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August 20, 2014
8:40am EDT

Rated: E | Other | Other | #1159718
This is an essay I had to write for school, tell me what you think
How would your best friend describe you?

I never thought I would be writing an essay about how my friends describe me. It actually seems like an interesting project to research and dive in on. I get to talk for two pages about myself, shouldnít be so hard now should it? After further research I found out that it is not as easy as it seems to be. It is one thing to describe yourself how you think other people see you, but it is another thing entirely to describe how your friends see you. When I went about researching for this, I asked a bunch of my friends, I donít really have one best friend, about how they would describe me. They kind of ignored me and changed the topic. Finally, I got a couple of my really close friends told them that they had to describe me and they couldnít go anywhere until they did. One of my friends said ďItís not that we are avoiding the topic, itís just that we canít describe you in words.Ē The first thing I thought to this statement was, am I really that weird that I canít be put into words? Of course, they said that Iím not that weird, Iím just a hard person to describe. After a long ten minutes I finally got information sufficient enough to write this paper, or so I thought. Right now, Iím armed with a list of words and my brain. I donít think I have written a harder essay. The words that I have written down on this piece of paper go along the lines of, crazy, fun, silly, opinionated, quiet around strangers, has geeky tendencies , and outgoing when with friends. How am I supposed to write an essay using seven words? I think that I sat staring at this computer screen for fifteen minutes until an idea finally came into my head. My personality canít really be captured in an essay. Iím a pretty hard person to get to know, but once Iíve become friends with you, I donít hide much. This fact, I thought, would make it easy for my friends to describe me. They still had so much trouble I found it kind of funny. I guess, in the end it doesnít really matter how your friends describe you, itís just the knowledge that they think you are a one of a kind person that they want to get to know. This knowledge doesnít cut it for me. I went back to my friends and asked them again how they would describe me. At this point they said pretty demanding. They gave me the same words as last time, and told me to think if I had describe one of them how would I go about doing it? This comment put it into perspective and I thought, how would I describe my best friends? I had no idea. I understand their struggles now and it makes more sense to me. A person canít simply use words to describe another person. Words donít have enough impact. How are you supposed to describe how a best friend helps you through a break up or gives you a shoulder to cry on? How are you supposed to describe how a best friend laughs with you and keeps you company on boring rainy weekends? There really arenít words to describe actions like that. I now donít take offense at my friendsí lack of ingenious words. To sum it all up, how would my best friends describe me, simply as, Brenna.
© Copyright 2006 brenna_katelyn (UN: butlerb0726 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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