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This purely allegorical sailor *Captainwheel* ("I am the captain of my soul...") journeys only in proximity to the Western Sea, and so, a Walkinbird. Do not consider this earthbound being sad or alone, for she forever dwells in Love. Claims to have gone nowhere, yet travels extensively in nighttime realms of fantasy, deconstructing music mystery, peering into history, and then awakes with remembered shivers of Twilight Zone transgressions. "Sliders Snapshot #106151 Welcome my friends, come sail away with me...at your leisure!
A modern woman recalls her incarnation as a Mohawk Valley warrior.
Rated: 13+
~387 Words
Drama, Cultural, Nature
Type: Sample
Updated 3 years ago
Flash fiction fanfic speaks of when Aragorn was reunited with Arwen; Fanfiction 16 entry
Rated: E
~819 Words
Family, Fantasy, Fanfiction
Type: Other
Updated 3 years ago
entry for Haiku Hunt Round 1
Rated: E
~13 Words
Nature, Philosophy, Scientific
Type: Poetry
Updated about a year ago
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