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April 27, 2015
11:33am EDT

Rated: E | Short Story | Environment | #1648598
A contest entry for the Short, Short Story Contest.
The early morning sun peaked over the mountain.  It was a cold blustery day.  The snow had covered the mountain.  It was as if Old Man Winter had sat upon the mountain all night.  The early morning sun was radiant and glowing.  The eagles were flying overhead.  it was a beautiful day.  There were some other birds that were flying too.  A dove for one that caught the eyes of me.  He was a white dove.  The dove that stands for peace flew over my direction.  There was a steeple near by in the lower part of the town I lived.  It faced the mountain.  it was on a Sunday morning.  The steeple bells chimed out a familiar hymn. The birds that were flying around the steeple looked as if they were peaceful and serene.  The early morning sun peered through the steeple.  it made it a beautiful back drop to a world that was peaceful and contented.  The early morning sun as said before was radiant and glowing.  The clouds of the day all but enveloped the sun when it was passing over the mountain.  There were people all around me that day enjoying the sun.  The early morning sun crossed over the mountain that afternoon.  The sunlight left its mark on the clouds as the evening sun was about to come.  But before the evening sun was to come the early morning sun remained bright and beautiful.  In another part of the world, the early morning sun appeared to the people who were on the beach.  The season had changed by that time and Summer was upon us all.  The sun worshippers were all layed out on their blankets and sand enjoying the warmth of the sun and taking it all in.  The music they heard was of the early 60's and 70's.  People were dancing to the music while the sun passed over them.  The seagulls had their time in the sun on the sandy beach.  Picking up the french fries that people were throwing at them.  They made their sounds as they passed over the people.  Hungry for more food they persisted.  The sun was as big as the sky it seemed.  it enveloped the whole area on the beach. It caught two lovers out in the open sand dunes making love.  The kissing and the hugging was their main focus for the two lovers.  The early morning sun caught them in the open and warmed their already warm bodies.  The early morning sun visited the gay beach as well.  There worshippers all lined up on their blankets and enjoying the early morning sun.  The early morning sun had now become the afternoon sun. With its warm temperatures and all the sun lost some of its warmth though.  The day was spent by the beach goers and the Sunday worshippers alike wrapped in the sun's love.  This was a day to remember for I was there with the beach goers.  The evening sun began to shine now.  The sunset was so beautiful and tranquil.  it gave the sky a purplish and orange colored sunset.  The beach goers had to leave their part of the sandy beach.  For evening was drawing near.  The two lovers left the sand dunes.  The children at play stopped theri playing and went with their parents back home.  Nighttime came and the moon was shining brightly. The people soon went to sleep and waited for the next early morning sun to appear. 
In just a few hours it seemed, there was the early morning sun back up and glowing radiantly.  The beach goers returned back to their part of the beach they were at the day before.  The lovers had returned back to the sand dunes. The children were playing and swimming in the warm water supplied by the sun.  It was a glorious Monday morning.  For there were no work going on and everyone had a vacation time. The early morning sun was as bright as it was yesterday.  It was warm to the feel. 
© Copyright 2010 jblackgloves number 35. (UN: harycubbybear at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
jblackgloves number 35. has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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