and long
So come, my love, to where you belong

With tossing and turning all night in bed
It is a wonder that I am still not dead

My bleeding heart turns everything red
And blood is what my eyes shed

With sigh and gasp, when I respire
I breathe not smoke but also fire

And when in the garden I see a rose
Oh, how I miss you, God only knows

Without you, darling, as KHUSRO knows
Night and day my sorrow grows

17  Shafa’at aamadam aey doast deeda e khud ra

Keep him not waiting, my girl, anymore
His soul is aching; his heart is sore

Half dead already and almost insane
Dying he is of sorrow and pain

With agony and pain he’s crying, my dear
Be kind to him, and give him your ear

With sorrow and pain going on and on
Worn out he is, and his patience gone

His longing and yearning have set him on fire
And captive he is of his burning desire

Burning he is, and his condition is dire
Consumed has passion his being entire

So it’s the story of KHUSRO’S desire
What’ll happen to him, do not inquire

18  Shanaakht aan keh gham o mehnat e judaaie ra

He who knows separation and pain
Should he not from love refrain?

Oh, no one wants his girl to leave
But what if fate wants her to cleave?

Her face reflected in the beauty of moon
And shine it does like sun in June

If she is yours because you’re greedy
Better it is to be lonely and needy

And if she is yours because of your money
She is no honey, and it’s not funny

And if she shows no mercy or pity
Delay you not and leave the city

So go to the bar, and do thank God
It’s better to be bad than be a fraud

And love, O KHUSRO, if love you must
And bite the dust but don’t ever lust

19  Guzisht umr o hunooz az taqallub o soada

Though weak and old, I love you still
And wait and wait though hope is nil

I wait and watch, and watch and wait
And tell myself it’s never too late

Loving with all my heart, O mate
I cannot help for it’s my fate

Feeling very sorry, to the pub I go
There in a cup I drown my woe

And there I find my peace and ease
My pain and woe at the bar all cease

But in the morn, when sober again
Return my sorrow, grief, and pain

Then evening comes and I adjourn
To the bar again and take my turn

But great it is in love to fall
O KHUSRO, because it conquers all

20  Aey baad burqa barfigan aan roo e aatishnaak ra

Hide you not your lovely face, O love, behind the veil
And let their eyes feast a little, for lovers are weak and frail

Shedding they are the tears of blood for you, O cruel one
Better to die than have some hope when there is really none

Covered they are with blood, my dear, they have no hopes, no fears
To wash the blood from everywhere it takes a flood of tears

You tell those lovely eyes of yours, they not bind the spell
No noose you need for the hapless ones, your curly hair you tell

And walk you not in tight skirt, showing all those lovely curves
It does not serve the lovers well, and it’s not good for nerves

And handle KHUSRO with utmost care, for his condition is dire
A spark is all it takes, my dear, to set his heart on fire

21  Aey shehsawaar narmtarak raan samand ra

Your ladyship, ride not so rough in the infantry of lovers
For they are seasoned worshipers; they are no amateurs

You are like the cypress tree, so tall, so slim, so trim
So when they try to look at you, do not you be so grim

Your eyes are full of mystical flair; your curly hair a snare
But if they want to sit and stare, don’t tell them—don’t you dare!

And do not try advising them and tell them to go away
For they’re in love, and counsel such will have on them no sway

And KHUSRO is, like the rest of them, so much in love with you
So hurt him not you anymore when next he comes to woo

22  Aawurda am shafi e dil e zaar e khaish ra

My wounded heart, oh, how it cries
Do teach some pity to your cruel eyes

Delicate you are, I would rather die
Than give you my burden, and make you cry

He makes me jealous who looks at you
I envy sometimes my own eyes, too

Free is the man who, without strife
Frees at your feet his captive life

Down I am but with all due grace
I’ll hold up my head to see your face

If you can’t be sweet, be bitter and tart
But ignore you not my wounded heart

Your KHUSRO is dying, but before he dies
Do train on him your deadly eyes

23  Bashgaaft gham een jaan e jigarekhaara e ma ra

This all-consuming, burning desire
Oh, how it devours my being entire

There is no cure for a broken heart
Part by part, it is falling apart

O morning breeze, when there you go
Do find my heart and say hello

And if you see her, give her a kiss
Tell her how badly her company I miss

And ask if she does why I‘m not dead
Say life I cannot without her shed

Tell her, without her, my condition is dire
My burning desire has my heart on fire

And say to KHUSRO that love is tricky
And a lot more difficult if one is so picky

24  Baroo aey baad o paish e deegraan deh jalwa bustaan ra

O breeze of spring, blow not so loud
Without my cypress, don’t be so proud

Hurry up, O doctor, my wounds you sew
For she will be sorry if she comes to know

I am ready to die whenever she says
For all I need is her magical gaze

And ask not about my sorrowful soul
It is no use, and don’t you console

Teach not her eyes any compassion
Let them practice their naked aggression

Talk not of freedom, he does not care
For KHUSRO is happy bound by her hair

25  Burqa barafgan aey pari husn e bala’angaaiz ra

Come lift the veil, O splendid one, and let them see your face
And dazzle them all with charm and wit, and show them all your grace

And let your golden locks and curls fly freely in the air
And fill the world with fragrance of your lovely curly hair

Look, all these men oh, how they flock to catch a glimpse of you
And how they fall and die for you when trying their best to woo

And some of them, who do not die, are only half alive
And they’re in such a poor shape, them doctors won’t revive

Your KHUSRO is also miserable, shedding his blood in tears
He wants from you much sympathy; he needs a lot of cheers

