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What do you think of the role of teacher against that of the computer in the classroom?

In the classroom, nothing can take the place of the teacher in terms of developing students’ education. The teacher is the only one who can open the door to education for students whereas the computer plays a second role in helping student’s education technologically as a useful tool. In fact, education, if we understand it in its broadest sense, has nothing to do with any of the state-of-the-art technologies. Therefore students should not depend on the computer if they aim to be educated. They only need a person who can both understand their needs, their weak points and strong points very well and also know the most effective and suitable methods for the students to make them realize themselves what they are going to do is right or wrong.
For the students in the classroom, computers are amazingly useful machines that, in almost no time, can perform sophisticated operations and solve difficult questions, which even the teacher, let alone students, cannot do. By this alone, however, we cannot say these machines in the classroom are eligible enough to take the place of the teacher who can motivate, organize and manage the whole class by creating the pleasant aura of active teaching and learning process. The teacher can know who is following his teaching and who is not, when to crack jokes, how to give funny comments and give relevant examples during his teaching to keep the class interested in the subject he is explaining. In this sense, the computer is no match for the teacher.
Another reason why the teacher cannot be replaced by the wonderful machine is that the teacher can give students the real essence of education by nourishing students’ hearts and opening students’ minds during the classroom teaching whereas the machine can provide only the necessary data and information students need. What’s more, it’s the teacher who can not only show students how to collect the necessary information but also how it should be used so as to become a good knowledgeable and educated people. In this sense again the computer’s performance is nothing compared to the teacher’s.
One more reason why the teacher is second to none when it comes to the classroom teaching is that he can help students in a way that students finally find themselves able to help themselves and get self-educated even long after finishing the class. Perhaps this may be the most significant fact that makes the difference between the teacher and the machine.
To conclude, it can be said that in the classroom teaching the teacher plays a major role whereas the machine plays a minor role. To put it another way, the teacher has got a unique human brain that can perform teaching in a way that the computer, a mere artificial brain, cannot do.

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