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November 24, 2014
7:10am EST

by Zastre
Rated: 13+ | Book | Thriller/Suspense | #1922244
investigating an attack on a seperatist base leads to the discovery of threat to humanity
(This is the first story in the Galactic OROM series.)

While te Federal Republic tries to become prominent in the Corano galaxy, a separist formation known as the KEI is attacked by an unknown force, killing over 100 people.As most people blame the Republic for the attack, the responsibility of proving their innocence is given to a man named OROM, who the Republic strangely just hired. Working with OROM is a former enforcer named Fergan, who is very secretive of his past. Against the expectations of everyone, the unusual pair reveals secrets of both the Republic and the KEI. The story concludes with an intense battle that could decide the fate of humanity.

The Republic was found innocent, but so was the KEI. So who, or what, is responsible?
March 4, 2013 at 5:31pm
March 4, 2013 at 5:31pm
Inerview at FREHQ
84 cycles [70 days] after the attack.
Federal Republic Law Enforcement Headquarters

The commander had been distracted when the man entered his office, and was surprised to see him suddenly standing before his desk. The man had a rounded head with pale, white skin and black clothing. He wore a top-hat shaped to his head, which was not a common outfit selection for the time. The man was so silent that the commander wasn’t sure what to say to him.
“Hello OROM,” the commander said. OROM nodded by custom, without any apparent interest or disinterest. The only furniture in the room was the commander’s desk, chair, and a small filing cabinet. The desk’s built in monitor was shut off, so the only active electronics in the room was dim light and the recorder.
“I have looked at your records,” the commander continued. “or what I could find of them. You seem to have much expierence and skill in research, cognitive, and basic and advanced martial capabilities.” OROM simply nodded.
“You have pledged to support and protect our Republic and our cause?” the commander asked. OROM nodded, to the irritation of the commander. This job required no displayal of emotion, but this man was unlike anyone else the commander had ever met. Of course, he understood that he was the kind of man they needed.
“As you probably know, At has merged with the Republic and is currently our technology provider,” the commander said. “We have been looking for, as some call, an ultimatum, or human weapon. He have considered many, but hoped you would agree to take this job, but it is a large one. AT has agreed to specialize a suit just for you, if you agree to take this offer.”
OROM finally spoke. “I’m sure you are probably hoping on it, and I would appreciate nothing better to help the Republic in this way. However, I would like to know more about my place in the Enforcement.”
“Although you have no history in the Republic, you’ve come highly recommended and qualified,” the commander said. “You will be considered both an elite FRE and an FRU, sharing equal part in the Union and Enforcement. You will be provided the most advanced equipment AT or we can offer. You will be granted the right to access any information from the Union, and request Federal movement. You may gain or lose such rights depending on your progress.”
“Who will I be working with?” OROM asked.
“We’re,” the commander hesitated, as if unsure of how to answer the question. “not exactly sure yet. We wanted to have your input before we made a decision. We hoped to assign you an assistant, and have already formed a list of possibilities, which we are still shortening. Right now, though, you won’t be needing one, unless you request one.” OROM nodded.
“I’ll be fine.”
“Your instructions are simple,” the commander said. “The attack on the KEI base was not instructed by the Republic, and I‘m sure everybody, even the KEI, knows that. Although the KEI hasn’t officially accused us of it, they’ve been spreading rumors and it’s become a general belief. They already investigated, but their results are as good as crud. We need you to investigate the attack as an FREU, but carefully. Lately, they’ve been shooting at anything they can to get a step up.”
“Would the KEI have enough power to hinder our establishment, in any way?” OROM asked.
“In more ways than most would probably realize. They have a few people still in AT, and we can’t do anything about that since we’re not at war or anything. The KEI is signed as a federal system, but their trying to become more. They have better diplomatic and military leaders than we do, and more information in their database than ours, since we’re still working on our new computer system. We’re still establishing ourselves, but are still much more funded and publicly accepted. If we lose public support, we won’t last long, and that’s what the KEI wants to happen.”
“The KEI is dying,” OROM said. “After they recovered from an attack on their base, they blamed the Republic for the attack, but are still too afraid to accuse anyone, because they know it won’t hold up. It is all an act of desperation for public sympathy. I believe that I’ll learn much of what I need to know when I investigate their leaders.”
“What good would that do? Their jumping to conclusions left to right, and are doing what they can to stop this investigation. Where do you think this will get us but deeper in the dirt?”
“It took them over 80 cycles [67 days] to come to a conclusion. At the same time their leader, Vaquerion, was died from cardiac arrest. He was replaced by a former Republic Enforcement leader. I don’t know much about it now, but I’ll find out enough soon.”
“Just be careful,” the commander said. “I wanted to meet you personally to warn you about the dangers of the assignment for both you and the entire Republic. You cannot trust anyone in the KEI, because they have little law against lying to officials, especially from the Republic. It will be difficult to get people there to cooperate, but we believed you would be able to deal with them. You go there and come right back to this room and report everything you’ve found to me.” OROM nodded {/left}
March 23, 2013 at 2:14am
March 23, 2013 at 2:14am
Pre-investigation meeting at KEI
KEI (Main Station)
85 cycles (70 days and 20 hours) after the attack

