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April 23, 2014
1:05pm EDT

Please follow an ASR rating.*
Fellow Brainstormer *BigSmile*

Great news, the Peaceful Pursuit Project and Mystical Meditations are back.

Send Scribbles, cNotes and reviews and get some fantastic Gift Point prizes at "Peaceful Pursuit Project

Re-introduce yourself to your fellow Brainstormers, Chat, share, and generally gossip at "Mystical Meditations

Let's get Brainstormers back in Business! *BigSmile*
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Congratulations on your "Journey Through Genres: Official WDC Contest win! *Ribbonb*
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I've added a new entry to my book, "Whiskers and Tails - The Sequel:
         "I'm Sorry!
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I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that writing a coherent essay by hand, within the space of one hour, is pretty much impossible. Which is worrying, considering the upcoming three hours = three essays exam... Done the first draft of my test exam essay, which took me longer than an hour, is illegible and, well, it is indeed still a first draft *twitch*.
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I wish you well; in college I 'aced' the essay exams but B's on the others. You have the information in your mind; just write and don't worry about the 'how'. I still laugh when remembering one final exam essay question about James Joyce's novel which I couldn't understand and the ques was "to review it 'from a liberal Catholic point of view"; Heck, a Southern Baptist trying to write about liberal Catholic!!" I got an A in the course; still don't know why. Just let the words flow even if 'illegible' to you.*Smile* Good luck.
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Thanks everyone! Well, I finished it. Sending it out in the post tomorrow. It is so much easier to type, that's for sure. Especially because Word has spell check *Bigsmile*. And word count! I'm going to have to do a lot of practicing before my actual exam. This was an interesting test, because it highlighted the issues I need to address.
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It's amazing how well you'll do once you start the exams. I always thought I was going to flunk all of my test in College, and always seemed to ace them - I know you will also because you're prepared :) Do as Jedi says - that's excellent advice. Eat a healthy breakfast, listen to some relaxing music beforehand and say positive affirmations about you acing the test, how easily the words will come to you, etc... It truly works! I know you'll do fine - I have faith in you *Bigsmile* *Heart*
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*Balloonv* Wishing you a Happy Writing.Com Anniversary! *Bigsmile* Congratulations on making it to nine years! *Star*
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*Partyhatp* Happy WDC birthday! *Partyhatp*
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A novel written by a friend of mine is available for free download at the moment. As I am one of the people it's dedicated to, I thought I would give it a plug *Bigsmile* Warning! It is definitely for adult readers. It's political, contains social comment, and those who do not approve of LGBT relationships may wish to stay clear. It's a very interesting read, though.
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Today I turned nine here on W.Com! On to my teenage years. I wonder if I will start rebelling then and what form the rebellion will take. Lots of intentionally bad poetry? A sudden inclination towards Twilight fan-fiction? 42 Shades of Kit? *Shock*
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No!! Please! You've got so much more to live for! *Shock* *Worry*
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Happy Birthday ~ 'Twilight' but pale glimmer to your vivid world of words
I actually liked reading twilight!
New story I'm working on, for the Tangent Universe contest - "Ties of the Past [18+]. It has a content rating of 18+. It's my first short story in a while, and I think I need to work on character interactions - gestures etc. I seem to keep writing that I/he did *this* and then *that*. Gah!
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We'll get you there! This is on my to-read list after I finish my WYRM review and my Cramp reviews. Bigsmile
Jay, have I ever told you that I *Heart* you? In a strictly platonic way, of course *Pthb*. Thank you! If you need me to review anything of yours, please let me know!
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39 years of age. Only one year away from being a "woman of a certain age" *Shock*. Still, I am not about to turn into a cougar. I'm more of a lynx, really. Small, stocky and fluffy, and used to pretty miserable weather...
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Birthday Blessings ^_^ Remember, when asked our age, we admit to 21-plus-tax. Congrats on attaining a higher tax bracket *Bigsmile*
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Like everyone here you sould switch over to celebrating anniversaries of you favorite birthday. Wink
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Hey Kittiara *Smile* I wanted to drop by and say hello from one Brainstormer to another! Am I to assume you love kittys? *Wink*
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Hello Kittiara! I am on a mission to visit each and every Brainstormer notebook until I've met everyone, and you are on the list today. I hope you're having a great weekend.

Cheers! ~V
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*RainbowL* *Heart* *RainbowR*
I stopped by to say hello
To speak out loud what you should know
A Brainstormer, shining bright
You're thought about with great delight!

Hope this brings you a smile! *Smile*
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Hi Kittiara
So, I am back for a quick visit and learned that you sent an email.
I am looking for a spot to submit my short stories so others can read them
and tell me if they're good or not.
So, I may submit one this weekend, so you watch for it?
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AArrrgh. Today (28th) is the day the longlist of the Orwell Prize will be announced. 140 entrants in the journalism section. Twelve slots for the longlist. I'm a complete newbie up against well-known writers. I know I don't stand a chance. So why do I keep hoping for a miracle? *Confused*
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Because you believe and why SHOULDN"T you be on the list!!!
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Awww thank you, Fyn! Didn't make it onto the longlist, unfortunately, but a friend of mine did make it onto the political blog longlist! So will be cheering her on *Smile*.
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