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April 20, 2014
9:48am EDT

Rated: GC | Other | Erotica | #1622687
A 14-year-old boy must struggled to survive while shrunken at a kids' summer camp.
        As I slowly swam back to consciousness, I realized that I couldn't move.  My eyes sprung open to the sight of two huge fabric-covered breasts hovering over me.  I craned my neck up to see the smiling face of the giant girl from earlier.
        "I hope your accommodations aren't too uncomfortable." She said.  I struggled to move again, but it was useless.  I looked around and realized that she had taped my arms and legs to a desk of some kind, in a spread-eagle position.  The polished surface of the desk was cold, and I shivered.  It was then that I realized I was completely naked.
        "What...what..." I stammered, unable to form any coherent thoughts.
        "I was wondering when you would notice that.  Sorry, but I had to sneeze on the way over and your cute little outfit was all I could find.  Besides, I think this look suits you much better."
        "Please...I need your help!  My girlfriend and I shrunk but she got kidnapped by one of the campers and I'm really worried about her and I need to find my sister!"  I yelled up at her, realizing I probably wasn't making much sense.
        "How old are you?" She asked.
        "Uh...15..." I replied.
        "You are so adorable.  I could just eat you up.  But I won't, of course.  Then I couldn't play with your sexy little body." The teen giantess said, laughing a bit.
        "Why are you doing this to me?" I asked.
        "Why not?  It's not every day a girl gets to play with a tiny helpless naked boy.  I'm Elizabeth, by the way, and you might as well get used to this.  I don't plan on letting you go." She said very matter-of-fact.
        "Please don't do this..." I said, panicking.  I couldn't move and I had no idea what this girl would do to me.  But at the same time I felt myself becoming aroused at the thought of being helpless in her hands.
        "You words may say one thing..." Elizabeth said, gesturing towards my growing erection.  Her smile was back as she reached down with her giant fingers. 
        I struggled against my bonds, but it was useless.  At my current size, a piece of tape was stronger than me. Her finger touched my chest, running down the length of my body, then back up again.  I shivered with pleasure at her touch.  She laughed again, and pushed my tiny erection up against my body with her giant fingertip.  The pressure was intense.  She then released my penis, and it sprang back into place. 
        "You know, your junk would be impressive if you were normal-sized.  You'd be bigger than my boyfriend, and he's older than you."She laughed, and then pinched my tiny erection between two giant fingers.
        "Please..stop..." I said, although my voice came out as more of a strained whisper.
        "Wow, for something so tiny your dick sure is hard." Elizabeth said, as she started to flick it around.  She started to move it around in a circular motion.  The feeling was indescribable.  I didn't want her to stop, but I couldn't take much more of this.  I moaned.
        "Oh, do you like that?  Do you like having a big girl play with you?  Being a shrunken, itty bitty naked toy boy?  I hope so, because that's all you are now.  A tiny naked sextoy for me to do whatever I want with." She said, laughing again.  My erection was throbbing at this point.  She released the pressure once again.  It was unbearable.
        "Don't stop!" I yelled before I could stop the words from leaving my mouth.
        "Oh, you don't want me to stop?  Are you sure?" She said, smiling again.  She was enjoying this more than any sane person should.
        Elizabeth reached back down and picked up where she had left off.  She gripped my little penis between two fingers and started to pump it up and down.  I cried out, which caused her to pump even faster.  Finally it was too much to take and I came hard.  My cum shot up between her two fingers, and she released me from her grip, laughing.  She brought her hand up to her mouth and licked up the cum.
        "Mmm.  That was nice." She said.  I lay on the desk, panting for breath, my body covered in sweat.  I couldn't move or even speak at this point.  I was hoping she would leave me alone after this, but I didn't think that was going to happen.
        "My god, that was so fucking hot.  I just jerked off a shrunken little boy against his will." Elizabeth said, unexpectedly leaning forward and licking my entire body.  Her tongue was hot, and sticky with saliva.  Now I was sticky, too.  I don't know how much more of this I could handle.
        "Elizabeth..." I started to say, but was too weak to finish.
