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November 26, 2014
3:37am EST

by Haruo
Rated: GC | Short Story | Adult | #1152543
Gay sex in a bath with Boy Scouts.
I’m a Little Boy Scout

         Kevin had just invented a silly song.  It was a parody of the child’s nursery rhyme about the little teapot.
                   I’m a little Boy Scout, short and Stout
                   Here is my handle, here is my spout.
                   When you tip me over, hear me shout!
                   Tip me over and pour me out.
         At the verse about the handle and spout, he would point to his dick and ass respectively.  He always laughed it off, because he didn’t want anyone to know he was gay.  After going to the “National Sausage Fest” last year, and staring at all those hot bodies, he had figured out that he was attracted to cocks, not pussies.  One cock in particular; Jack.  Kevin got an erection just thinking about those smooth, muscular arms grabbing his waist, holding them still while his big dick was shoved all up there.  He sighed as the thought of all that boy-cream shot up, and covered his prostate.  But he knew that it would never happen, seeing as Jack had a girlfriend. 
                   One night at the bathhouse, Kevin was left alone with Jack.  Absentmindedly, he began to sing the song.  His suggestive smile at the mention of pouring cum out of his ass aroused Jack.  His cockhead peeked out through his towel.  The sight of the red head drove Kevin crazy. 

                   “You know,” Jack began.  He unwrapped the towel from his waist.  His dick was pointing straight up.  “I could use some relief…if you’re interested…”  He wanked his cock a few times.  Sitting back down on the bench, he spread his legs invitingly, enticing Kevin.

                   All Kevin did was gasp at a prospect he didn’t know was coming.  In a moment, he was kneeling at Jack’s (attractive) feet.  Kevin’s lips slid past his cock head.  In the warm heat of his mouth, his tongue rubbed against that tender spot beneath the glans.  It dipped into the hole of his cock, as well as running down the ridge, where head meets shaft.  All the while, his fingers tugged and pulled at Jack’s ballsack.  Expertly, his balls moved through his fingers. 

                   Jack moaned, as Kevin continued on with his ministrations.  One hand was gently pushing the younger boy’s head further down his thick dick, while the other hand ran up and down his chest, gently plucking at his nipples.  He would start circling the red spots on the sensitive outsides, working his way into the center.  At the center, he would pinch them.  Twisting them was so much fun, so much pleasure.  Suddenly, he began to pump Kevin’s head faster and faster over his cock.  His breathing picked up and his cheeks became flushed.  Jack’s cock got redder and redder, veins bulging, as his cum started racing up his dick.  His semen shot out in quick bursts, filling up Kevin’s mouth.  It engulfed his tongue, submerging it under its salty goodness.  Some of it managed to slide down his throat.  But his mouth was full to bursting.  A few little streaks of white trickled down the side of his mouth, down his chin, plinking on the floor of the bathhouse. 
         Slowly, Jack’s breathing returned to normal.  Kevin swallowed what was in his mouth and licked at what was on his face. 
         “Do you want to act out your song?” asked Jack.  He jerked his cock again.  It began to thicken and harden up again. 
         Kevin smiled.  “Fuck yeah!”
         “Just one thing,” Jack said.  “No pouring, I want to suck it out of your ass.”
         Bending over the bench and hanging onto the wall for support, Kevin agreed.  Jack spit into his hand, lubing it up for it’s pounding on Kevin’s ass.  His cockhead pushed up against the tight ring of puckered muscle that was his hole.  Whispering, he told him to relax.  Finally, it popped in, getting sucked into that warm tunnel.  It sucked and made the most delicious slurping noises.  Jack licked his lips, savoring the feel of Kevin’s tight asshole, squeezing and tightening around his dick.  He leaned down; rubbing his sweaty chest against Kevin’s back, causing Kevin to have his hairs stand on end.  He opened his mouth to let Jack’s tongue in, to rub against his own.  They swapped spit, so much in fact that it began to drip down the side of his mouth.  The two boys moaned in the heat of their lovemaking.
                   Jack stuck his hand on Kevin’s stomach.  It lazily traced a circle on his smooth, flat stomach.  Kevin sighed, and tightened his grip on the hard pole in him.  When he clenched his muscles, Jack slid his hand down onto his raging dick.  Groaning, his warm hand enveloped his penis, rubbing up and down.  His thumb played with the head of it, always stroking it.  Jack smeared the flowing precum around it, and grasping it, made his hand into a mini-hole.  He tried to mimic what Kevin did with his ass, gripping harder when he was, relaxing when he was. 

                   The wonderful smacking sound of skin against skin began to go faster and faster, as Jack picked up the pace.  Beads of sweat formed on both boys’ faces as they neared their respective climaxes.  Their breaths began to mingle, and the scent of sex became heavier in the room. 

                   Kevin was the first to shoot.  He gave a very guttural moan, as his semen flew out, oozing down Jack’s hands, dripping down to his balls, where it began to congeal.  He gave a last squeeze in his ass, which drove Jack off the edge.  He slammed into Kevin one last time and shot his own load.  The lumpy mixture of white washed all over Kevin’s prostate, which had received such a massage.  It was so forceful that Jack and Kevin had to gasp, for neither had received such a forceful orgasm.  Slowly, Jack removed his still rather hard dick out.  The red head was covered with white, a small string of the thick liquid still hanging on to Kevin’s ass.

                   Like he asked, Jack knelt down and placed his mouth between Kevin’s cheeks.  The sweaty smell of ass mixed with the animal aroma of semen drove Jack crazy.  With his eyes closed, he snaked his tongue into the puckered muscle ring.  He licked and brought out the first of many tongue loads of cum.  Hungrily, he slurped down more and more.  He devoured the white cream, enjoying every bit of it.  And so was Kevin; all he could do was moan and sigh Jack’s name with each lick. 

                   After a long, messy kiss with Kevin, which transferred a bit of cum over to the other boy, Jack said, “I think I’ll drink this ‘tea’ more often!”
© Copyright 2006 Haruo (UN: midoriko at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Haruo has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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