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July 29, 2014
8:55pm EDT

Rated: E | Essay | Children's | #1666878
An essay I wrote for Easter Seal Children in high school. I won a trophy for presentation.
I wrote this for Easter Seals in high school. I didn't win the Easter Seals Essay Contest but I won a trophy for my presentation when I did it for Drama Orientation. I was also a reporter for the local paper and this appeared in the paper I wrote for.

Easter is a time of joy and love. This doesn't apply to everyone. There are some people, mainly children who are handicapped and crippled. Easter is something different for them but special in other ways. Althought handicapped children can't run and walk to look for Easter eggs, adults and other children find Easter eggs and treasures hidden for them. These handicapped children do enjoy Easter. The Easter bunny gives them treats and hugs. These children also receive help from the National Easter Society.

Money that the Easter Seal societies receive go towards services for the handicapped. There are many programs provided for by the Easter Seal societies such as physical, occupational, speech therapy, speech, hearing, psychological testing {I work in mental health and this is a plus with me!}, counseling, special education programs and several others. The Easter Seal Society has been helping handicapped children since 1919 when it was first started. It has conducted a nationwide program of treatmrnt, public education, research and advocacy. Easter Seal Services have been extended to victims of cerebal plasy, muscular dystrophy, speech and hearing disorders, strokes and many other crippling diseases.

There are many volunteers participating in the operation of rehabilitation centers and programs throughout the nation. They help raise funds to support local and state societies. These people have other jobs as well but they have taken out time to give help in every special way they can to the unfortunante people. It is because of volunteers and funds donated that handicapped people have learned to respond like normal people. They also found the will to go through life despite their handicaps.

Progtams, equipment and trained personnel are all very expensive. Easter Seal Societies are greatly financed by donations many Americans during the annual Easter Seal Campaign.

The Easter Seal Research Foundation makes modest grants to finance explorations of a promising idea relating to causes and cures for a small pilot study which could lead to broader financing if findings are justified.

Doesn't it make sense to give to Easter Seals? This year when a volunteer comes to your door asking for donations: please give . Easter Seal children need your support!

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