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November 24, 2014
4:17am EST

Rated: 13+ | Short Story | Fantasy | #1630824
ash gets tickled, this takes place in diamond and pearl times.
It was a normal day for ash,dawn,and brock. They were heading to there next town for ash's next gym battle.It was getting late so they decided to camp out.They all got there sleeping bags and went to sleep.Team rocket peeked through a bush and found the gang sleeping.Jesse looked at james and meowth and said"dang it we always lose'" "How are we to get what we want if that twerp keeps beating us"james said. meowth was thinking of an idea and was hit by one."Say fellows,do you guys remember the day with the torch"jesse and james thought and smiled. Ash was sound a sleep and so team rocket snatched him to their hideout.Ash woku up and was tied on a table with his arms and legs strapped down in a X position.His jacket,shirt,shoes and pants were tooken off.Ash looked around and saw team rocket."What do you want with me"ash said."Its time for revenge twerp"jesse answered.Ash looked at them weird and sighed.Meowth hopped on top his chest and asked him:hey twerp are you still ticklish?"On thta note,ash was scared and said"Let me go please." Meowth denied and began tickling his stomach.Ash started giggling.Meowth released one of his nails and swayed back and forth on ash's sided. Ash laughed harder.Hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha. Meowth theu went to ash's armpits and danced his claws on them lightly. Ash went nuts laughing and tearing up.HaHAhahahahahhahahahha stopahahahha pleasehahhahaha ash started begging.Meowth crawled down his feet and went nuts all over. Ash laughed hard and cried.HAhahahahahhahhahahahaha hahahah hahahah ahhahha. Ash started feeling his privates grow.Oh no he thought to himself.Meowth looked tosee the twerps face and noticed ash was looking down. Meowth looked and spotted it."Well looks like i missed a spot twerp"meowth said. Meowth pulled down ash's boxers and ash's dick stook out.,Meowth examined the 6in dick and began stroking the head of ash's penis.Ash went crazy and bucked.HAhahahahahh hahahh hahahahahah.Meowth went down to his balls and teased.Ash laughed hardand finally knocked out."Aww"meowth said. "Well I hope he learned his lesson"jessy said.Ash woke up in his sleeping bag the next morning.He didn't know if it was real or a nightmare.
I dont own ash or any pokemon characters.
© Copyright 2009 darkmystic the tickler (UN: darkmystic at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
darkmystic the tickler has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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