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Help Logging Into Your Account

Activating An Account:
When you sign up for an account, Writing.Com sends an email with an activation URL to the email address you provided when registering your for your membership. To activate your new account, click on or copy and paste the URL provided in the email into your browser. Alternatively, visit the activation page where you can directly enter your username and the activation code provided in the email. If you did not receive or need another copy of your account's activation information, please submit your Writing.Com username in the form at the bottom of this page and the information will be re-sent to you.

Trouble Logging In:
Please check to be sure your browser has "Cookies" enabled. Cookies allow Writing.Com's system to continually associate your username and password to your activity on the site. This provides the ability for you to move around Writing.Com without being required you to enter your password each time you load a new page. Having Cookies disabled within a browser is the most common cause of login problems!

*Star* Be sure your computer's time and date are set correctly! *Star*

Retrieving A Forgotten Password Or Lost Activation Code:
If you do not remember your password or you have not received your account activation code, we can send it to the email address you provided when you signed up with Writing.Com. Please enter your username below:

My Writing.Com username is:
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