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The Secret of Power
Can we foresee the future? People have always cared about it. Everyone asked a soothsayer or a fortune-teller to tell him his future, whether it was a ferocious ruler or a poor peasant.

What’s in common with all these people when they seek for advice?

They want to know their future and the possibility to change it. This is the secret everyone tries to unveil. Is it subject to a human brain? Or is it just the invention of charlatans and swindlers?

Why did huge crowds of people crave the predictions of famous Vanda? Obviously it happened because most of them came true, strange as it may seem. Science hasn’t yet found the explanation for the prediction phenomenon, but it cannot argue foretellers’ phenomenal capabilities.

It’s strange, but Nostradamus’s predictions have come true as if he could travel in time.

Maybe someone who kept the predictions about new inventions passed them over to him.

Interesting researches of the existence of a secret Nine Unknown Men Society are still continued. An Indian ruler Asoka founded it in the III century BC. The main goal of the society was preserve the progressive knowledge of the mankind so that it couldn’t be used against it. Roger Bacon is named among the “Nine Unknown Men”.

In the XIII century an English monk and philosopher R. Bacon foretold the invention of a telephone, an airplane and a car.

In 1927 Talbot Mandy who had worked in India for a long time published a book. He wrote that every member of the society was a keeper of one Book dedicated to this or that field of science.

The First Book is dedicated to the problems of propaganda technology and psychological war methods. Mandy wrote: “ The science dealing with the control over the minds of a crowd is the most dangerous among all sciences. It makes it possible to control the world.”

Leonardo da Vinci was another prominent prophet. Obviously he was a member of the Nine Unknown Men Society. The philosophy of the genius is concealed in encrypted symbols, pictograms, fables and predictions.

He lived with a feeling Apocalypse was near, that’s why his every fable and story sounds like a alarm. He warned the future humanity about anthropogenic threats that could kill it.

Leonardo Da Vinci was the first to design schemes where he demonstrated the way a man could fly. It happened in the times when most of the people considered it to be heresy and stupidity!

Leonardo da Vinci was a genius because he wanted to rise high above human stagnation. He wanted to fly up into the sky like a bird and warn the coming generations about the treats his fellow countrymen couldn’t even imagine.

His mysterious previsions are just amazing. How did he manage to sketch the turbulence effect inside a water current wave? He managed to see with a naked eye a process a man could observe only with the help of bradykinetic analysis. It will take long for the humanity to disclose all the mysteries of his creations. He had skillfully encrypted them.

We’ll try to decrypt one of them. Those were the times of intrigues, betrayal and denunciations. A sharp dagger and poison were the right means to seize power and wealth. All unreliable persons were to be watched after to hold the power.

When Leonardo da Vinci was 24 someone informed the authorities against him and he escaped a death penalty only by mere chance. That’s why he worked so long on his famous fresco “The Last Supper”. The picture depicts the last meal of Christ and his scholars. He announces that one of them will betray him.

The great genius condemned denunciation most of all and some details of the picture testify to the fact. None of the artists can be compared to Leonardo da Vinci so strong he expressed the scholars’ feelings when they heard the prediction of Christ. It seems we can hear their excited speech, the words of protest, fear and bewilderment, as if Leonardo Da Vinci wanted to warn the humanity about the destiny code. It was the denunciation treachery.

At first Leonardo Da Vinci was interested in the scientific aspect of the Ear Dionis, an artificial grotto designed to eavesdrop conversations in every room of the temple. Later he lost interest in it.  The great thinker was depressed by the fact that he could support denunciation in any way developing eavesdropping systems. Nevertheless at first he was very much interested in the technical complexity of such an unusual architectural project.

He could make experiments there on acoustic wave diffusion.  Leonardo da Vinci was always interested in that problem. As a matter of fact he was the first to develop modern echo- sounding devices. He made an attempt to listen to fish voices in water using an oar. A mysterious pictogram with human ears separated from the head makes us think about the possibility to overhear human speech at a distance.

Leonardo Da Vinci was brilliant to predict remote voice transmission. He said people would be able to talk to each other from the most distant countries and reply to each other.” Evidently he meant modern telephone communication: it connects us with any part of the world.

This is what he says in another prediction: “All people will immediately exchange the semi-spheres.” It resembles a telephone tube very much. Thus Leonardo Da Vinci’s  wonderful prediction about telephone communication on the planet has come true. 

The number of people using cellular phones quickly increased after they became cheaper. In a few years the number of subscribers calling each other and sending messages reached more than 1.300.000.000 - it’s really an astronomical figure!

The great scientist warns humanity not only about new technological discoveries but also about the threat of cataclysms caused by improper and immoral use of technical devices, mobile phones in particular. He defines exactly there will be wars not only on the earth surface but also in the air. “Many will be seen riding big animals at a great speed – and meet their death.

Animals of various colors will be seen in the air. They’ll carry people to their death. He was the first to speak about the threat of information wars. “People will walk but won’t move. They’ll talk to those who are away. They’ll hear those who don’t speak.”