26  Behr e to khalqay meekushad aakhir mun e badnaam ra

Oh, what do I do with my crazy heart?
It’s been my trouble from the very start

When in the terrace she appears like moon
My heart goes wild; I begin to croon

And when she holds the cup to her lip
On my foolish old heart I lose my grip

When her curly hair flies in the air
My heart can’t bear; it feels despair

And when she rouges her rosy cheek
Inflames she my heart; it begins to shriek

With all this, my heart drives me to brink
I rush to the bar and drink and drink

O KHUSRO, your troubles are no one’s fault
What does your fate, no one can halt

27  Chun der chaman rawi, az khanda lab mabund aan ja

When in the garden, do smile, my dear
Don’t give the flowers a chance to sneer

Many a preacher thinks love is a vice
I have no use for such an advice

To reach your balcony, no one tries
It’s so high, there the sun can’t rise

Braid your hair and make a chain
Because your lovers are all insane

To catch your lovers, you make the snare
Of your golden tresses and curly hair

And keep them all as captives there
Lest them it stirs, keep out the air

Be nice to KHUSRO; he is also not free
And there’s no one more miserable than he

28  Chun khaahi burd roozay aaqibat een jaan e maftoon ra

On the Day of Judgment, I’ll not rise
Unless you came in an angel’s guise

And I won’t bother your palace guard
Kissing the gate will be my reward

But I can’t help if my tears of blood
Reveal my secrets by causing a flood

At night, when I think of my day with you
My flaming heart gives me the cue

In the dark of night when you aren’t there
I can’t help thinking of the black, curly hair

And when I discover that I‘m not free
I thank my star; I am filled with glee

I do not mind my bleeding heart
What’s hard to take is my rival’s dart

With words, O KHUSRO, you can bind a spell
But charming a charmer, you can’t do well

29  Dilam der aashiqi aawaara shud awaarater baada

If vagrancy is love’s reward, so be it
If sadness is also love’s award, so be it

Her hair does plunder your peace of mind
If you against it cannot guard, so be it

Her lovely face is full of grace
If her heart is also stony hard, so be it

Says preacher, madness is part of love
But if it cannot you retard, so be it

Her eyes are cruel but full of charm
If trump they your every card, so be it

Her gaze can shatter a heart to pieces
And if it hits you like a shard, so be it

Your love is, KHUSRO, full of tears
But if it’s your only reward, so be it

30  Gercheh barbood aql o deen e mara

Though she plundered my faith, my reason
It’s only a game; it is no treason

Her ears are covered with precious stones
She cannot hear my moans and groans

Your park has cypress, and oak, and pine
But where, O gardener, is my conifer divine

I do not mind if she breaks my heart
But take I cannot my rival’s dart

For you, O preacher, it’s a silly emotion
But deserves my idol my love, my devotion

O cry not, KHUSRO, you might drown
In the flood of tears the entire town

31  Deewaana kard zulf e to dar yak nazar mara

One look from you and I’m crazy about you
And your braided hair, it has chained me, too

Your stony heart is hard like a rock
It breaks my heart like a fragile crock

I would love to kiss your juicy red lip
And drink its wine only sip by sip

Your lips are sugar, your face a flower
But together, my love, they can be sour

You are my soul, my heart, my life
But then you’re also a dagger, a knife

So come to KHUSRO, though not a king
He writes verses and can also sing

32  Saaqia paish aar jaam e baa safa e khaish ra

O come, my love, and fill the cup with the vintage ruby wine
In a way that I can see in it your reflection divine

When you hold the cup in your ivory hand, it does reflect your face
And pull it does from everywhere the men of every race

Leisurely walking in the park when you step in a flower bed
The tulip and rose cling to your feet, and paint your toenails red

And when in the garden, the roses there see you with rosy cheek
Afford they cannot to be so proud, so nightingales they seek

O morning breeze, to the park you go and do some fragrance bring
The winter days are finally gone, so let’s enjoy the first of spring

So come, my love, and fill the cup with the vintage ruby wine
In a way that I can see in it your reflection divine

33  Bus keh ander dil faroburdam hawa e neesh ra

Her gaze like a dart, when it hits my heart
The fire of love does it there start

A home for love when God couldn’t find
He turned to the heart of the humankind

Anyone who knows not the aching heart
He hasn’t been hit by her eye’s dart

No lance, no arrow she needs to kill
She uses her eyes with great skill

O preacher, be wary, it’ll burn you entire
By blaming my heart, you’re playing with fire

To look at your rival don’t, KHUSRO, try
Oh, he is so ugly, it will hurt your eye

34  Bahaar aamad o sabza nau shud ba jooha

The spring has come, and green are the dales
And the garden’s brides have dropped their veils

With goblets in hands the tulips do wait
To get their share from the wine pails

The flowers are blooming with buds in their wake
But the poor little blue bird, he only wails

Walking near water are beauties in gowns
On the arms of men dressed up in tails

The tulips and roses are impudent and saucy
And laughing at lovers are the nightingales

And the flowers, hearing the verses of KHUSRO
Are spreading their scent in meadows and vales

35  Baashad aan roazay keh beenam ghamgusaar e khaish ra

If I could only share my pain
With someone friendly and humane

If only had I not to wait
And wait, and wait, and be irate

If only I had some access
To my lovely cypress, and to caress

If I could find my lovely girl
Better than any gem or pearl

I’d  not have to drown my sorrow
In a cup of wine night and morrow

So bring the serpents of her curls
To guard my heart with gems and pearls

36  Aey bai to gulha e chaman shusta ba khoon rukhsaarha

Without you blood in tears they shed
And make the flowers their beds all red

And I have also become very frail
I’ve lost my color; my cheeks are pale

Without you, darling, I would rather be dead
In the game of love, I’ve staked my head

