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Happy Birthday! Bigsmile

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That moment when you FINALLY sit down to polish the workshop presentation and handouts . . . and *Wand* *poof* *Wand* all the ideas you had magically disappear. *Facepalm*

My handout . . . what the heck was I going to put on my handout!?
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LOL, your photo is the best!!! I wish I could take that one too...wait, I mean, borrow it with permission, of course. Wink
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Borrow whatever you'd like, my dear! Wink
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Thank you, Silverwindrose Dragon Minstrel for your poem "love.
Here is my poem
 Twin Flame  (E)
A poem about love
#2046709 by TJ Marie
Thanks to everyone who sent me a poem today to celebrate love!

Good night!
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I'm trying! I'm trying!
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Guess what, everyone! I ran across an awesome prompt, and decided to throw together a fun contest as a result.

*Banana* "The Banana Contest! [ASR]
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So . . . each banana is like 2 pictures? *Confused*
And if you took a picture of a banana you would have a novel! *Shock*
What a novel idea. *Rolleyes*
Dear friends, family, allies, and acquaintances,

Some of you will already be aware of this, and some of you may not. This is not something I hide from the world by any stretch of the imagination, but nor is it something that I have publicly discussed on my Facebook page. I am the proud parent of a transgender child.

I recently attended the Philly Trans Health Conference, where I had the privilege of meeting many amazing people who are on similar journeys in one way or another. I saw a beautiful cross-section of humanity, all brought together to learn, to teach, and to lift one another. I saw energy and excitement. I saw social interaction unfettered by expectations of societal norms. Just people, connecting with other people openly and honestly.

In my personal life, I have been working toward the goal of being an advocate and ally for the transgender community, particularly youth. This is something that I intend to move into a professional realm in the future, as well. Specific to my work on writing.com, I am focusing on YA stories with transgender protagonists, as well as putting together writing workshops for transgender youth/teens, and their siblings and youth allies.

I invite well-intentioned questions, and will happily provide whatever resources I can to help the people in my life understand why this is so important to me personally, and to the transgender community as a whole. Please be aware that I am respectful of the beliefs of others. As such, I will not engage in religious debate on this issue.
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LOL Ren Mutated into Ren! . . . I didn't even get to SEE the wrong comment. Wink

Can I have my awesome sauce chocolate flavored? Bigsmile
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You can have it whatever flavor you want!!
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Lovely Mumsy. *Heart*
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Okay, beautiful hive mind of writers . . . Bob has written an essay which he submitted to Salon.com, but it was rejected. I think there's a forum for it, but I'm not sure how to go about finding it.

In essence - a thoughtful and thought-provoking film review of Tomorrowland, part nostalgia, and part critical skepticism stemming from his work in pharmacovigilance.

Any suggestions?
Do you mean suggestions for finding the forum? I don't know. But I'd be interested in reading the review - after I've seen the movie.
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Yes, Robert Waltz . . . and I'm sure Bob would be happy to share it with you - after you've seen the movie.
I just got an email from the woman who's coordinating the middle school program for the Gender Spectrum conference, asking if Dr B & I were still interested/available to present our workshop for the middle school kids! *Delight* So we'll be doing BOTH high school and middle school workshops.

Oh boy . . . I need to tweak and start working on my Powerpoint and handouts! *Laugh*
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Way to go.

If you would like to use my piece.
Senses  (E)
What is around her?
#2034068 by Silverwindrose Dragon Minstrel
I made the piece feel emotion but there is one line that is not feel but a show line can students find I?

I know you will and you are welcome to use this piece.

The fun part of this piece is I often use it to go to sleep by.
Look at the two of you, changing the world one school at a time! Bigsmile Woot!
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Well looks like my tired brain miss read what you where doing. Though if my piece is still helpful feel free to use it.
I'm having a crisis of self-doubt over my ability to craft a saleable novel, after reading a very poorly (not) edited self-published ebook this weekend. I mean . . . I think I can catch the sort of ridiculously blatant errors I spotted page after page in this story. But there were some other things. Every once I'll read something that reminds me of my own writing, and it will seem amateurish in that different context. And I realize then how much I have to learn.

Not looking for platitudes or "oh but you're a good writer" sort of responses . . . I just needed to get this out, because I spent half the night worrying about it. Now I need to make myself revisit my stories and figure out what needs to change.
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Just don't forget all the people you have behind you who can help you polish that novel before you're ready to send it out. And now you know what mistakes NOT to make. *cheers you on* You CAN do it!
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no latitudes, but hon, this is a problem for all of us. That is also why it takes some of us years to finish a book. Hang in there,
love, LinnAnn
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I can understand where you're coming from. Sure, that crap gets published, so we can definitely get our carefully edited, workshopped, and beta-read pieces published...but if you're seeing yourself in that stuff, it can feel like..."What if people say that about my stuff?" Like, even if I'm published, is that really a sign that I'm GOOD, or just as sign that the market is remarkably permissive?

The difference, Mums, is that you're aware of the problem. You see the similarities in your own writing and recognize that this might be a place where you can improve. That level of self-awareness is severely lacking in vanity publishing. It's called vanity publishing for a reason, after all. But you are demanding a higher standard from yourself; you seek to remain self-critical. The very fact that you realize you need to learn--that reading this piece in which you saw yourself caused you to feel amateurish--is a sign that you aren't destined to remain an amateur. You'd never settle for publishing a piece that you feel has not reached a certain standard, you're part of a community of people willing to critique and be constructive of your pieces, and (perhaps most of all) you're willing to accept that you have more to learn.

No pandering here from me, you know, because we ALL have something to learn. You can improve, I can improve, even someone like JK Rowling has places to improve. The thing is, you know you have to improve. And that makes all the difference. (I suddenly want to take the road less traveled by.)
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*Delight* I am SO excited!!! Last month I wrote and submitted a proposal to present a workshop at the Gender Spectrum conference this summer. I just got an email confirmation - my proposal was accepted! As part of the high school programming, Dr B and I will be presenting a workshop titled Everyone Has a Story: Your Unique Tale.