        "You have me so hot right now, little boy, it's not even funny.  To think, I have complete control over a tiny, naked little boy.  I can do whatever I want to you, whenever I want to.  You can't do anything about it, and no one else ever has to know." She said, standing up and pulling off her shirt.  She threw it across the room.  She kicked off her shorts, too, leaving this beautiful teenage giantess standing over me in nothing but her black bra and panties.  The view was amazing.  Her chest was huge, straining against her bra.  She quickly unhooked it, tossing the bra aside and letting her enormous breasts swing loose.  Each one was bigger than my entire existence.  I wasn't even sure I was bigger than one of her nipples.
        Next, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, leaning over to slide them down her legs.  Her bare breasts came at me, stopping just inches from touching my tiny nude body on the desk.  My penis somehow sprang to life again, reaching out for the massive breast that hung above it. 
        Elizabeth stood back up, now completely nude.  I stared at this nude teenage giantess in awe.  Her bush was now in front of me, slightly above where I was taped to the desk.  She bent down to lick my body again.  She stood back up and ran a hand across her breasts, sliding it down her smooth stomach until she reached her vagina.
        "I can't take it anymore.  I am so hot right now, little boy!" She practically screamed, reaching down and ripping me from my bonds.  She gripped my little form in her fist and brought me up to breast level.  I watched them bounce and sway as she took several giant steps over to her bed.  She threw me down onto it, and I landed among the hills of the comforter.  I manage to stand and look up at this towering teen giantess above me.  She was my entire world at the moment.  My captive, my pleasurer, my torturer.  She looked hungrily down at me on the bed.  I was frightened out of my mind, but highly aroused at the same time.
        Elizabeth climbed onto the bed, her massive nude form blocking out the ceiling entirely and casting a shadow onto the bed where I stood.  She swiped me up in one hand and fell onto her back, her torso propped up with pillows.
        "Little boy, I'm about to give you an experience that you will never forget." The nude teenage giantess told me.  She dropped my tiny nude form onto her massive breast.  I landed on the nipple, which was already hard.  I tumbled down the soft yet firm skin, into the valley between.  I wish I could say I stopped there, but I continued to tumble down her body.  Onto her stomach, past her navel, slowing only when I hit her forest of dark pubic hair.  My tiny nude body became tangled in it, and my struggles only seemed to make it worse.  I realized how close I was to her vagina, and the heat coming from it was intense.  I looked up to see a giant hand appear above me.  It descended on me, hitting my little body and pushing me into her.  My legs, and soon my entire lower body, was inside of her.  My erection throbbed against the walls of hot flesh pressing in on it, and I came, though it barely registered with me.  The teenaged giantess moaned intensely, and I could feel the vibrations as she continued to push me inside of her.  This was too much for me to handle, and I the edges of my vision started to go black as I once again passed out.

        I woke up in the dark, surrounded on all sides by heavy fabric.  There was a faint smell of roses in the air.  I had no idea where was.  I tried to feel around, but my hands met nothing but fabric.  I stopped moving and let my eyesight adjust.  I could just about make out shapes around me, and I looked up to see a crack in the ceiling that was allowing a small bit of light to come through.  I focused and became aware of muffled voices.  One of the voices sounded like Elizabeth, and the other sounded like a teenage boy.  He sounded like maybe he was her age, and I assumed he was another camp counselor.  Just what I needed.  Where the hell was Elizabeth keeping me?
        As I stood up and tried to hear what was being said, I could just about make out that Elizabeth and this boy seemed to be fighting about something.  They weren't yelling, though, so I guess it was more of a disagreement.  Soon, they both moved into view, and now that they were closer, I could hear them much more clearly, though through the thin opening I could only see their upper bodies.
        "Listen, Josh, you're overreacting." Elizabeth said, sounding annoyed.
        "Overreacting?  Elizabeth, we only see each other once a year when we're both working here.  You always want to fool around every time we see each other, but now suddenly you don't?  What the fuck?" Josh exclaimed.
        "I couldn't wait for you forever, Josh." Elizabeth said.
        "What's that supposed to mean?  Do you have a new boyfriend?" Josh demanded.
        "As a matter of fact...yes.  I do." Elizabeth replied calmly.
        "What the hell!  When did this happen?"
        "Earlier today, actually." Elizabeth said, and though I couldn't see her face, I could tell she was smiling as she said this.
        "What?  He's here at camp?  Right now?" Josh asked angrily.
        "Yes, he is.  Maybe you'll get to meet him."