I cry and cry so much with pain
No blood in me will soon remain

And also, using your eye’s dart
You have wounded my woeful heart

A total loser was KHUSRO born
He wants a rose but gets a thorn

37  Shabay deedam chu meh ber baam o ra

Her in her terrace I saw last night
Sitting and drinking in the cool moonlight

Hoping and praying that when she’ll see
She’ll say something rather nice to me

And even if something she said very bad
Just getting attention I’ll be very glad

A person who falls in love with her
He should not mind from her a slur

And anyone who falls for her curly hair
Mind he shouldn’t being caught in a snare

And a man who wants to kiss her feet
He finds that it is quite a treat

But whenever to her KHUSRO she tries to be nice
His fate extracts from him the price

38  Rooz e eid ast, ba mun deh mai e naabay chu gulaab

Finished is fasting, pour me the wine
Infuse some life in the carcass of mine

Let not the life from my body flee
This pain of parting is killing me

See now, the people who used to fast
Without the wine they cannot last

And those to the mosque who used to go
Now in the bar they nightly show

And those who wouldn’t sing and dance
Now they would never miss a chance

And the barmaid too does a nice job
With the wine she now serves kabob

In short, it’s time to eat and drink
And about the rest let’s not think

39  Zaad chun az subh e roshan aaftaab

Look, my love, at the glorious dawn
And give me wine before it is gone

Blessed is he who is always drunk
And has his woes in the wine sunk

Piety and love you just can’t mix
Like water and liquor when a drink you fix

I know a beauty who likes to boast
Of a beau to fry, and a lover to roast

I wish one night she, in my dream
Will kiss my mouth before I scream

Oh, how her ear, which her tresses shroud
Looks like the sun behind a cloud

The barmaid was nice; she held back nothing
So all night we drank and toasted the king

40  Zahay namood az aan zulf o aariz o rukh e khoob

Her locks, and cheeks, and a lovely face
Are snakes, and roses, and a charming grace

They all so heavily weigh on my heart
Being hard, and painful, and very, very tart

Despite it all we need not fear
They’re also friendly, tender, and dear

But by their nature, they’re mighty rude
And strong, and pushy, and very crude

And they can be also good in stealth
By bringing pleasure, health, and wealth

Beyond it all that’s mentioned above
They’re the objects of passion and love

It’s all true, KHUSRO, but let’s not think
And go to the bar, and have a drink

41  Ager ba goashanasheenaan numayad aan rukh e khoob

If to the mystics she shows her face
She makes them lose the divine grace

A lot of trouble are her lovely eyes
All sorts of charms they can devise

And when she leaves we feel the pain
Which can drive us all insane

When she’s away, she’ll write a note
To make us feel even more remote

And she can set our hearts on fire
And burn our bodies and souls entire

But, KHUSRO, for you it’s beyond control
She rules your heart and owns your soul

42  Imshab shab e mun noor zay mehtaab e digger daasht

Tonight I see a different moon
The singers have also a new tune

People are going to the mosque to pray
But the idol of mine I’ll never betray

With her gaze a dagger and lash a knife
For her charming eyes I’ll give my life

Her sleepy eyes do keep me awake
The spell they cast I cannot break

By a million knots, I’m bound to her curls
And she keeps adding more knots and swirls

Of life in KHUSRO there is no sign
Since he has been drinking this new wine

43  Taqdeer keh yak chand mara az to juda daasht

Though fate has kept me away from you
I blame my life for not saying adieu

The pain of parting they only know
Who’ve seen their loves forever go

I’m not sorry for losing my life
I wish my blood hadn’t soiled your knife

When a mystic sees you strolling in the park
His quest for the Divine goes off the mark

Gave life your KHUSRO for you because
More loyal to you than your dog he was

44  Afsoes az een umr keh berbaad e hawa raft

Oh, how this love has ruined my life
It’s all sorrow, pain, and strife

You’re at the height of youth and beauty
We do your bidding as a matter of duty

From the world of woes it’s a retreat
Don’t drive me out of your street

Oh, this waiting and waiting is a burden great
To be relieved of it I cannot wait

Losing my life I do not dread
In the game of love, I’ve staked my head

With poise, O KHUSRO, you must proceed
For patience is what in love you need

45  Dilay kash sabr nabwad aan e mun neest

The patience in love is not for me
To part with her I cannot agree

My tale of love you might recall
Has no forbearance in it at all

The heart that she has set on fire
A flood of tears it does require

O tearful eyes, don’t you cry
Putting out the fire don’t even try

From wisdom when I asked advice
Said it, for madness it won’t suffice

I showed her when my bleeding heart
She smiled and said, “It’s not my dart

“It’s no use, KHUSRO, do not cry
No one cares if you live or die”

46  Zay mun naazukmiaanay dour maandaast

My gal has left and gone away
My life is much in disarray

My heart is heavy; my life bleak
I’m so weak I can hardly speak

My cries of pain, oh, no one hears
I weep and shed my blood in tears

My pain and sorrow he only knows
Who has been in love and knows its woes

And I am like a nightingale
Without the rose, who can only wail

From place to place I rove and roam
Like a stranger who has lost his home

O breeze, you go to her and tell
Without her KHUSRO’S life is hell

47  Dil e miskeen e mun der band maandaast

My poor little heart, it’s her slave
For a lovely smile it does so crave

With so much pain it’s short of space
For counsel my heart doesn’t have a place

But please, O preacher, for me do pray
For she is the eagle, and I’m the prey

With love to her I was firmly bound
And the bond remains when she isn’t around

From the world of woe it’s my retreat
So please not drive me out of her street

For the love of God, give me some wine
To quench, O barmaid, this thirst of mine

And you can hurt his feelings again and again
For KHUSRO’S happy with sorrow and pain

