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My aunt's little girl shared my bed and I couldn't sleep
I still can't believe what happened to me last summer.

My uncle and aunt came visiting for a week. They live in the country but decided to bring their little child Sara as a present for her 16th birthday.
She's a charming girl who laughs and sings nonstop; blond hair, long braids.

There's just a bed in my house's guest room, so we decided my uncle and aunt would sleep in that room, and I'd share my king-size bed with my little cousin. She had no problem with the arrangement for she was an easy-sleeping girl.

That night she took a shower and went to bed with a pink book. I took a shower too and after talking to my family for twenty minutes I went to bed too.

Sara was already sleep, the book on the floor and a smile in her beautiful face. It was a warm summer night, and she lay sound asleep in her light cotton pajamas.
I usually sleep on my panties and an ample cotton robe. I'm in my early 30s and I was eager to join my boyfriend the following day.

I fell asleep almost immediately.

I don't know exactly what awakened me. I opened my eyes and felt something strange, but I didn't want to disturb my little guest, so I just stayed alert but quiet.
My cousin was breathing heavily, though I realized she was trying not to be heard. She had her left hand under the pajama's pants, and I could see she was moving it slowly. Oh my God, I thought, this little kid is masturbating right here on my bed. Ok, go on, kid, I'm not going to embarrass you.

I pretended to be sound asleep to let her do her thing peacefully. But I kept watching her, and, incredibly, I was enjoying the show.

After a while she began to lift her hips, and I noticed she was looking intently at my face, as if to be sure I was sleeping. Then, she decided to do something really weird.
While she was caressing herself with her left hand, her right one began to approach my left thigh, uncovered and exposed.
I felt her gently touch; I knew she was looking at me, trying to assert if I was asleep, so I closed my eyes enough to let her think I was sleeping.
She grew confident, and began to caress my thigh in a way so sweet and gently that I just wanted it never stop.
Her fingers were now touching the leg of my panties, near my crotch. Hesitating, she placed a finger under the loose rim; then, amazed, I realized my panties were being yanked down, inch by inch, until they reach my ankles. It was so sweet to feel the air in my bare crotch that I, as in my sleep, lifted one leg out of my panties, so my hairy pussy was now completely exposed. I don't think she ever suspected that I was collaborating, but I do know she was delighted with the view.
After a brief hesitation, she smoothly let her hand rest on my mound. It felt wonderful feeling her warm hand. I silently pray for her to do whatever she thought of doing.
After an eternity I felt her fingers cupping my mound. One of them, maybe the middle finger, began a slowly exploration, searching, looking for my already wet pussy. At last she found it. She placed her exquisite finger right between the swollen lips of my pussy.
I couldn't help exhaling a sigh, along with an involuntary shudder of my hips.
Damn! I didn't mean to scare her. I was dying for her sweet hand.
She stopped the exploration but let her hand where it was. She didn't want to wake me up.
I forced myself to breath and snore. The child resumed her explorations, reassured of my heavy sleep.

Her finger dipped in my wet pussy and delicately touched my clit. God, this child knew what she was doing!
My hips raised a little to meet her finger, and my lovely cousin took this as a positive response.
She forgot about her own pleasure. Now I was the target of her lust.
Her finger was now lightly and rhythmically rubbing my hard clit. God, I was in heaven! My legs loosen and spread, completely exposing my yearning crotch, my clit protruding from the open lips. My hips lifting at each pass of her finger on my button.
I think my body would react in the same way, even if I were genuinely asleep. And it was obvious that my cousin thought similarly, for she accepted the undulations of my hips as an indication of pleasure and not as a signal of awakening.

She was breathing heavily, feeling my own pleasure, but, perversely, she ceased fingering me when I was about to come. I almost scream when her hand left my pussy unattended.
My hips hungrily lifted, in search of a finger that was no longer there.

I could see my cousin sitting next to me, her eyes devouring my pulsating pussy; her hand, the one that knew how to caress my clit was now rubbing her pussy, fastly, while her other hand pinched her small nipples.

So, I did what I'm sure she wanted me to do: I spread even more my legs and used my hands to separate my pussy lips and expose my erect clit, and began masturbating, wildly, my cousin sitting right next to me, masturbating too, noisily, not caring anymore for my waking up, cause now I was fingering myself, without any help on her part, and she were not to be blamed.
We orgasmed almost synchronically, with cries of pleasure and relaxation, in communion with each other, an instant in which we were no longer a mature woman and a little girl, but two women enjoying her bodies, in the first of many lesbianic and erotic explorations.

The end.

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