        "Goddammit, Elizabeth, you can be such a bitch sometimes." Josh said, and stepped out of my view.  I heard a door open and then slam closed.  Just then, my world shifted forward, and I fall onto my ass back among the fabric.  I looked around, and then up to see Elizabeth staring down at me.  My suspicions were confirmed.  I was not only still tiny and naked, but I was currently being kept in a drawer full of Elizabeth's giant pairs of panties.
        "Hey down there, little buddy.  How ya feeling today?" Elizabeth asked in a child-like voice.  I hate to admit that it kind of turned me on.  I stood up again, careful not to slip on the fabric beneath my feet.
        "Elizabeth, I...wait, what do you mean "today"?" I asked, hoping I was wrong.
        "You slept through the night.  It's morning.  A fresh start to a brand new day!" Elizabeth responded cheerily.  Oh, no.  No way.  I had hoped to get all of this resolved quickly and get back home, but I've now already been in this place for an entire day.
        "Elizabeth, please, you have to help me.  My girlfriend and I shrunk, and I need to find her and then find my sister Sarah, so that she can help us get back home!" I yelled up to this titanic teen.  I somehow doubted she would care what I had to say, but I needed to at least try.
        "You are so adorable.  Look at you little cock sticking out down there." Elizabeth said to me, using her baby voice again.  I instantly turned red and tried to cover myself with my hands.  Elizabeth smacked the top of the dresser with both hands, shaking the entire thing and causing me to fall backwards onto my ass amongst her giant panties.  My penis was sticking straight up, and I grabbed the side of one of the pairs of panties and pulled it over my lap to cover myself. 
        Elizabeth laughed at my antics, and I burned red with embarrassment.  I had gotten so comfortable with being tiny and naked around Jessica, that I had forgotten what it was like to be exposed in front of a complete stranger.  This teenage giantess could do anything she wanted with me, and I would literally be helpless in her hands. 
        "You are making me so hot right now, little boy." Elizabeth said.
        "Why are you doing this to me?" I asked.
        "Why not?  I can do anything I want with you, and on one would ever know.  I have the power in this relationship.  I'm the sexy teenage giantess, and you're just a naked little toy boy for me to play with however I want.  This has been a secret fantasy of mine for a very long time now." Elizabeth replied, putting her hands on her hips and pushed her chest out.  I realized then that there was nothing I could do to convince her to help me.
        "Now, I have to go do my job.  I am a counselor here, after all.  Do you want to stay here, in my underwear drawer, or do you want to ride around with me today?" She asked.
        "Um..." I said, trying to think about it.  If I stayed here, maybe I could find a way to escape somehow.  But even if I did, I'd still be lost in a camp full of giant kids.  But at least I would be away from this giant girl.  Before I could answer, though, Elizabeth reached down to pick me her.  Her giant fingers wrapped around my tiny nude body, and she lifted me up to her face.
        "What are you doing?" I demanded, more out of fear than anger.
        "Silly little boy, did you really think I was giving you a say in the matter?  You're just a tiny little toy for me to play with." Elizabeth said, opening up the waistband of her panties and dropping me in.
        "No!" I yelled, as I fell directly into her panty prison.  As soon as I was inside of them, she let go of the waistband.  It snapped shut, sending me once again into darkness.  I found myself tangled and struggling in her forest of pubic hair.  I was pressed against her hot skin, and I could barely move at all.  My erection was throbbing at this point, and as she started walking it began to rub against her hot skin.  I tried to push away from her body, but it was useless, and I came sooner than I expected.  I felt my body relax, and a wave of exhaustion swept through my tiny nude body.  There was absolutely nothing I could do about this current situation.  I was completely helpless and trapped in the panties of a sex-crazed teen giantess.

        Elizabeth went about whatever her camp duties were, with me secretly tucked away inside of her panties.  Every once in awhile, she would reach in to check that I was still there.  I'm not sure where exactly she thought I would have gone, though, since I was still tangled in her forest of pubic hair.  I struggled the best I could, but it was useless.  I was just a tiny nude prisoner in the panties of a beautiful teenage giantess.
        At one point, Elizabeth reached in and pulled me out completely.  She brought me up to her face and opened her palm.  She was resting against a tree, wearing her blue camp shirt, and light blue shorts.  Her cheeks looked flushed, and I didn't think it was from any kind of strenuous activity.
