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October 31, 2014
10:14am EDT

Rated: E | Message Forum | Contest | #1848696
Open contest for SHORT STORIES of all kinds; new round every month!

This is a contest that is wide open for stories of all kinds.

You asked for it and now it's here. A contest for your stories that holds little to no restrictions.

YES! I have a new computer and I am back on line!!! Stories will be read and reviewed. I can't thank you all enough for believing in this contest so much that you kept it alive while I was gone. THANK YOU!!! *Bigsmile*

Past Winners
ID: 1882823 (E)
The Best Writing Ever 
List of Winners from the Boy Have I Got A Story For You Contest
by Suze is back online!

 *BurstG* *BurstG* *BurstG* *BurstG* *BurstG* *BurstG*  *BurstG*
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 *BurstG* *BurstG* *BurstG* *BurstG* *BurstG* *BurstG*  *BurstG*


I keep getting Book Chapters and this is a SHORT STORY contest. *Facepalm* Only Short Stories are accepted for this contest. Thank you.

 1. Any Short Story of any genre, Any Word Count (but I tend to fall asleep when it's too long)

 2. No editing once the story is posted for this contest-(unless you contact me and it's before I start reading and reviewing for the winners). That's too big a pain....edit all you want! I hate rules and I know what it's like when someone reads it and points out that typo that is suddenly blaring larger than a pimple on your nose--EDIT, I don't care. Make it perfect before the first---that's when I start reading anyway.

 3. Enter with a bitem
ID: 1750370 (E)
How to Post in A Forum 
How to post in contest or forum step by step with bitem
by eyestar~Thanks POWER heros!

 4. Stories should not have other awards

 5. Only ONE entry per round

Entries Judged On

  *Vignette6* 1. Punctuation Important
  *Vignette5* 2. Character Development--Mandatory

  *Vignette4* 3. Creativity--very important *ExclaimR* I like stories that show originality --a fresh idea --  a clever way to look at something that has been seen forever –vision*ExclaimR*


 1. Best Story- First Place- Blue Ribbon
 2. Second Place - Red Ribbon
 3. Third Place - Green Ribbon
 4. Honorable Mention

A Black Ribbon is given for MASTER WRITER. It is a category I went to in order to honor those writers who create a short story with characters far beyond the average. A master writer is someone who has achieved the very best in their writing styles and know how to make a story linger on the mind.


Contest opens on the First Day of the Month and Closes on the Last Day of the Month


All donations are welcome! Review this item and include your donations with the review--this is not a group, there is no group number. This is opened to everyone.

Lesley Published Author
*Star**Star*Bobby Lou Stevenson   *Star* Thank You and Bless You!
Tiggy - Thank you, Anon! C.Evil GEOFFREY ROBSON
PlannerDan justbelieve
Champ Due to large donations--Awardicon Given
Ernest Huxley becky1 seventiesgirl
just_aralls vasquezsavage
Champ Thank YOU!
ChakraLight Shawlyn
bertiebrite hoping for peace Jakrebs happyfingers
johnny1209 bertiebrite hoping for peace
anonymous *Heart*Thank you!
Weird Imperfect *Heart* Thank you!
ChristinaDaltro *Heart**Heart**Heart* Thank you!
clarysage Horseman Shawlyn
Yondus   writerpenman embe   Heart Heavy JD Anthony gottagosee itotl  kjo just groovin' Jakrebs Tiggy - Thank you, Anon! Eric Wharton Anotherdreamer lbjwriter *Heart* Mantis
Norman Francis and a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Moarzjasac *Delight* Norman Francis Jakrebs lbjwriter Heck Jakrebs Devils in my Ear Lina Black The Escape Artist *Vignette5* Jakrebs Devils in my Ear   just_aralls *Bigsmile* Lynda ~ Wishbone Laughing Tree ENB ~ Spell Shop Apprentice   TJ Screams Marie   A Special Thank You for Lynda ~ Wishbone Laughing Tree

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There are 647 Posts. Page 1 of 26 with per page.
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