48  Nigaara chu to zaeba kas nadeedaast

No one is more beautiful than you
Your charm and grace have very few

O come and dazzle us all today
Until tomorrow please not delay

So come and show us your lovely face
Your charming bloom, your glorious grace

My tears betrayed my love for you
Their sudden surge I couldn’t subdue

Oh, tell me not to restrain my zeal
You should know me and how I feel

But if you do not like his role
Give KHUSRO back the heart you stole

49  Mara waqtay dilay azaad boodast

There was a time my heart was free
And it was full of mirth and glee

There was a time my heart was wise
My wit and reason were all with me

O please, my love, don’t be so cruel
And hear your lover’s earnest plea

If scent of your hair were not in the air
I wouldn’t have lost my sanity

And if my life were in my sighs
It would’ve been easy for it to flee

Fret not, KHUSRO, about your fate
You’ll feel better; just look at me

50  Saba garday az aan zulf e do ta khaast

When your curly locks fly in the air
The scent of your hair goes everywhere

The flowers in bloom start to blush
And your lovers also feel the flush

To your lovers do please be kind
For being in love, they’re in a bind

The fire of love they cannot control
And it’s consuming their heart and soul

Being trapped and caught in a deadly snare
They are the captives of your curly hair

And seeing its beauty, and charm, and grace
Dazzled they are by your lovely face

And if you are fond of seeing the shows
Come and see KHUSRO with all his woes

51  Mun o shab, zindagaani e mun een ast

Pain and sorrow, woe and strife
Day and night all my life

A tearful eye, a bleeding heart
Gave me she and did depart

The parting pain and nights dark
On this life I now embark

Wait and hope, and hope and wait
It’s my business; it’s my fate

I die and live, and live and die
And in between, I cry and cry

I’ll lay my life at her feet
And then my job will be complete

But, KHUSRO, I’ll remain her slave
Until I end up in my grave

52  Mara der sar hawa e naazneenayast

I am in love with a beautiful lass
Who took my wit and faith alas

She will be never out of my heart
Though she is breaking it all apart

Everyone loves her curly hair
Be it a pauper or a billionaire

Like a bee he wants her juicy lip
From which the syrup and honey drip

I wish one day she’ll step on my grave
And a print of her foot on it engrave

From it will grow the flowers in spring
And no one will have to bring anything

And one day from it will Narcissus arise
To remind me of her enchanting eyes

So ever since Cupid has KHUSRO hit
He has lost his reason, faith, and wit

53  Nigaara rooz e aish o shaadmaaniest

My love, it’s time to drink and eat
And sing, and dance, and feast, and treat

Except you, darling, I have no one
My life is dull; no joy, no fun

Nothing in the world can hypnotize
Like your charming, dreamy eyes

Your every curl is like bait
To trap and snare and captivate

My love, your lashes are like darts
They hit, they jab, they wound the hearts

But you’re a friend of all but me
And I‘ve no friend but the agony

So be nice to KHUSRO, for he is sweet
And listening to him is a real treat

54  Nagooyam dar to aibay aey pisar hast

Although, my darling, you are perfect
Fidelity from you I cannot expect

When you’re gone, I cannot sleep
And in your absence, I weep and weep

Since I’ve been hit by your eye’s dart
I’ve been nursing a wounded heart

Though I miss you, and cry and cry
Your image does never leave my eye

When not in love, I had no woe
But now to love my life I owe

Your rosy cheek is one of a kind
It’s something in Heaven you cannot find

My heart you wanted; I gave it to you
And I’ll do whatever you want me to do

Says KHUSRO, dark is the parting night
With the end of the tunnel having no light

55  Jafa kaz way bar een jaan e zaboon raft

Her cruel eyes will take my life
To shed my blood she needs no knife

I saw her once, and through my eyes
She went to the heart and got her prize

And as she came, my life fled
In love I’m neither alive nor dead

Telling my tale of love I dread
For blood in tears do people shed

The picture of pain so well I paint
That before I finish, they start to faint

My tale but, KHUSRO, to her don’t tell
Charming a charmer, I can’t do well

56  Bia aey deeda e shehray ba sooyat

Looking they go from place to place
They all want to see your lovely face

Your eyes cause a lot of woe
They wound and kill wherever they go

And even a mirror in which you look
You fill with terror its every nook

For a kiss my plea when you dismiss
The paw of your dog I go and kiss

Someday, my love, do grant my plea
Don’t always tell me, “O don't be silly”

Much like a bee around a rose
I would love to be around you close

Like KHUSRO I rehearse around the clock
But when I see you I cannot talk

57  Ishq e to bala e jaan basand ast

Though this love is killing me
Her smiling face is a source of glee

With those lovely, enchanting eyes
Everyone she can mesmerize

The deadly bow of her lovely brow
Escaping a prey, it doesn’t allow

But bait and trap she does not use
With a wink, her prey she can seduce

For my crazy heart whenever I look
I find she has it in her deadly hook

O fate of mine, do let me go
I do not need another woe

And someone other than KHUSRO seek
For this love has made him so very weak

58  Mai noesh keh dour e shaadmaaniest

The times are good, so let’s all drink
From having fun we shouldn’t shrink

Let’s all in wine put our trust
For in the end, we’ll all be dust

And one day surely without fuss
The bell is going to toll for us

So let’s enjoy our girls and wine
And let’s go out, and drink, and dine

Half dead we are and half alive
Let’s with wine our hearts revive

Being in love, we cannot sleep
We’re like dogs and watch we keep

And in boasting, KHUSRO, let's not wallow
For the drums we beat are so very hollow