        "I can't keep you in there any longer, little boy.  You're driving me crazy.  But what to do, what to do..." She said, absent-mindedly rolling my little body around in her hand, massaging me with her giant fingers.  It felt so nice to have my entire body massaged, especially by the warm fingers of a giantess.  By the time she stopped, I was completely relaxed.
        "Oh, I know.  I'll just keep your sexy little body tucked away in my cleavage.  You're small enough, and there's certainly enough room in there, and that way I'll have easier access to you, too." Elizabeth said very matter-of-factly.  My little penis instantly got hard at the thought of being between this giant girl's massive breasts, but it was also a little frightening.  When Jessica played the role of giantess, it was for the benefit of both of us, and I always knew she would never hurt me.  But I wasn't sure how careful Elizabeth intended to be, or if she even cared.
        I didn't have much time to worry, though, as she soon swiftly tilted her palm and watched me fall into the valley between her breasts.  I hit the side of one of them, and rolled down until they were both pressing into me, and I was surrounded on all sides by her firm skin.  I clawed at the flesh surrounding me, hoping I could maybe pull myself out, but it was pointless.  Soon both my arms were trapped at my sides, and only my head and shoulders were still visible above the swell of her breasts.
        "Oh, my, you are so cute down there." Elizabeth said, laughing.  Her breasts started to bounce  around me as she laughed, and pretty soon I was completely covered my them, and found myself in darkness, surrounded completely by her breasts.  I wasn't sure how far down into her cleavage I was, but I knew that there was no way I was ever getting out of here on my own.  I shut my eyes and hoped that she wouldn't keep me here too long.

              "I have a short break for lunch now, so I figured I would see how my little boyfriend was doing.  Don't worry, we won't be disturbed.  No one ever comes here." Elizabeth told me.  She had just rescued me from her cleavage, and I was now standing on the surface of the picnic table she was sitting at.  I looked around and didn't see anyone else in the area.
        "Do you even care?" I asked, not sure where my sudden bravery came from.
        "Why, I'm hurt!  Of course I care about you.  You're one of a kind.  It would literally be impossible to replace you if something happened." She told me.
        "Well, if you really want to know how I feel...I'm tiny, naked, humiliated, and being held captive by a sex-crazed teenage giantess, and I'm worried for myself, and worried for my girlfriend, and I have no idea if I'll ever even see her again because it doesn't seem like you have any intention of ever helping me or letting me go!" I yelled up at her.  It was probably a stupid thing to do, but I couldn't help it.
        "Well, if that's how you really feel, maybe I should just leave you out here to fend for yourself.  Or give you to one of the campers.  I'm sure one of them would appreciate a shrunken boy.  Does that sound good to you?  I know I certainly wouldn't want to be your size and in the hands of any of them.  At least I'm sexually experienced.  Who knows what these kids would try and do to you.  You should be more grateful." Elizabeth said icily.  I remained silent as she said all of this.
        "The sooner you accept the fact that you're nothing more than a tiny plaything for me, the happier you'll be.  And trust me, I can make you very happy.  You know, most boys would kill to be the sextoy of a girl like me.  What's your problem?" She asked me.
        "My problem is that you're holding me against my will, and the girl I love is out there somewhere, probably in trouble, and I can't do anything to help her because all you care about is yourself!" I yelled.
        "Boys.  You're all the same.  You're never just satisfied with what's right in front of you.  But I bet I can change that." Elizabeth said, smiling.
        Elizabeth leaned forward, pushing her giant rack closer and closer to my tiny nude body.  I fell backwards onto the surface of the table, and put my arms up to cover my face in reflex.  It was useless, of course.  Her giant fabric-covered breasts slowly lowered themselves onto my frail form.  My backside was pressed against the cool surface of the table, as my front was sinking into the fabric-covered flesh being pushed against my body.  Despite my fear, the situation was still highly arousing.  My erection was painful now, and poking into the firm breast covering my entire body.  The pressure increased little by little, making it harder for me to breathe.
        Elizabeth adjusted her chest until my tiny nude body was directly underneath one of her giant nipples.  The nipple was hard, and pressing painfully into my chest.  I tried to push it away, but of course this was a pointless effort.  I panicked, and started grabbing at the fabric of her shirt.