         Pandom arrived at the KEI’s main station, which was itself called the “KEI”. The investigator had been hired about a cycle (20 hours) ago. Pandom received little welcome, as the people of the KEI did not think well of anyone associated with the Republic. Pandom was well-known among the KEI, as he was the most affiliated with negotiations between the KEI and Republic.
Pandom met Udaxon, the KEI’s only senator. Pandom knew the man fairly well, but had still only met him occasionally. The General was not present at the moment, but Udaxon assured Pandom that he would arrive shortly and become available for questioning.
         “All we know is that we were attacked by your Federal missiles,” Udaxon said. “We are making no charges, but don’t feel comfortable entrusting the official conclusion to be handle by a liable party.”
         “I understand your concern,” Pandom said, “but our legal agreement requires you to allow us to make an investigation of such an event, which the Republic has no right to ignore. All Federal Investigations are handled by the Union, which has no relation with the executive actions of the Republic. If the base was attacked by one of our weapons, then it is the liability of the Enforcement, which has no interference with the Union's investigation.”
          “We’ve provided our results,” Udaxon said. “ There was barely anything left of that poor bay, and the orientation of the attack, as well as statements from the survivors, deem the use of Federal weaponry. We were attacked by your missiles, and if we can’t trust your military database, it’s impossible to fathom why anyone should trust your investigation.”
          “We have a special man who will be investigating the attack,” Pandom said. “Everything he sees, hears, and smells will be documented. The Enforcement will have no involvement with the investigation, and the Union’s contribution in the conclusion is extremely limited. Your investigation was not adequate information for our standards, and your strategies were questionable. We would usually ignore such a situation by request and allow your own government to go to the senate immediately, but because of its sincerity and suspected link with the Republic, it is in everyone’s, not just the Republic’s, interest that this is taken into the hands of a professional FRU.”
“What is an FRU?”
         “A Federal Republic Special Investigative Unit,” Pandom said. “A participant of the Union who collects information for the Republic. Elite ones take part of investigations such as this one. We have assigned one of our best for this attack.”
“What is his name?”
“I am not permitted to answer that at this time,” Pandom said.
“What can you tell me?” Udaxon asked impatiently.
I don’t know much about him, but he has done this kind of work many times before, and has always been successful.”

April 16, 2013 at 11:32pm
April 16, 2013 at 11:32pm
8634 centicycles (71 days, 22 hours, and 48 minutes) after the attack

KEI (Main Station)

“The alarms just started blaring and everyone started screaming. The people on the bridge started yelling and cussing on the intercom, and everyone else was panicking and trying to figure out what the hell happened. I got into the storage room to avoid the crowd, and the next thing I knew, I was in here.”
“How many times have you been questioned about the attack?” the man asked. The patient looked confused.
“Once,” he said after a moment of thought. “Right after it happened. Didn’t you already know that?”
“I work for different people,” the man said.
“I am not answering any questions to the Republic!” the patient erupted angrily, drawing the attention of a nurse outside of the room.
“I believe it’s time to for you to leave,” the nurse said to the investigator. OROM nodded and left, deciding that the patient would have little extraneous helpful information to offer anyway. When he and the nurse were away from the room the nurse spoke.
“Are you a detective of the Republic?” she seemed to be a bit concerned and interested in OROM’s job.
“Not exactly,” OROM said. “I’m an FRU, and I’m trying to learn what I can about the attack on this organization, but nobody seems to be cooperating or knowledgable.” The nurse nodded, but did not respond.
“Do you know where I could find Dr. Coral?” OROM asked.
“He may be working now,” the nurse said.
“So am I, and I need to see him now.”
“You could check his office.” OROM nodded and asked if the nurse knew where Dr. Fromm was. She said she didn’t know where he was either. OROM nodded and left. There was no Dr. Fromm, so the nurse would obviously be no help either.

