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March 27, 2015
9:48pm EDT

Rated: 13+ | Message Forum | Contest | #1915992
Contest Closed.
*Note* This contest is now closed for judging. If you are looking for longer-length contests, consider checking out "N is for Novelette: WDC Birthday Round! and "Project Novel: The Novel Contest! Smile

The 20k Contest
*Pointright* Contest begins February 1st and ends July 22nd 2013 *Pointleft*

*Thought* 20k Minimum ~ 35k Maximum Word Count
*Thought* Accepting newly written novellas only
*Thought* Static and book item entries accepted
*Thought* Submit entries using {b-item:#######} format through this forum ensuring that your entry intro rating is 13+ or lower (Title and Brief Description)
*Note* No other restrictions at present

Prompts (Optional):

thirst for metal
light a man a fire

bird in the hand

cruel but fair


artist of the tower

Welcome to the 20k Novella Contest!
This is your chance to challenge your ability and to write something new - to take a step towards that novel you've always wanted to write; to learn to write something a little bit longer, shorter, or different; an opportunity to apply and hone your skills; to plan, plot and produce a single complete story, or the first of many; to see where it goes!

Above all, I want you writers to persevere and write. Your aim is 20,000 words in 24 weeks and a novella to be proud of.
Prizes will be announced officially soon.

Feel free to sign up below Smile - this is not required, but will allow me to keep track of entrants for support and encouragement purposes. You can sign up until the entry deadline.

Judging will commence after the contest ends and will continue until September. Your writing will be judged on its merit and will focus on the following elements: creativity, character, coherence and style. I reserve the right to change the contest and its rules, as well as disqualify any entries I do not believe suit this contest.

In order for your novella to be judged, your entry cannot have been edited between July 22nd and September 22nd.

Prizes (As GPs currently allow)
1st Prize:
*Crown* 50k Awardicon
*Crown* Writing Merit Badge
*Crown* And donated by kucing, a three month upgraded WDC membership!

Signed up?
Pop on over to "20k Update Central [13+] to tell us how your novella writing is going so far and to track competitor progress. Encouragement is only an email, cNote, or notebook post away.

Novella Entries
"The Daedalus Rift [13+]
"Haven [GC]
"Invalid Item and "Invalid Item
"Ghost's Machine [18+]

Good Luck!

Thank you to the WDC Newsletter editors. The 20k contest has been featured in the "For Authors Newsletter (February 5, 2013), "Contests & Activities Newsletter (February 12, 2013), "For Authors Newsletter (February 26, 2013), "Contests & Activities Newsletter (March 13, 2013) and "Contests & Activities Newsletter (May 8, 2013).
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by jannie: novelette! 4 days · 06-03-13 @ 10:08 am
by WyrdNaos Trippin' on Yello · 06-02-13 @ 6:06 pm

There are 104 Posts. Page 1 of 5 with per page.
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