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July 30, 2014
11:21pm EDT

Rated: ASR | Message Forum | Contest | #1865365
For July I want to hear about your first house/apartment experience!

Hello and welcome to the Contest of Firsts!

Every month I am going to provide a prompt about a first time, whether it be riding your bike or your first kiss, I want to hear about it! I want to feel everything, the pain when you scrape your knee, the smell after you've created your first meal, the touch of someone's lips as they kiss you for the first time! Be creative and descriptive with your piece *Smile* I want to experience it the way you did!

A Contest of Firsts is now accepting fiction as well as non-fiction! When you check out the monthly prompt, if you can't quite remember your first, why not make one up and let me live it through your character?

After you've written your piece I want it posted in the forum and then I will judge the winners! Please use the {bitem: } link when posting your piece, let me know if you need any help with it!

*Giftb* The Prizes! *Giftb*

1st Place - Choice of two: Merit Badge, awardicon or 10,000 gps.

2nd Place - Choice of one: Merit Badge, Awardicon or 10,000gps.

3rd Place - 5,000 gps.

*Buttono* Round Twenty Four: July! *Buttono*

For July I want to hear about...

Your first house/apartment. It could be that your first house experience is the one you spent your childhood in, or perhaps it's more along the lines of the first house you rented or bought yourself. Did you move in by yourself? How did the move go? How was the first night there? Let me be there with you!

Remember, it can be a personal experience or a fictional piece. I'll look forward to your entries!


*Burstv* Items must be 2000 words or under, no minimum required.
*Burstv* I understand that some themes may require more explicit material, but please, try to keep it toned down a little!
*Burstv* Only entries to the current prompt will be accepted. A piece written previously can be entered but only those that do not already have awards.
*Burstv* You have one month to write and after that I will take one week to judge.
*Burstv* There needs to be at least five entries for all three prizes to be given. Four entries and two prizes will be given. Two or three entries and first place will be awarded.
*Burstv* Post into a new post using the {bitem: } link and include your word count somewhere in the post.
*Burstv* Entries should not be altered after the deadline until winners have been announced.
*Burstv* Short stories and non-fiction pieces accepted. No poetry please!

Any questions, please post in the forum *Smile* I'll look forward to seeing your entries!


Any donations made will go towards the prizes for the rounds. Any donations 35k or over will receive a Merit Badge *Smile* Donations can be made to
 ID: 1877598 (E)
Contest of Firsts Bank 
A bank for the funds of a Conest of Firsts
by blue jellybaby


If you have any suggestions for A Contest of Firsts and wish to share them with me, please enter them in this survey! Any ideas that are used will receive 1000gps *Smile*

 ID: 1936119 (ASR)
A Contest of First Suggestions 
Have a suggestion for A Contest of Firsts? Enter it here.
by blue jellybaby

A huge thanks to Lonewolf who made the beautiful banner!

Also a massive thanks to whippoorwill for the gorgeous Awardicon!

Thank you for the mention in the Contests & Activities Newsletter 22nd August 2012 Weltmeister Also for the mention in the Contests & Activities Newsletter 26th December 2012 spidey And for the mention in Contests & Activities Newsletters 10th April 2013! And to *žapph - Busy with classes* for the mention in the Short Stories Newsletter 7th August 2013.

Previous Prompts

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by Angels in my Ear · 06-08-14 @ 4:50 pm
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There are 220 Posts. Page 1 of 9 with per page.
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