FREHQ (Federal Republic Law Enforcement Headquarters)

Myrjan Fergan walked into the commander’s office. They hadn’t always made names secret and conversation so brief, but things had changes over the decacycles. Now you only knew other people’s ranks, and nothing else. They could be a damn enemy - you don’t question it.
The Commander looked up from his desk. The room was pretty small and Fergan doubted the man really did anything in there. Fergan walked up to the desk.
“Hello, Fergan,” the commander said. “You’ve been here quite a while haven’t you?”
“Yes,” Fergan said.
“Now, it says here that you were recently released from duty for several acts of… reckless and unusual procedures?”
“Yes,” Fergsan said. “But I’ve always been successful.”
“Indeed,” the Commander said. “And it seems that you have had issues with authority?”
“Yes,” Fergan repeated. “Sometimes you end up under an idiot.”
“Have you ever been in any part of an investigation before?”
“Occasionally I would be the most recommended for one in a mission I’d attend.”
“Which would normally be special missions. You’ve always been an elite soldier from the moment you enrolled, correct?”
“Tell me why you were released.”
“Let’s cut this bullshit. We’re only supposed to talk about what’s relevant, and I don’t even know why I was asked to be here. Considering I’m not in this hoopla anymore, I don’t think you can really make me ask any more questions without an order. I don’t recall getting one. I’ve been assured that that information is classified, as long as all other data pertaining to my service. If you want it, you’ll have to get it from somewhere else.”
“I’d say it’s pretty obvious why you were released now. I understand your frustrated, but I believe we have an available occupation for you that will still let you provide your service.”
“A janitor?” Fergan asked sarcastically.
“Something a little bit more.”

8635 CC (71 days and 23 hours) after the attack

KEI (Main Station)
Office of Medical Doctor H. Coral

“I’m glad you have finally come to see me,” Coral said. Coral’s office seemed very large due to empty space. All of the furniture was beside the lifeless, green walls. Both the room and the doctor had the scent of rotting meat. Coral was a short and bald man who acted nervously, yet was very willing to talk to OROM.
“They brought the men to the EMC right away,” Coral said. “We can only identify them as A, B, and C. A received a severe injury and is still in a coma, so only B and C were questioned. B passed away about 25 cycles ago.”
“I’ve just talked with C,” OROM said.
“You probably didn’t get anywhere,” Coral said. “He’s perfectly healthy, but not the brightest and very stubborn. Sometimes he refuses to eat or sleep because of something stupid. I’d say anything he told you would be irrelevant.”
“I’ve already come to that assumption,” OROM said. “Now, I need to know what the cause of B’s death was.”
“The patient died from a severe arm injury. People think we’re lying, but the internal bleeding was just too much for him to survive or us to help. If the asshole would have cooperated, he’d probably be talking to you right now. He was worse than C.”
“Did he have any other problems?”
“Are you asking me too reveal the patient’s medical records?”
“It is pertinent to my investigation,” OROM said. Without will or reluctance, Coral drew up the patients files on his monitor. His blood pressure was extremely high when he entered the EMC, and the levels had dropped faster and faster daily. OROM also noticed that his mental state was lower than average.
OROM thanked the doctor and left.
October 3, 2013 at 1:41pm
October 3, 2013 at 1:41pm
Udaxon interferes
8635.4 CC (71 days, 23 hours, and 5 minutes) after the attack
KEI (Main Station)

Not long after leaving the Quarantine, OROM came into contact with three KEI officers, whom signaled him to follow them. OROM quickly analyzed them, and deciphered that they were following orders from a higher official, who apparently wanted to see OROM. OROM could have evaded the officers easily, but his senses told him that it would not be of any benefit. There was another party behind the KEI in this action, most likely the Republic.
         OROM felt danger, but could still tell that his life was not at stake. It was something else that was in danger. As he walked with the officers, he focused his mind on his destination. The word “senator” came into his mind. OROM figured that he was on his way to see Udaxon, the KEI’s only senator, but had a feeling that Pandom also had some involvement.
         OROM relaxed his mind as he made his way to see Udaxon.