        "What the hell are you doing, Elizabeth?" Josh asked, walking up to the picnic table where Elizabeth sat.  She immediately sat up, pulling me along for the ride as I desperately clung to her shirt, hoping not to fall.
        "What do you want, Josh?" Elizabeth asked, sounding annoyed.  I somehow managed to pull my tiny naked body up onto the shelf of her breasts, and I collapsed there, panting.
        "This is where we usually meet when we're here.  I figured if you had a new boyfriend, this is where you'd take him.  What the hell..." Josh said, I'm assuming noticing my tiny naked form laying on his girlfriend's breasts for the first time.  I rolled over and looked up to see that his giant face was fairly close to me.
        "If you must know, he's my new boyfriend." Elizabeth answered.
        "Ha!  That's a boy?  He looks like a little pink doll." Josh said, leaning in even closer to me.  His breath was warm and slightly minty as it washed over me. 
        "Unlike you, he's a real man.  One who knows how to please a girl." Elizabeth stated.
        "Really?" Josh asked, laughing a little.  HIs finger came down to poke me. I tried to crawl backwards, but there was nowhere for me to go.
        "Yes." Elizabeth replied.
        "Oh, look, he has a little boner." Josh laughed, lightly flicking my erection with his giant finger.  Pain and pleasure shot through my body, and I tried to curl into a ball hoping to relieve some of it.  "What could that tiny thing do to please you?  My balls are bigger than his entire body!  He'd probably get lost inside of you if he tried anything."
        "Shut up,  Josh." Elizabeth said, once again sounding annoyed. 
        Josh ignored her, and once again pressed down on my erection with his giant finger. The forced of it pressed my tiny body against Elizabeth's breast, and when he released the pressure my tiny body bounced like I was on a waterbed.
        "Oh come on, Elizabeth.  What could that little boy do for you that this couldn't?" Josh asked, reaching into the front of his shorts.
        "You are such a child sometimes!" Elizabeth said, grabbing me from the shelf of her chest and placing me on the table in front of her.  She then turned to Josh and slapped his hand away from his crotch.
        "Hey--" He started, but was cut off.
        "No one wants to see your dick right now.  Your cock is not the solution to every problem."
        "Really?" He said, grinning broadly now.  I was standing at the edge of the table, with these two teenage giants looming over me.
        I looked and saw that I was just about eye level with Josh's enormous penis, which now hung completely out of his shorts.  His balls were out, too, and each was of course larger than my entire body.  He could easily smother me with them.  I watched as Elizabeth's eyes traveled from Josh's massive package, to my tiny naked body, and back again.
        "Well...maybe your cock is the solution to this problem." Elizabeth said, a smile forming on her lips.
        "Oh, yeah?" Josh asked, still grinning.
        "Yes.  I would very much like to see my naked little boyfriend here ride your cock." Elizabeth said.
        "Uh...seriously?" Josh asked, not quite looking happy about that idea.
        "Yes.  The thought alone is getting me all hot and bothered in all the right places right now." Elizabeth said, her cheeks once again red.
        "Well, if that's what'll do it for you.  Your wish is my command." Josh said, reaching down and pinching my tiny naked body between two of his giant fingers.  He lifted me off the table, and I struggled the whole way over to his crotch.  He placed me on top of his already hardening penis.  He let go, and I found myself straddling it.  My own insignificant package rested on his hot skin, and the feeling sent waves of pleasure through me.  Soon after, Josh's enormous penis began to twitch, growing even bigger and harder.  I was forced to hug my body against it to keep from falling backwards.
        "That is the hottest thing I have ever seen." Elizabeth stated.
        "Glad you're enjoying the view.  To be honest, I kind of like the thought of my penis being big enough to be able to dominate this tiny boy.  Anything else you want me to do with him?" Josh asked.
        "Oh, I can think of a few things." Elizabeth replied, smiling.  She pulled herself up until she was sitting on the edge of the table, effortlessly sliding her shorts off in one smooth motion.  She reached down between Josh's legs, and with two of her fingers pressed the head of his penis down.  Josh shivered with pleasure and let out a moan.
        Elizabeth then released the pressure, and Josh's erection sprung back into place.  The force of it sent my little body flying backwards.  I slammed into the hot skin of his groin, just below his naval, and fell into his forest of pubic hair below.  I struggled, but it was no use.  My tiny nude body was tangled up in this giant teen's pubic hair, and there was nothing I could do about it.  Josh looked down and laughed, his entire body shaking.