59  Baaz jaanaan aatish e shouq e to dar jaan ja garift

When love in us ignites the fire
We lose our heads and gain desire

And when in trance, she begins to dance
Our hearts and minds don’t have a chance

And soon a spark within the breast
Engulfs the heart and all the rest

But we, ignoring the preacher’s advice
With the idols of ours, are in paradise

Anyone who loves with heart and soul
In Heaven and Earth attains his goal

And, KHUSRO, there’s no greater treat
Than being with the dogs in her street

60  Chun ba geeti hercheh meeaayad rawaan khahadguzisht

This life is short, O don’t you know?
So do some good before you go

See, how the pomp of a mighty king
All goes unto dust like everything

Knowing how fickle is the world of ours
We are so lured by its ugly powers

But even those so mighty and august
Do lie in the dust as all things must

And be it winter or be it spring
It too shall pass like anything

Beware, O KHUSRO, of the worldly things
They come attached with terrible strings

61  Baa ghamash khoo kardam, imshab gercheh dar zaari guzisht

Last night I cried and cried and cried
I missed her so much I almost died

The memory kept me awake all night
Of nights with her in the full moonlight

I also remembered the beautiful treat
When I could sleep in her busy street

And then I thought of her lovely snare
When caught I was in her curly hair

There was a time when I was cool
I was a fool but a wise fool

Now with my rival when she spends the night
I cannot sleep; I am so uptight

My life, O KHUSRO, is full of sorrow
At night I feel there’ll be no morrow

62  Chun guzar bar khaak daari, bar sarat een baad cheest

The life is fickle; don’t be so proud
If proud you must be, don’t be so loud

If fate is bad, blame not the star
Accuse the driver and not the car

Of telling truth don’t be afraid
If it’s a spade, call it a spade

Love has both joy and pain
So you neither rave nor complain

Nothing is worse than greed and lust
Yourself you blame, and blame you must

With a captive soul, you can’t be free
With pain in the heart, you can’t have glee

O KHUSRO, your sorrow do not disclose
Burden her not with your dreadful woes

63  Yaar ager bargasht dar teemaar boodan hum khush ast

If she comes not, do not pout
If no doctor; you do without

If your love respects you not
On you, her lover, it’s no blot

And if she always fights with you
It is for a lover nothing new

And if you cannot sleep with her
To her wishes you should defer

Love your idols but do not tell
For the sheik will call you an infidel

Among the preachers, be like a monk
And when in the bar, get always drunk

With her, O KHUSRO, if you cannot be
Don’t lose your head and sanity

64  Yaar dil bardaasht waz ranj e dil e ma gham nadaasht

You took my heart and gave me pain
This love is driving me insane

Affected you aren’t by my moan and groan
Though melt they can even a stone

My cry of pain is heard everywhere
But you ignore it and do not care

In your absence, I cry and cry
We are strangers, my patience and I

My love, I love my sorrow and pain
I promise that I will never complain

My ill, says KHUSRO, is beyond cure
What I cannot cure I must endure

65  Raft yaar o aarzoo e o zay jaan e mun naraft

She went but didn’t spare my heart
Her image didn’t from my eye depart

When I to the wild go in despair
My tears with me go everywhere

She kills and kills with her cruel eyes
And she would never apologize

Having lost my heart, I look everywhere
But where it is, I can’t go there

So weak and frail, my love, I’ve grown
That feel it I in my every bone

My fire, O KHUSRO, has burnt his wing
So the bird her message cannot bring

66  Aan sawaar e kajkuleh kaz naaz sultaan e mun ast

The stylish lady is my queen
Her love has made me weak and lean

With her, my home is paradise
Her parting but is the devil’s device

In her absence, I cry and cry
I moan, and groan, and sob, and sigh

To the wild I go in great despair
To me what happens I do not care

The rot I’m in I cannot halt
But if I’m wretched, it’s my fault

And yet in spite of everything
Because I love, I feel like a king

And, KHUSRO, when I write my verse
I do it for the queen of my universe

67  Sarv e bustaan e malaahat qaamat e raana e tust

Like cypress she is slim and trim
Without her light, my vision is dim

Wherever she goes, she makes a stir
Everyone is madly in love with her

The stars and moon, she makes them bright
She is the source of all their light

Whether in temple, mosque, or church
I see her wherever I go and search

To everyone joy and glee she brings
Her slaves she makes even the kings

To her when KHUSRO tells his sorrow
She always says, “Tell me tomorrow”

68  Khurram aan chashmay keh her roozash nazar bar roo e tust

Blessed is he who lives with her, and sees her everyday
And smells her lovely locks and curls, and with them does he play

Without her, I’m so miserable, and she has so much fun
She eats and drinks  with one and all, and dances with everyone

Black her locks and tresses are; her curls are dark as night
Her lips are like the ruby wine; like moon her face is bright

With sugary lips and rosy cheeks and black enchanting eyes
She can directly cast a spell and easily hypnotize

Her brow is like a deadly bow; her gaze is like a dart
She can gash the strongest chest and easily wound a heart

