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March 31, 2015
7:22am EDT

Rated: E | Interactive Story | Fantasy | #1732527
you become katy perry's foot slave
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  Chapter 3: are stinky and sweaty   (ID #1052619)
    an addition by: wodka  More by this author

her foot smells sooo baad and it was disgusting but it kinda turns you on.She tells you to lick her feet : 'You're my little footslave now so put you tongue on my huge gigantic toe and lick the sweat from it'.so yu do it.Actually it was yucky but you find it so amazing.Then she lifts you up,has you between her huge thomb and forefinger and you clip on her toe.You were so frightened of falling down,cause it's so high but you were so horny of her giant,stinky,sweaty toe.You kiss and lick it and your penis become so stiff like never looked over her toe into katy perry's gigantic beautiful face and could'nt belive thar you're at her rub her feet and she like it so rub and rub and you pull up yourself to rub under Katy's was so smelly and wet because she sweat.then...
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