8635.8 CC (71 days, 23 hours, and 10 minutes) after the attack
Executive Station

         “I apologize for not meeting with you earlier,” Udaxon told OROM. “It was less than a cycle (12 minutes) ago when I was informed of your arrival. I was not aware that you intended to proceed with this investigation individually. Had I of known this prior, I could have saved us both a lot of effort.”
         Udaxon was about to continue when OROM spoke. “You want to cancel my investigation?” Udaxon was slightly startled to hear such abruptness from OROM, but didn’t express it.
         “The KEI has regulations for these processes,” Udaxon said. “One individual cannot take full control over an investigation of this magnitude. It is against our law.”
         “Maldarin Law overrides it in this case,” OROM said. “I am not a member of the KEI, so the KEI can limit, but not control my investigation. Therefore, that law is obsolete in my situation.
         Udaxon momentarily hesitated, since he had not expected the comeback. “I’ve talked with Pandom,” Udaxon said, “and he decided that you could either be accompanied by one of our own investigators or completely postpone the investigation as it is.”
         OROM thought quickly. Pandom was a senator for the Republic, and had no reason to be getting involved. Pandom had no jurisdiction in the situation, and OROM had a full right to continue his investigation, but his senses told him that there were more things he needed to know before he continued. Pandom and Udaxon most likely wanted OROM to investigate General Ruzaad, the KEI’s military leader, even though OROM had felt he would have more luck before the General’s return. Any data OROM found would likely be privileged, so there was no point in continuing at the time.
         “I’ll have an assistant when I come back,” OROM said after three seconds. He could feel that continuing was pointless, and that he had somehow been betrayed.
April 18, 2013 at 2:42pm
April 18, 2013 at 2:42pm
FRMF (Federal Republic Medical Facility)
8640 CC (72 days) after the attack

OROM approached the front office, meeting an army of busy secretaries. The Facility was more organized than the Headquarters, probably because it received its funding from other sources and had yet to introduce AT technology. The Facility created its own technology, and never shred it among the public, so they were neutral in technological war to come.
“Hello,” a man working at the Facility asked OROM. “Please state your business.”
“I need to meet a woman who works here,” OROM said. “Her name is Annella.” The man brought out his handheld monitor and played with it a little bit.
“I’m sorry,” the man said. “But Annella won’t be available for another 20 Centicycles (4 hours).”
“Can you contact her now?” OROM asked.
“I can send her a message,” the man said. “And she’ll receive it immediately. What do you want me to tell her?”
“Tell her OROM wants to see her.”

Annella was reading the last updates of their most recent technology imports, about to go to a council meeting when her AMD (Automatic Messaging Device) vibrated. She picked it up and looked at it. The message said that a man named OROM wanted to see her.
OROM… she hadn’t heard that name in a long time. She thought about it. Why would he want to see her now? Could it be another OROM? Is there another OROM?
She replied to the sender to send the man to her office right away. It was okay if she was late for one meeting.

“So, how did you find out I worked here?” Annella asked.
”I work for the Union,” OROM said.
“Yell that explains it,” Annella said. “They have everything on us. So what did you want to see me for?”
“I’m sure I can trust you with this information,” OROM said. “I’m researching the attack on the KEI base, and I wanted you to examine the medical records of the surviving patients.”
“You know that I can only look at the records of the deceased.”
“Exactly,” OROM said, handing her a document. “This man died after he was rescued. They sent his body into space, but the reported cause-of-death was blood loss from an arm injury he received during the attack. What seems strange to me is that he lasted for about 50 cycles (42 days) before he died, and the blood levels were much more sustainable until the last two cycles of his life.”
“It sounds like something increased his blood pressure,” Annella said.
“Very significantly," OROM said, "and nobody knows what caused it.”
"That will be quite a puzzle without the body," Annella said. "Give me what you have, and I’ll inform you of anything that I find."

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