Being fried or roasted or burned alive KHUSRO does not dread
But since he is a Muslim Turk, pray do not burn him dead

69  Ta khayaal e nuqta e khaalat sawaad e chashm e maast

Her mole is the apple of my eager eye
On the dirt of her feet my face rub I

The dust I take and put in my eye
From the road on which she rides by

The flowers in the park her lovers don’t seek
Because they’ve seen her rosy cheek

To the mosque they do not go to pray
The arch of her brow now worship they

Having seen the twists and turns of her hair
They now feel trapped in its lovely snare

What kind of drinks, O barman, you make?
Everyone in the pub is wide awake

And without the barmaid’s lovely face
KHUSRO in the bar feels out of place

70  Saaqia mai deh keh imroozam sav e deewaangiest

Come, fill the cup; I need some glee
My empty cup is killing me

And if I’m dying, pity me not
Though pity a lover does need a lot

Burning, the moth makes a candle bright
Being burnt alive is the moth’s delight

An amulet, preacher, I do not need
My monstrous love it’ll only feed

My tale of love to my luck I tell
In the hope she wouldn’t say farewell

My odes have all a crazy flair
I need the chain of her braided hair

A brazen lover does love the pain
You can’t go crazy without a brain

So if she burns you, don’t complain
And ask her, KHUSRO, to do it again

71  Khaana am weeraan shud az soada e khoobaan aaqibat

The love of beauties is killing me
My heart’s in constant agony

My head that I used to hold so high
On their beautiful feet it does now lie

If a beauty wants to take my life
I’ll gladly provide her with a knife

And though these women aren’t very kind
In my heart a home they’ll always find

They put me often in a terrible bind
But I love them, and I do not mind

My love for them I cannot resist
No matter what, it’ll always persist

These beauties, KHUSRO, don’t care a bit
Their love is deadly; I’ll die of it

72  Dar shab e hijr keh az rooz e qayaamat batar ast

Without her the night is full of gloom
And the day is worse than the Day of Doom

The fire of love, without a doubt
With all your tears you can’t put out

Her rosy cheek do the flowers envy
Her smile is sweet as sweet can be

O breeze, when you go to her street
Tell her I love her but do be discreet

The lover, though he doesn’t know
His journey of love is full of woe

Though the preacher doesn’t like it a bit
I love her too much; I’ll never quit

He does not also like the wine
But KHUSRO thinks it is benign

73  Fitna e ahl e nazar chun ba jahaan tal’at  e oast

Though it is charming and full of grace
A source of trouble is also her face

Although she drives me up the tree
A blessing she also happens to be

Poised and elegant also is she
She’s tall and slim as a cypress tree

A lover wants to please the Lord
But the preacher needs to get his reward

When I’m confused, to the bar I go
To consult the barman, a real pro

When KHUSRO wants to feel upbeat
He goes and kisses the barmaid’s feet

74  Band e jaanam zay kham e silsila e moo e kasayst

My soul is the captive of her curly hair
My heart is caught in its deadly snare

She gives me nothing but sorrow and pain
But favors my rival again and again

You must have gone to her house, O air
I smell her scent in you everywhere

O preacher, do not waste your advice
To have her, I will pay any price

Such a hold she has on me, I swear
Wherever I go, I see her there

Her spell on me I cannot disguise
I’m a slave of her enchanting eyes

Affection for KHUSRO she never displays
Although for her he always prays

75  Kushta e taigh e jafayat dil e durwaish e mun ast

My heart is a victim of her cruel eyes
They jab it with darts, and terrorize

Anyone who tells me to love her not
For him I do not care a lot

A belief I have, O preacher, indeed
My faith is love, and passion creed

For love and passion I have a knack
It’s the patience that I sadly lack

Her sugary lips I love to kiss
A chance if I get, I rarely miss

Whenever she wants to get my heart
Gladly from me it does depart

But, KHUSRO, beware of her cruel eyes
Enchant they do and mesmerize

76  Ishq baa jaan baham az seena baroon khahad raft

When love decides your life to take
No charm or magic will give you a break

It needs no bribe, no lure, no bait
Your heart and soul to captivate

It can also with a wink revive
Whether you’re dead or half alive

From eyes and heart when it makes you bleed
Wherever you look, there is blood indeed

And when your rival you see succeed
It makes, not eyes, but your soul bleed

So love from your heart you cannot erase
Especially, KHUSRO, when you see her face

77  Ta nadaani zay dilam yaar baroon khahad raft

My heart this love will never leave
Nothing will ever my agony relieve

My Turko girl, she wounds me so
And yet my life wouldn’t leave me and go

Drunk when she goes out in the street
Seeing her walking is a real treat

From eyes her image does not part
And when it does, it goes to the heart

The pang of love that I’ve in my heart
Unto death it will never, never part

Of love no magic can dispel the pain
Your verses, O KHUSRO, you try in vain

78  Doash laal e to mara ta ba saher mehmaan daasht

Whenever she comes and sits by me
She instantly cures my agony

Her happy face dispels my pain
Though wounds in my heart still remain

When an order from her does a courier bring
It makes me feel that I am a king

Whenever she goes, I feel morose
But her longing stays and never goes

An idol, O preacher, if I adore
She is my goddess; you shouldn’t deplore

If me she coyly ever sees
She does it only my rival to tease

Her affection KHUSRO does not crave
He is just happy being her slave

79  Ta zi’ad banda gham e ishq ba jaan khahad dasht

The pang of love is a part of life
With sorrow and pain my life is rife

Be kind to me, and never say never
Your youth and beauty won’t last forever

The bow and arrow of your brow and gaze
Make hearts of lovers their favorite preys

