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Retell a story in a Medieval setting.
Every so often, a book, or a movie, comes out, and I ask myself, “How would I retell that story in another time or place?”

Guess what- you can help me out with that.

You are to retell a story in a Medieval Setting, or something similar.

See Example.
 Medieval Daze Example  (18+)
An example for Medieval Daze contest.
#1886216 by BIG BAD WOLF

If you’ve read the example, I took John Wayne’s The Cowboys, and turned it into The Squires. Some of the details have been changed, but the story itself remains intact- Aging Andersen needs help to get some cattle to their destination, and is forced to take on those he normally wouldn’t, a bunch of boys and a non-white/Christian cook/second-in-command. Along the way, he teaches the boys about life, and becomes friends with the only other grown man. He is murdered by those he refused to hire, because he didn’t like liars. The boys and the other man attack his murderers, and avenge his death. They then take the cattle to their destination, and get a stone for Andersen, that describes what he was to them.

That’s what I want you to do- rewrite the story in a Medieval-like setting, while keeping the essence of the original intact.

1. Story has to be set in a Medieval-like setting. It doesn’t have to be in the medieval time period, just a like setting- similar to the majority of the stories in Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series.

2. Spelling and Grammar are important, as in most contests. You’ll have plenty of time, so proofread.

3. List the name of the original story/movie in your version, either at the top or the bottom.

4. Rating can be from 13+ to XGC- as movies and stories come at all levels.

5. Story Must be new to be allowed in the contest, and Must be posted using bitem format.

6. The contest will be Monthly, with a New Round starting on the First of the month and Ending on the Last Day of the month.

7. The original story Must Not have been set in a medieval setting or period. I’ll be honest, I like Little Red Riding Hood stories, but if one pops up, it won’t win. I might be lenient on a Harry Potter remake though- never a fan but if a remake pops up, I’ll check it out.

8. There must be 5 or more legitimate entries for the big prize to be given out.

Favorite story gets:

A Brand New Medieval Badge!

Merit Badge in Fantasy
[Click For More Info]

For your interesting Fantasy stories.

- Showering Acts of Joy Group. *^*Smile*^*

I Know
All other stories will get a review.

Well, have fun.

This Month's Theme: Easter
Retell an Easter-Themed movie/story, or another April related tale.

March Winner:

Not enough entries

April Entries:

Past entries:
 Medieval Daze Past Entries  (ASR)
Past Entries for Medieval Daze
#1888780 by BIG BAD WOLF

If you wish for a scare, try this contest.
 What's Your Nightmare? Round 15  (18+)
We all have nightmares. Tell me yours, and write a story.
#1860655 by BIG BAD WOLF

And here's more.
 Invalid Item 
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#1808390 by Not Available.
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