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Today will be the 10th and final day of Andrew is 10!'s port anniversary celebrations, so we're spreading some cheer in his honor! *Bursto**Balloong* *Burstb* *Balloonp* *BurstR* *Balloony*


Hi I just read the editorial of the newsletter about refugees and comedy, I think it was very good.
Keep Writing!
Io Saturnalia to all!
Yay for 11 years of Waltz@Writing.Com!

NOTE: Yeh, I know it is really cathartes02@writing.com but Waltz@Writing.Com just sounds super cool. Hope no one else has THAT username. LOL
Hope you are having a happy happy birthday! *Balloon3* *Balloon2*
Happy birthday! I hope it involves *Cake*, *Heart* and a fine *Mugy*!
Hi everybody, I'm Adam. I'm in the process of submitting some writing, after I do some editing. Right now, I'm doing some reviews so I can get a taste of what others are writing. I'm happy to be aboard. Thanks for having me.
I hear "Colorado Gold" is a good investment these days.
PS: I was in CO on 1/1/14. *Smirk*
Happy Nude Year to everyone!

...what's that?

NEW year?

come on. That's boring.
Happy nude year to u too ! :D :D
Nude year is no different than any other time of year for me.
Sounds like you have a code in your node.
Well now I want to know what's up with Sarah Kline! What'd she do to poor little Robert?
Via "Note: You have one chance to g..."
Okay, because I've gotten a couple of notes about this, I want to be clear:

I fancy myself a comedian, and a fiction writer. Sometimes I write fiction that's intended to be funny (and often, I fail at the "funny" part). The Sarah Kline incident is one such fiction, akin to the Noodle Incident in Calvin and Hobbes.

To anyone named Sarah Kline: It's not you. It's me.
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don't remember the noodle too well but I love CnHobbes, soooo ok then Bigsmile
Excellent newsletter article on backstory, most deserving of spirited props. Thank you for taking the time to write it. --Eliot Wild

         What was Riddle Rice? You sound very interesting. I would like to meet you some day.
I just want to say what pure joy it is to see a younger person being introduced to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. That is all.
My kids saw the Rocky Horror and loved it. We always watched it on Halloween.
I've never been able to get into it, myself.
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I love RHPS. Bigsmile