You have repented, or so they say
I wish I could believe and say hurray

You, my love, I cannot forget
Having loved and lost, I don’t regret

I know you wish that no one knew
Hide I cannot but my love for you

It’s something, KHUSRO, you cannot fix
Passion and patience don’t ever mix

80  Saaqia baada deh imrooz keh jaanaan een jaast

Oh, give me some wine that she is here
It’s a wonderful atmosphere

Though with her lips on which to feed
A wine sweet I should not need

And don’t you cry, O nightingale
My rose is here without her veil

Don’t let me die; do keep me alive
Now that she’s here, I’ll revive

O Angel of Death, don’t interfere
She’s my life and she’s now here

Come see, O bee, her luscious lips
And how from them the honey drips

Looking for your heart? Look in her hair
KHUSRO, it’s trapped in its deadly snare

81  Ger bagooyam keh daroon e dil e mun pinhaan cheest

In my heart please don’t look
For there’s sorrow in every nook

And if you want to take my life
Here’s my heart, and here’s the knife

My eyes have tears and my heart desire
And I am between the flood and fire

The flood of Noah my tears excel
My fire’s the envy of the fire of hell

Without her help oh, I am stuck
I’ve been abandoned by my lady luck

If you don’t believe me, ask your hair
How KHUSRO is doing as a captive there

82  Aan keh burdast dilam zulf e pareeshaan een ast

Caught in her curls is my poor heart
I’ve been wounded by her eye’s dart

I hope she’ll someday come to my grave
For even there, for her I’ll crave

When I fell in love, the preacher said
“She’s a predator; you’ll soon be dead

“You’re a believer; she’ll send you to hell
For she is a remorseless infidel

“Without her you will be in pain
And she’ll leave you again and again

“But you’re in love; you’ve taken the bait
You must now, KHUSRO, resign to fate”

83  Ya Rab ander dil e khaak aan gul e khandaan chun ast

Why is my flower in the dust so soon?
What happened, O God, to my shining moon?

I cry like Jacob day and night
Without my Joseph, I’ve lost my sight

Having lost all hope, in total despair
Looking for her, I go everywhere

Where did she go, my beautiful girl
My shining gem, my precious pearl?

My smiling flower, lovely and sound
Lies now deep under the ground

A fountain of youth, and a life spring
Look, how to death she does now cling

O what do I tell the people who say,
“Don’t cry so much, O KHUSRO, pray”?

84  Dar saram ta zay sar e zulf e to soadaay hast

I’m crazy about her curly hair
In beauty and charm it’s beyond compare

Oh, how her locks my heart steal
And how very nice they make it feel

The flowers, when they see her face
It makes them feel so commonplace

Without her, nights are long and dark
Desolate and lonely, bleak and stark

She is so tall, and slim, and trim
She makes the cypress look very grim

In her absence, I feel so sad
But cares she not, which makes me mad

Endure your pain, says KHUSRO, with grace
And look at her beautiful, radiant face

85  Sitamay az to kashad merd sitam natwaan guft

Cruel she is but don’t call her that
Call her a lady though she’s a brat

No one but her for me will do
Although she is a perfect shrew

Her beauty is a foe of creed and reason
Her pride is beyond any comparison

The kings and princes she treats like dirt
She knows your feelings how to hurt

With her, so proud, and rude, and vain
Trying to reason is totally insane

If me someday she would like to kill
I’ll let her, KHUSRO, O yes, I will

86  Asaray namaand baaqi zay mun ander aarzooyat

On her my yearnings have no effect
Kindness from her I cannot expect

Into her street I go every day
To see her beauty, if only I may

Me her guards all love to mistreat
Her dogs me even would like to eat

Only her my heart and soul pursue
Her image is always in my view

If feelings in her I cannot stir
I would like to give my life for her

Of life she is the fountainhead
She can heal the sick and raise the dead

Given her, KHUSRO, you have renown
Now she has become the talk of the town

87  Aashiqaan ra dard e baimerham khush ast

The lovers seem to like the pain
They do not mind to cry in vain

They cannot talk about the girls
Without you telling about their curls

They also want their loves to know
Whatever hardships they undergo

They ask their darlings not to hurt
And not to treat them like the dirt

And when they see their flying hair
They tell themselves - beware, beware!

Their beautiful faces they want to see
But if they cannot, they let it be

And KHUSRO also does not care
As long as his heart is caught in the hair

88  Muflisi az paadshaaie khushter ast

I would rather be poor than be a king
And piety, O preacher, is not my thing

So many woes the kings have to bear
The poor have nothing; they don’t care

What’s the use of having the wealth?
If you do not have your health

I do not want the arrogance and pride
Let me be humble and be dignified

The pangs of love it’s better to endure
Than go and beg someone for a cure

I would rather be sinful, bad, and flawed
Than be a sheikh and be a fraud

The kings, O KHUSRO, don’t you applaud
Just have in your heart the love of God

89  Aey dahaanat chashma e aab e hayaat

Her mouth is the source of life’s spring
The dead to life her kiss can bring

Oh, how I wish she’d come to me
And make my pain and sorrow flee

And how in her absence I cry and cry
Without her surely I’m going to die

With pain, and sorrow, and deep distress
Without her my life is meaningless

Whoever sees her beautiful face
Falls in love with her charm and grace

Though peace and quiet does KHUSRO prefer
He couldn’t help falling in love with her