        "Do you have any idea just how cute you look in there?" Elizabeth asked me, moving her face closer.  I stopped struggling and stayed silent.
        "It's not, like, gay, or anything, that it turns me on to have the little guy down there, is it?" Josh asked.
        "Not as long as this still turns you on." Elizabeth said, pressing both of Josh's hands against her chest.  Josh leaned into her, and they kissed forcefully and passionately.  Josh's erection strained against the front of Elizabeth's panties as they brought their bodies even closer.
        I was trapped between Josh's rock-hard erection, and the burning skin of his groin.  The pressure was intense, as was the heat.  I cried out, but it went unnoticed.  My tiny naked body was momentarily forgotten about as these teenage giants gave into their lust.
        Eventually, the pressure was released as the two massive teens broke their embrace, and I fell forward onto Josh's penis.  Elizabeth bent forward and expertly removed her panties, and as she bent forward to do it, ran her tongue along the length of Josh's erection.  Her giant, sticky tongue lapped up my insignificant nude body.  As her tongue rose from the Josh's flesh, my nude little body went with it. 
        Elizabeth rose, and she and Josh began to passionately kiss again, only this time passing my body back and forth between their mouths until I didn't know whose mouth I was in anymore.  I quickly realized I was in Elizabeth's, as the head of Josh's penis entered.  It hit me right in the chest, and I was pushed further into Elizabeth's mouth.
        I found myself stuck to the head of the giant penis, and I kicked and punched at it, but it meant nothing.  Elizabeth's tongue moved over and under it, battering my naked little body, but not managing to knock me loose from where I was stuck.  Josh's penis started to retract, and I went with it.  I emerged into fresh, cool air once more, and I gasped for breath. 
        I looked and saw that at some point Elizabeth's shirt had been pushed up above her breasts, and her bra had been removed.  Josh's erection was then lowered to the valley between Elizabeth's bare breasts, with me still stuck to it.  Elizabeth placed a hand on each of her breasts and pushed them together over Josh's throbbing erection.  Hot, soft flesh pressed in on me from all sides.  I was pressed harder against Josh's penis, but the pressure was released shortly after it started. 
        Josh slid his penis out of Elizabeth's cleavage, and I was knocked loose in the process.  I hit one of her breasts and tumbled down it until I came to rest on my stomach in between the two mountains.  I was tired, and wet, and sticky with saliva.  I tried to get up just in time to be hit by Josh's tongue as he slid it over Elizabeth's breasts.  I was once against stuck to a giant tongue as it roamed across a giant teen's body.  I managed to separated from it as it swirled around one of Elizabeth's hard nipples.  The tongue retracted, and I collapses against the nipple, hoping this would all be over soon.  No such luck, it seemed.
        Josh's broad chest appeared over me, blocked out the sky.  I could tell he was getting in place to enter Elizabeth.  He reached down to adjust himself, I assumed, and then thrust forward.  Elizabeth let out a giant moan that vibrated all throughout her body.  Josh's chest got closer, until it was pressing down on Elizabeth's giant breasts.  I was now trapped between two landscapes of skin, that belonged to two giant teenagers, while they were having sex. 
        Both of them were sweating profusely, and I was now soaking wet.  I found myself sliding around, bumping into flesh, as the two giants had sex with me trapped between their bodies.  I was scared out of my mind, but my body was highly aroused at the situation.  My rock-hard erection was coated in the sweat of the giant teens, and the feeling of it sliding across their burning hot skin was almost too much to take.
        Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, there were two loud moans of pleasure at the same time.  A minute or so passed, and then Josh's body lifted off of Elizabeth as he stood up.  I found my tiny nude body sliding over the side of Elizabeth's smooth stomach.  I landed on my back in a puddle of sweat on the table, just beside her massive nude form.  My erection was throbbing painfully at this point, but I was too exhausted to move.  Elizabeth turned over on her side, her massive breasts smashing down on the table, just above me.  She looked down at me and smiled.
        "Oh, my itty bitty naked toy boy, I bet you thought I forgot about you?" She said, picking up my tiny nude body and placing me down on the soft skin of her sexy stomach.  She reached down with her thumb and index finger and pinched my rock hard penis.  She began to pump it up and down, and almost instantly I let out a load moan and came hard.  The pleasure of release swept through my entire body, and I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.
