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March 6, 2015
8:38pm EST

Rated: E | Group | Sci-fi | #1691036
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Special thanks to Jeff for the Plaque Awardicon that graces this page!

Archived issues can be found in the "Science Fiction Newsletter - Archives

Have you ever wanted to:
Escape from reality?
Visit distant galaxies?
Bend the laws of physics?
Push forth the frontiers of knowledge?
Bake a pie in zero-G?

Well now you can!

Nothing is impossible within the genre of Science Fiction, and you can be part of it!
(Okay, maybe a few things are improbable. Or even intangible. But impossible...... never!)

The goal of this Newsletter is to discuss the craft of science fiction writing, as well as touch on actual scientific topics. Like the classic magazine, Analog, we highlight interesting topics in both science fiction and fact. Although there is a bit of crossover with Fantasy and Horror, those genres are not the focus of this Newsletter. We try to simulate an official Newsletter as much as possible, by including departments like editorials, featured items, and reader feedback. We also report on related contests and events, to keep you up-to-date on what's happening in the WDC science fiction and scientific community.


The Science Fiction newsletter is provided on a monthly basis (for the time being) with the gracious assistance and support of "The Sci-fi Writers Guild. The Guild is dedicated to helping and honing the craft of the Sci-fi Genre. Membership in the Guild, however, is not required to subscribe to this Newsletter. As the subscriber list increases, and guest editors come on board, we may be able to increase the frequency of the Newsletter.


Subscribe to the Newsletter by joining this group, which you do by completing this *Right*"Subscribe to the Sci-Fi Newsletter. The Newsletter is distributed to subscribers via group email. This method seems to be a practical way to distribute a newsletter here on WDC. There is no fee, donation, or other group requirements. Subscribers (Group Members) do not have to provide affiliated reviews; in fact, that feature is turned off for this group. Participation is optional; however, it is always nice to interact with other subscribers and the editors by providing reader feedback. Feedback is included in the Newsletter for all to read!


The easiest way to subscribe is to complete this survey form:
 ID: 1691056 (E)
Subscribe to the Sci-Fi Newsletter 
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by EarlyHours-A Vigilante Ranger

You can also subscribe by sending an email to EarlyHours-A Vigilante Ranger

Archived issues can be found in the:

Have ideas or suggestions for upcoming Newsletters? Post them here:
ID: 1703191 (13+)
Science Fiction Newsletter Forum 
Discussion of NL Topics, Reader Feedback, Ask & Answer
by EarlyHours-A Vigilante Ranger

EarlyHours-A Vigilante Ranger
D. R. Prescott

Guest Editors:
EvilDawg - Vigilante Ranger!! NOVEMBER 2011
Elisa, Bunny Stik

Guest Editorials Welcome!

Group Members: 234 Members
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EarlyHours-A Vigilante Ranger -- Editor
D. R. Prescott -- Co-Editor
EvilDawg - Vigilante Ranger!! -- Guest Editor
Max Griffin -- Subscriber
The StoryMaster -- Subscriber
Joy -- Subscriber
Shaharazod -- Subscriber
Curtis Lee Cancino -- Subscriber
Kraken in a Winter Wonderland -- Subscriber
Light -- Subscriber
Free_Rip -- Subscriber
Thankful Sonali Snail Mail! -- Subscriber
Prosperous Snow (Neva) -- Subscriber
Mage -- Subscriber
Shaara in Green -- Subscriber
Boosted350z -- Subscriber
sands -- Subscriber
LJPC - the tortoise -- Subscriber
bobneH .. aka.. HoD DuraH -- Subscriber
Rear Admiral Zassiliss -- Subscriber
Brontes -- Subscriber
RatDog -- Subscriber
Glenn Card -- Subscriber
thunderlane -- Subscriber
Elisa, Bunny Stik -- Subscriber
Jaguaress -- Subscriber
jannie -- Subscriber
Kate ~ Scribbling in Snow -- Subscriber
jay -- Subscriber
Elomi -- Subscriber
VampireLover -- Subscriber
Lighterman -- Subscriber
Futrboy -- Subscriber
Mike Z Writer -- Subscriber
Killik -- Subscriber
Duke-CastleChaos -- Subscriber
Catherine Hall -- Subscriber
Sticktalker -- Subscriber
Duchess Laughing Lemurs -- Subscriber
anxious geek -- Subscriber
Stevestruck -- Subscriber
Sand -- Subscriber
Joto-Kai Bids Hannah goodbye -- Subscriber
Ace Corona -- Subscriber
Raoc -- Subscriber
Satuawany -- Subscriber
starr4all -- Subscriber
Ducttape Knight -- Subscriber
JayClay -- Subscriber
Alexandra -- Subscriber

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