This is a precise description of a virtual information war. The image of a walking person is intercepted and substituted for the image of the same man who is remaining idle.

People will communicate with a stranger on the phone, considering him to be their partner, because his voice will be falsified. They will talk to someone else, whose voice was also falsified. They’ll speak to someone else whose voice has also been falsified.

In reality that person didn’t speak to them.

The voice authenticity of a person speaking on a phone, a digital phone in particular, is the main code in an information war. Those who can secretly falsify the code, that is the real voice of a person, will become a winner. Thus he will gain great advantages in the information war, that may be even more terrible than during a nuclear war.

Japanese scientists reproduced Mona Lisa’s voice from the portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci. If a reproduction is made, obviously we’ll see Leonardo Da Vinci’s portrait with a beard. All transformations of the picture were performed in a digital format, so the authenticity of the original was partially lost. Maybe Mona Lisa’s digital voice is a key to a digital transformation to Leonardo Da Vinci’s image on the portrait.

He came to a genius conclusion, like the one he made in respect to the turbulence in water current. The transformation of one portrait into another may depend on the digital code of the voice. It’s easy to change it and to get another portrait.

The virtual world of lies and deception is vividly shown in the well-known movie “Matrix”. 


Leonardo Da Vinci wrote a fable about an oyster and a crab, and thus developed the theme of information Apocalypse.  The meaning of the fable is the following. When the moon is full the oyster opens the leaves of his shell. The crab throws a stone or a stalk inside it and eats the oyster, because the shell can’t close.

The great seer makes an interesting conclusion. It happens with those who open their mouths to tell a secret. It becomes a prey of several persons who are eavesdropping.

We’ll try to understand his warnings. An open shell resembles very much a modern clamshell shape mobile phone. A shell, a stalk and a stone resemble a retranslation device on the cellular communication tower. A shell turned downwards looks like a human ear.

If we look at the Latin spelling of the words “shell” and “ear” we’ll see they have a common root. There is even a medical term “an auricle”.

A person opens a mouth - this action may be compared to an oyster shell opening its leaves. It is appropriate to note here that Leonardo Da Vinci doesn’t teach his readers. He only informs them about the principles of life and existence. The allegory is the following. When a mobile phone - the oyster shell leaves - opens and a person starts talking he may become a prey of those who eavesdrop on him.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s statement that several persons may eavesdrop is interesting. It was most obvious those times that only one person eavesdropped. But Leonardo da Vinci foresaw that several persons may do it in different places.

Nowadays it’s possible to wiretap communication over cellular networks using various technical systems, even satellite. Here is another interesting fact Leonardo da Vinci paid attention to. He said an oyster shell opened in the full moon.  Is it a coincidence? Let us try to suppose it isn’t. Psychiatrists usually observe mental disorders when the moon is full. Let ‘s see how Leonardo Da Vinci warns people about this treat.

He writes “…an object will appear, and if someone tries to cover it, he will be covered with it”. We may suppose it may be a standard telephone tube. When we take it we cover it with our hand. But what is the meaning of the phrase “he will be covered with this object”?  Maybe it is one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most terrible suspicions. Why a telephone tube threat may be a threat and kill a man? These are only dangerous viruses that may affect modern cellular phones in such a way that it may become a threat for a person. These are mobile phone viruses which can be transferred via mobile phones by standard GSM networks.

Viruses are transferred to a mobile phone via wireless networks, i.e via the air, so to say. The most dangerous among them are the viruses which turn a person into a zombie. A special digital sequence is transmitted into a human brain. It is lain on a standard conversation of a person, speaking over a mobile phone. He perceives this sequence like an outside noise.

The main task of the viruses is to impose someone’s will on the person.  Leonardo da Vinci’s statement defines exactly the functions of the zombie viruses: “The aerial bodies will instruct us. They’ll be useful for good death.

It is amazing that those were exactly the same feelings people experienced during the demonstration in Georgia. The Georgian authorities used a psychotronic weapon and specials means to affect the marchers’ mobile phones. They felt their mental state was changing; a wave of terrible fear passed through their bodies. They felt they were going mad or dying. Leonardo Da Vinci wrote practically the same about the influence of aerial bodies on a man.

Nevertheless Leonardo Da Vinci, a great creator and a wise man, gave a clear explanation how to prevent information Apocalypse.  He wrote: “Disassembled objects will join together and gain such a force, that they’ll return people the memory they have lost.”

What objects are disassembled during information Apocalypse? – Human thoughts and words. The God provided a man with an invaluable gift – the ability to think independently. A person’s words and thoughts are indivisible. This is the basis of the human existence. Nobody should have the right to intrude into our thoughts and change them without our consent. 

Words are the derivatives of our thoughts. We can preserve and even restore human memory protecting words and thoughts. Thus a man will be a man but not a guided biological robot. There isn’t anything strange in the fact, that Rodger Bacon and Leonardo Da Vinci, the great scientists and foreseers, were the most prominent cryptographers of their times and could protect their thoughts and words from destruction.

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