        "Aw, go to sleep tiny boyfriend.  You've had a rough day." I heard Elizabeth coo, as I slowly drifted to sleep.

        I find myself outside, completely naked and running towards something in the distance.  The wind is hitting my little penis as I run, causing me to become hard.  I realize that it's Sarah that I'm running towards.  As I get closer, she seems to be getting bigger.  She appears to be aging, too.  When I finally reach her, she's as big as a skyscraper and completely nude.  She's just standing in place, looking off into the distance.  I stand directly below, looking straight up at her. 
        It's taken me so long to reach her, that she now looks to be about 18-years-old.  She's become a goddess in the time I've been separated from her.  My eyes run up her long, smooth legs, to her dark bush of pubic hair, past her stomach, stopping at her enormous and well-shaped bare breasts.  I yell up to her, but she doesn't hear me, she just keeps looking off into the distance.  I watched as her beautiful nude form takes a step forward.
        "Sarah!" I cried, my eyes filling up with tears as the enormous bare foot of my giantess little sister descends on the tiny nude form of her brother.  Everything went black, and I woke up in semi-darkness.  I rubbed the tears from my cheeks.  The stress of these past few days was really getting to me.
        In the dim light, I could tell that I was once again back in Elizabeth's underwear drawer.  I realized my lap was wet, and looked down to see that I had come.  I wiped myself off the best I could with the corner of one of Elizabeth's tent-sized panties.  I sat there in a giant girl's underwear drawer, expecting her to appear above me at any minute to pull me out and use me like the tiny naked sextoy I had become.  Only when the drawer did open again, it wasn't Elizabeth who loomed over me.  It was Josh.  He didn't look happy as he reached down for me with his giant hand.
        "Leave me alone!" I yelled up at him, as his fingers roughly wrapped around me, squeezing tightly.  He brought me up to his face, with only my head sticking out of his fist.
        "Listen, you little bastard.  I am not going to just stand by and let my girlfriend fuck around on me with a shrunken boy whose entire body is smaller than my dick." Josh said angrily.
        "Wait!  You don't understand!  Elizabeth kidnapped me and was holding me captive, I don't even want to be here!  I need help!" I yelled, hoping it would get through to Josh. 
        "Well, don't worry, I'm going to get you out of here." Josh said.  He was smirking, and I didn't like his tone at all.
        "What are you going to do with me?" I asked, not sure I actually wanted to know the answer.
        "You'll see." He said simply, before stuffing me in his pocket.  I lay naked at the bottom of Josh's pocket, wondering what he was going to do.  I didn't think he was going to kill me, since he could have easily done that already.  But that wasn't as much of a comfort as it should have been, since I'm sure whatever he was thinking was much worse.  This was one shrunken situation that I found myself not turned on by.  I knew he wasn't going to use me in any sexual way, but beyond that nothing came to mind.
        Josh walked for awhile, eventually stopping and roughly pulling me out of his pocket into the light.  I blinked a few times, and looked around once my eyes had adjusted.  We were in some kind of a locker room, it seemed.  The floor was a white tile, as were the walls.  Small lockers covered the walls, and a wooden bench ran down the center of the room.  Behind us was the short tiled hallway we must have walked through to get here, and at the other end of the room was another short tiled hallway. 
        Josh walked over to the bench, with me still gripped tightly in his fist.  I could see now that the other hallway contained a square communal shower on the right side, and two smaller, individual shower stalls on the left side, each with a thick shower curtain pulled across the entryway.  Beyond that appeared to be a small tiled bathroom.  I could just see part of a urinal, telling me that this was indeed a boys' locker room.  This was not good.  This was so not good.
        "Here we are!" Josh announced, setting me down on the bench.  The surface of it was cool against my bare feet, and the surface had a layer of clear finish on it, making it a bit slippery for me.
        "What are we doing here...?" I asked, once again knowing I would dread the answer.
        "I've decided to leave you here.  Maybe some boys will find you and play with you or step on you or something.  Either way, you're far away from Elizabeth." Josh answered, sounding smug.
        "Please, don't do this!" I shouted up to him, panic touching my voice. "I need help!"
