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Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest - Winter 2016-17
Posted: 10-31-16 @ 6:21pm
Write a poem, 30 lines or fewer on any subject or write a short story, 5 pages maximum length, on any theme for a chance to win cash prizes totaling $1275.00! Awards: Writing: $500, $250, $100: Poetry: $250, $125, $50. Postmark deadline: January 31, 2017. Entry fees: $5 per poem, $10 per story. Visit our website for details on how to enter!

    Email Contact:   alwest56@hotmail.com
    Web Address:   http://www.dreamquestone.com
Need Help Writing Your Book?
Posted: 09-19-16 @ 8:06pm
Do you want to write your biography to give as a legacy to your family and friends but can't get started? Allow me to help get all the data into chapters so you can easily write your book. Write me an email to find out more.

    Email Contact:   loti@writing.com
    Phone Number:   7274419750
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