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by Pita
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Thanks for SLAMMING, this contest has finished

You've missed them, you know you have! With the End of The World upon us (thank you Mayan calendar!) I've chosen this name instead of bringing back my old Bad To The Bone. It's also an homage to an old funny site.

Bad Poetry isn't just tripe spilled on a page or screen, in other words, bluntly put, crap isn't bad poetry it is just crap. The goal here is to write sublimely bad poetry, following a prompt that can be an image or text, sometimes with a sample or not. In addition to the prompt will be a poetry form which specifies the exact poetry form your entry must follow.

What is a SLAM?

A SLAM! is fast-paced poetry contest done either online or in real life. A bad poetry SLAM! is both fast paced and mind-numbing! If your brain turns to jelly and your eyes fall out then my work here is done!

The first prompt will get posted and you will have 24 hours to post your poem. This prompt will get posted on December 10th at Noon EST/-5 GMT! Each round thereafter will specifically state the time limit on that round. The Judge will post a ROUND CLOSED entry, and another judge will post the next prompt Judges decisions are final for their round.

What are the rules?

Read the prompt carefully: make sure you understand the poetry form required. Your entry in each round must follow the poetry form and be cogent to the prompt.

Your entry must be posted before the deadline of each round.

Please enter by clicking REPLY to the judge's prompt!

The text of the poem you write must be pasted into your entry post.

If you want a review of your entry post a b-item} link.

If you have questions post them at "One Awful Green Room"   by Pita , which is this contest's official "green room." That forum is where we chat and laugh and joke. This forum is the stage, and only prompts and entries are allowed, everything else will get deleted.

There is no specific requirement for membership, any case color and membership level may participate. If you want the poem rated include a Bitem link. If you have no port space feel free to post directly here with no link. We do not require you make a static item. If you post on stage (ie no link) you must observe this forum's content rating and it must stay between E and 18+.

The SLAM is free to enter and no donations of any type are required.

You may edit until the prompt's deadline is reached. Any edit after that time disqualifies the entry.

Who are the judges?

Katya in the Garden , Sophy and me.

What are the Prizes?

The prize pot is currently 155k gps. But that doesn't matter, what matters is winning imperishable infamy and glory of making everyone who reads your words need Prozac!

*BalloonP* *BalloonP* Updated Prize List:*BalloonP* *BalloonP*

*RibbonB* Grand Prize 75k Gps - Roscoe

*RibbonR* 2nd Prize 50k Gps - Rhyssa

*RibbonG* 3rd Prize 20k Gps - renduring

*Monster6* *RibbonY* Player selected: Miss Congeniality, *Monster6*

Miss Congeniality - renduring

Mister Congealed - Roscoe

This contest starts December 10th, 12 pm EST/Server time/-5 GMT

For those new to and uncertain how to review intentionally bad poetry, pop over to "My Bad Poetry Review Philosophy"   by Pita and you shall be illuminated.

Any donations made will be used to increase the prize pot of the Finale, excess and leftover funds will be donated to ROAK. The gps can be found here "Something Awful Judges"   by Pita for accountability purposes.

(And for ratings... 1 star please I love you long time!)

Round Wieners and Advances to Finales

Round 1:

1st Place: Cappucine

2nd Place: Roscoe

3rd Place: Joy

Round 2:

1st place: Rhyssa

2nd place: warriormom

3rd place: capt. hoovsie starship bovine

Round 3:

1st place - tied deemac and Roscoe for icky wurst place (my eyes! my eyes!)

3rd place - LostGhost: Live & Let Live

Round 4:

1st Place: Rhyssa

2nd Place: Joy

3rd Place: renduring

Round 5:

1st Place = LostGhost: Live & Let Live

2nd Place = renduring

3rd Place = Joy

Round 6:

1st: A* 30 yr old *Faith

2nd: Roscoe

3rd: Joy



Round 1 : A* 30 yr old *Faith

Round 2: renduring

Round 3: Rhyssa

Round 4: Roscoe


Round 6: Rhyssa


SLAM Winner: Roscoe

2nd Place: Rhyssa

3rd Place: renduring

And...by popular (slam contestant vote)...



[with slight alteration of title for Roscoe to save face. His face. From his wife. Since he is all tied up with renduring ]

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