        "You should have thought of that before you fucked someone else's girlfriend.  Good luck with that." Josh said, turning and walking out the way he came in.  I watched him leave, and I collapsed to my knees in defeat.  Things just kept getting worse and worse, it seemed.
        It wasn't long before loud noises startled me out of my daze, and I looked up to see two giant 12-year-old boys enter the locker room.  One of the giant boys was wearing blue shorts, and the other red shorts, but both had on plain white t-shirts.  The one in the red shorts was larger than the other, though I wouldn't say he was overweight.  He had sandy blonde hair that fell messily over his forehead.  The boy wearing the blue shorts had light brown hair that was kept shorter and combed.  He was shorter and leaner, like an athlete.
        "Can't we just skip swimming, Mike?" The one in the blue shorts asked.
        "Come up with something better for us to do, Jake, and I'm fine with that." Replied the boy in the red shorts, Mike.
        "I don't know.  Something.  Swimming is boring." Jake, the one in the blue shorts, said.
        "Eric should be here soon. We'll see if he has any ideas." Mike said, pulling his shirt off and then immodestly removing his shorts.  Being good friends, I guess they've seen each other naked plenty of times, but the shock of it was still with me.  One minute this giant pre-teen boy was dressed, and the next he was standing over me, completely nude.  I stared up in awe, at this young giant's god-like nude body, but he had already turned around to open a locker.  His giant ass was smooth, and very round.  I felt a slight twinge and looked down to see that my tiny penis was responding to this sight above me.
        I was startled out of my focus on Mike when a giant white towel slapped down on the bench beside me.  I jumped, and noticed two legs standing in front of the bench.  I looked up, expecting to see a giant boyhood, and beyond that, Jake's hungry eyes staring at my tiny naked form, but instead I only saw his giant ass.  It was flatter than Mike's, but the skin just as smooth.  I watched in awe, and then panic, as he began to sit down.  The giant boy butt was about to land on me when I ran forward and jumped onto the towel.  Only I misjudged this giant's direction, and he descended on me anyway.  Instead of a butt landing on me, Jake's giant ball sack did, instead.  His balls slammed my tiny naked body against the towel, and I was trapped.
        I was close to the edge of the bench, where the towel descended to the floor.  The pressure was intense, as was the heat coming from this giant 12-year-old boy's balls.  I can't say it wasn't an erotic situation, though.  This had only ever happened to me once before, with my younger brother Ryan, and that was a long time ago.  I had kind of wanted it to happen again, somehow, someday.  Although this was certainly not how it had played out in my thoughts.
        My erection was trapped under me and against the rough material of the towel.  Jake shifted over slightly, and I found myself rolling under his balls as they moved over.  I was now on my back, with his balls pressing down on my chest.  My erection was now poking into the skin of the boy's scrotum, applying a lot of pressure to it.  It was painful and intensely pleasurable all at the same time.  I stifled a moan just in time.  The last thing I wanted was to be found like this.  I'm not sure I could explain it away to this giant boy very easily.
        Jake must have felt something, though, as his giant hand came down to scratch his penis, which twitched slightly when he touched it.  Not finding relief, he began to scratch lower and lower.  I watched his giant fingers, each one bigger than my entire body, scratch lower and lower down his balls.  Soon they would reach me, and I wasn't sure I could survive that.  I struggled, and just as his fingers reached where I had been, I found myself tumbling backwards over the edge of the bench.  I panicked, but luckily the fall was over quickly and I landed on the end of the towel, which was bunched up on the tiled floor.  I lay there, panting for breath.  That had been a close one.
        When I caught my breath at last, I got up and checked Mike and Jake's positions.  Neither of them was looking in my direction, so I dashed across the cold tile, towards the showers.  I figured the communal showers weren't a smart move, so I ducked into one of the individual shower stalls and hoped for the best.  When I heard no signs of pursuit, I leaned against the wall and slid to my butt on the cool tile.  I closed my eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.  The peace didn't last long, though, as I soon heard voices outside of the shower stall.
        "If you need anything, I'll be just out here for you.  Okay, Ty?"  I heard a new voice say.  He sounded to be about 12-years-old, too, and I considered that this might be the Eric that Mike and Jake were waiting for.  I heard the curtain open and close as someone stepped into the shower stall.  I took a deep breath, opened my eyes and looked up at the newest giant to enter my world.

(End Part Two)
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