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April 20, 2014
5:34am EDT

Rated: E | Preface | Other | #1063459
100 things that I love about my man.
*Heart* 100 things I love about my man *Heart*

1. I love how smart he is
2. I love how he makes me laugh
3. I love how cute he looks when sleeping
4. I love how his rosy cheeks puff up when he smiles
5. I love his little boy smile
6. I love his sexy smile
7. I love his baby blue eyes that change colors
8. I love how he says the word yes—‘yesh’
9. I love how he takes care of me
10. I love how he knows what I’m thinking
11. I love how well he knows me
12. I love his big bear hugs
13. I love how he brushes his cheek up against mine
14. I love his little dances to music
15. I love how passionate he is
16. I love how romantic he is
17. I love that he cries to movies
18. I love how emotional he gets to little things
19. I love his big heart
20. I love how talkative he is
21. I love his analytical mind
22. I love his personality
23. I love how cute he looks when I dye his hair (at the beauty parlor lol)
24. I love his sense of style
25. I love his sense of humor
26. I love all his corny sayings
27. I love all his funny songs he sings
28. I love his singing voice
29. I love his southern accent
30. I love the shape of his legs
31. I love his butt
32. I love the ringlets in his hair
33. I love how he loves me
34. I love how he makes me feel beautiful
35. I love how he makes me feel special
36. I love how he needs me
37. I love how he misses me if I’m gone shortly
38. I love his passionate kisses
39. I love how he offers me his jacket when cold
40. I love that he opens the door for me
41. I love it when he cooks for me
42. I love how he takes care of me when sick
43. I love it when he calls me “pumpkin seed” or “sugar cookie”
44. I love how he touches my hair
45. I love his massages
46. I love his hands
47. I love how wild he gets when drinking wine
48. I love how fun he is
49. I love his mind and how stimulating he is
50. I love his creativity
51. I love how I can get a song in his head quickly by humming or singing it briefly
52. I love his Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson imitations
53. I love his imitation of Peter Sellers in the movie “The Party”
54. I love our teamwork
55. I love when he finishes my sentences
56. I love how alike we are
57. I love how child-like he is
58. I love how silly he is
59. I love it when he speaks French or German
60. I love how detail oriented he is
61. I love his vivid imagination
62. I love how he smells
63. I love his taste in music
64. I love how he reads my mind
65. I love his compliments
66. I love the teacher in him
67. I love that he never forgets my birthday
68. I love his cheese southwestern omelets
69. I love his social graces when we are out in public
70. I love how his says to me “Hey baby”
71. I love it when he sweet talks our cat Jaz
72. I love that he prays every night
73. I love how thankful he is for being my man
74. I love how special he is
75. I love how unique he is
76. I love how in tune he is to fashion and colors
77. I love his cute imitations of a baby kitty
78. I love how he has a little bad boy in him
79. I love his toughness and ruggedness
80. I love his athletic nature
81. I love how messy he is sometimes when he eats (messy baby)
82. I love his intenseness
83. I love his love of nature and the fisherman in him
84. I love how he takes the time to edit my work without complaint (he's my biggest fan)
85. I love how encouraging he is
86. I love when he reads to me
87. I love his charisma
88. I love his charm
89. I love when he writes me poetry
90. I love how giving he is
91. I love how forgiving he is
92. I love how compassionate he is
93. I love the little angel in him
94. I love the little devil in him
95. I love how he makes me feel
96. I love his laugh
97. I love his complexity (he’s never boring)
98. I love the fact that he would do anything in the world for me
99. I love that he is my best friend
100. I love that he is my soulmate! *Heart*

© Copyright 2006 Michelle M Thanks Angel Army! (UN: addicted2tz at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Michelle M Thanks Angel Army! has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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