90  Aey keh roo e to hayaat e jaan ast

Your charming eye is the source of life
Though every lash is like a knife

Your face does shine like the sun at noon
And gives the glow to the radiant moon

Your words, my dear, on your sugary lip
Like the drops of honey they collect and drip

Every lip but yours that I happen to kiss
I find in it there is something amiss

Without you crying, I’ve lost my sight
My day is dark like the darkest night

And then you tell me, “Don’t feel blue”
It’s easy to say but hard to do

Beware of KHUSRO! He is breathing fire
Don’t you come close; just let him expire

91  Aey dil ghameen mabaash kah jaanaan raseedaniest

Rejoice, O heart, she is going to bring
With her, when she comes, the life spring

The pain of parting you won’t have to endure
For the ailment of yours she has the cure

Prepare your garden to revel and regale
For soon will be coming the nightingale

Your love, O moth, you must proclaim
By burning yourself in her divine flame

With blood from heart her path you mark
When comes she strolling into the park

And when she comes, you thank your star
You don’t know, KHUSRO, how lucky you are

92  Aey aarzoo e deeda dilam dar hawa e tust

Oh, how I love you, the apple of my eye
My soul is your captive; you cannot deny

Whatever you say and whatever you do
It always increases my love for you

Treat it the way you want to treat
As always, my head is at your feet

To you I have given my soul, my life
Kill me if you like; here is the knife

My tearful eyes with blood I’ve fed
So don’t be afraid; there’s nothing to shed

For your juicy lips does KHUSRO crave
So give him a kiss; he is your slave

93  Aey baad az aan bahaar khabar deh keh ta kujaast

Where is my gal, O breeze of spring?
From her a message did you bring?

Oh, was she going with another guy
Or was she alone when riding by?

My pain and sorrow are killing me
Did she ever ask you, “How is he”?

Without her, poison I sit and sip
Oh, how I miss her sugary lip

I wish someday with her sleepy eyes
She’ll come to me to hypnotize

To KHUSRO a message you did bring
But where is she, O breeze of spring?

94  Aan Turk e naazneen keh jahaanay shikaar e oast

That Turko girl, she rules us all
We’re the captives of that lovely doll

For her I’ll give my life, my soul
Of my heart and mind she has control

I love her mouth, her cheeks, her eyes
Her face I adore and idolize

She is so splendid, so high, so proud
To touch her even I’m not allowed

She took my heart and gave me pain
But I’m so happy; I can’t complain

Says KHUSRO, for her since you so much crave
If you can’t be a friend, be her slave

95  Laal e labat ba chaashni az angbeen beh ast

Your lips are sweeter than the sweetest honey
And there is no bunny like you, my bunny

When saw the sky your glow and shine
It said, “This moon is better than mine”

The park has cypress and conifer and pine
But nothing like you, my cypress divine

You need no dagger, no sword, no knife
A dart from your eye can take my life

The fire of love is very, very nice
This hell is better than the paradise

Kiss your KHUSRO’s eyes, you silly girl
His every little tear is like a pearl

96  Az aan gahay keh dil e mun ba soo e yaar e mun ast

Now that she has stolen my heart
Her love from me will never depart

Being a captive of her curly hair
My helpless heart, it hasn’t a prayer

Me, O preacher, please don’t hate
If I’m a toper, it’s my fate

For when I drink, I’m like a king
Among the birds and flowers of spring

Time and again, I tell my heart
That love is pungent, bitter, and tart

Though lovers are not in a very good shape
The girls face annoyance that they can’t escape

By now has KHUSRO had his fill
Him she should come and promptly kill

97  Zay bus keh goash e jahaanay pur az fughaan e mun ast

Everyone knows my sorrow and pain
My tale is heard in every domain

First she wounds it with her dart
Then she comes and bags my heart

O please for my life do not pray
For she alive doesn’t want me to stay

And for my ailment there is no cure
The pain of parting I cannot endure

By love, like a moth, I’m badly stung
Like a burning candle, I’ve a fiery tongue

For her though, KHUSRO, I yearn and pine
I am also sure she’ll never be mine

98  Zay khoon e dil keh ba rukhsaar maajra e mun ast

Though tears of blood do tell my tale
My crying for her I cannot curtail

Though feelings in her I cannot stir
I hope she knows I’m dying for her

From loving her I cannot abstain
She gives me though a lot of pain

O gardener, I know you’ll concur
Nothing in the garden is like her

I know, O heart, you suffer the pain
But you’re also a pain; you drive me insane

O KHUSRO, go and cry in her street
Maybe with you she’ll come and meet

99  Rukhay wilaayat e chashm e puraab ra bagrift

Her lovely face and my tearful eye
Her curly hair and my grieving sigh

I cannot sleep when she isn’t there
The pain of parting I cannot bear

Her mouth’s the source of life’s spring
The dead to life her kiss can bring

Her lips whenever I want to kiss
She looks at me and just says – hiss!

When sees the moon her shine and grace
Behind the clouds it hides its face

When KHUSRO wants to play with her hair
She grins and says, “Don’t you dare!”

100  Cheh daaghhaast keh ber seena e figaaram neest

Is there a wish that’s not in my heart?
And is there a pain that’s not in her dart?

I tried and tried but didn’t succeed
My pleas and prayers she’ll never heed

In love I’ve nothing but pain and shame
And no one is there who I can blame

I tried to hide but it was a bust
My tearful eyes I cannot trust

I pray to God that when I die
She’ll come to me and just say hi

And when I’m dying, she’ll say, “Gee whiz
What a hapless lover my KHUSRO is”

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