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Happy Thanksgiving! *Delight* *Heart*

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And hope you will be back soon *Heart*
"Goodbye WDC" I hope you are not leaving WDC Frown
Hi there! How are you?

You doing Nano?
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Would love a review on this story for Quotation Inspiration!
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 A Story A Day September 2012  [E]
A place to keep the stories I write for A Story A Day September 2012

I'm going to try to write a story every day this month. Most of them will be short flash fiction stories, but I'll keep them all in this folder.
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*CakeB* *BalloonR* *CupcakeP* Happy Birthday in advance! *ConfettiP* *ConfettiR* *CakeP* *BalloonY* *CupCakeY*

Wishing you all the smiles
and happy moments
that you deserve
on your special day!

Wishing you a happy
and prosperous birthday
and a sweet night of
birthday dreams.

Happy birthday! *GiftB* *GiftP*
Thank you Aqua! And have some cake *CakeP**CakeB**BigSmile*
Yup! It tastes delicious! Thank you! *Delight*
Happy Birthday today! Pthb
*Star* Best of luck with Nano Captain *Smile* *Star*
Thanks I'm going to need it! *BigSmile*
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I love your handle! (chasing goats) Makes me want to hear the story behind it!

-Mariah :)
haha thanks! *Laugh* My goats have been getting out cause the shocker's not working. So the last week or so it seems like all I ever do is chase or pull those goats by the horns back into their pen. So that's where the handle came from. *Smile*
Congrats and Welcome to the board of leaders at "Let's help each other grow- Closed.
Thanks! I'm excited about this group!
Congratulations fellow leader... *Smile*
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Just dropping in to say thank you for your generous and thoughtful donation to the "Sisco's GOOD DEED Annual Pirate Auction!