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I started writing in 2009, and joined Writing.Com on July 6th of 2010. This website has been the "steel" upon which I sharpened my "steel." The reviews, both positive and negative have helped hone my skills, until I now have 10 books listed on Amazon. Though the books are primarily Christian in content, have other books of interest, including my newest, "Another Star in the Sky," a scifi novel. Also, due to the responses I have received from the members of Writing.Com, I now have a blog: www.practicalcouneling.com. Please visit and give your opinions there as well.
The relationship between your children and their mom or dad is none of your business!
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~3,024 Words
Psychology, Family, Relationship
Type: Article
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Why do we dream? What if our dreams were to go wrong? Would our dreams be broken?
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~11,636 Words
Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Paranormal
Type: Fiction
Updated 10 months ago
Ariana is in a coma. Can alien technology help her? Over 5300 views!!!
Rated: E
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Action/Adventure, Sci-fi, Family
Type: Short Story
Updated about a year ago
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    These are my short stories.
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