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by Remlap
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Some facts about some of the Castlevania games. Should be moderetly difficult.
Hey, yeah I like Castlevania recentley beat Eclessia and Aria of Sorrow so I felt like making this. Covers all sorts of facts and useless knowledge about the series, soooo have fun. Oh and DON'T CHEAT!!!11!!1!!one

Oh and I do not own the Castlevania series or any of the terms, all Copyrights and Trademarks belong to their respective owners. Please don't sue me!
1. Aria of Sorrow:
 They refrence a Disney movie in this game it is?
       The Lion King        
       Alice in Wonderland        
       Toy Story        
       YOU LIAR!!! This game does no such thing!!        
       I do not own Disney or all aformentioned movies (don't sue)        
       -<insert wrong answer here>-        
2. Aria of Sorrow:
 Hinted at more than once Genya Arikado is really.
       Soma Cruz        
3. Order of Eclessia:
 The Death Ring bloats your stats but comes at a price
       One hit is instant death        
       Gradually decreasing HP        
       Slowly lose MP        
       Lower move speed        
       Cant use Glyphs        
       There is no death ring        
4. Order of Eclessia:
 Despite having 9999 hp this boss can be beat in one hit by absorbing his glyph.
       The Giant Skeleton        
       Wall Man        
5. Aria of Sorrow:
 Which Soul is not needed to get the GOOD Ending
       Flame Demon        
       Giant Bat        
       Black Panther        
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Printed from http://www.Writing.Com/view/1513874