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MY CREDENTIALS: I am known by many names - Oldwarrior, Vieuxgerrier, Primus Pilus - you may simply call me Friend. My name is Gene Ladnier. My items are inspirational, military, historical, Action/Adventure & SciFi. I even try poetry on a rare occasion, I am retired from the U.S. military, Airborne-Ranger, Disabled Veteran, a retired Newspaper Editor, Investigative Journalist & Private Investigator, Published Author of seven novels. I have 87 Press Awards in all editorial categories. I was born on the ides of March 6746 BCE. (I think)!
A Memorial Day Tribute
Rated: E
~503 Words
Military, Inspirational, Other
Type: Poetry
Updated 8 days ago
No Glass Slipper --- just ---- Melancholy memories of long lost love.
Rated: E
~201 Words
Type: Poetry
Updated 6 months ago
How do you know when you have found true love?
Rated: E
~739 Words
Romance/Love, Emotional, Philosophy
Type: Other
Updated 22 days ago
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