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It's Thanksgiving in America.

Fuck that - this year has sucked balls. Thanks for nothing, LIFE.

I admit I'm torn between wanting to write off 2016 for this month or celebrate that this is the year I made a huge dream come true.
I thought of you when I heard the news. <3 he was a gem. (Rough cut, little muddy, but a gem)
jay: 15 Years! : There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.
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Missing Leonard Cohen too.

After, even during, election night, I avoided news outlets. Last night, I brought up CNN.com and saw the awful news.

My favorite song was *Music2* Everybody Knows*Music2* . Loved it ever since I heard it in the movie Exoctica
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Today will be the 10th and final day of Andrew is 10!'s port anniversary celebrations, so we're spreading some cheer in his honor! *Bursto**Balloong* *Burstb* *Balloonp* *BurstR* *Balloony*


Hi I just read the editorial of the newsletter about refugees and comedy, I think it was very good.
Keep Writing!
Io Saturnalia to all!
Yay for 11 years of Waltz@Writing.Com!

NOTE: Yeh, I know it is really cathartes02@writing.com but Waltz@Writing.Com just sounds super cool. Hope no one else has THAT username. LOL
Hope you are having a happy happy birthday! *Balloon3* *Balloon2*
Happy birthday! I hope it involves *Cake*, *Heart* and a fine *Mugy*!
Hi everybody, I'm Adam. I'm in the process of submitting some writing, after I do some editing. Right now, I'm doing some reviews so I can get a taste of what others are writing. I'm happy to be aboard. Thanks for having me.
I hear "Colorado Gold" is a good investment these days.
PS: I was in CO on 1/1/14. *Smirk*
Happy Nude Year to everyone!

...what's that?

NEW year?

come on. That's boring.
Happy nude year to u too ! :D :D
Nude year is no different than any other time of year for me.
Sounds like you have a code in your node.
Well now I want to know what's up with Sarah Kline! What'd she do to poor little Robert?
Via "Note: You have one chance to g..."
Okay, because I've gotten a couple of notes about this, I want to be clear:

I fancy myself a comedian, and a fiction writer. Sometimes I write fiction that's intended to be funny (and often, I fail at the "funny" part). The Sarah Kline incident is one such fiction, akin to the Noodle Incident in Calvin and Hobbes.

To anyone named Sarah Kline: It's not you. It's me.
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don't remember the noodle too well but I love CnHobbes, soooo ok then Bigsmile
Excellent newsletter article on backstory, most deserving of spirited props. Thank you for taking the time to write it. --Eliot Wild