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September 3, 2014
12:38am EDT

Rated: 18+ | Other | Writing | #1721923
Links to my published stories, poems and other work.
Stories in anthologies:
The Video Game, in the Mystic Signals   (No longer in print)
Actually, in the Drastic Measures   anthology
Ainu Inheritance in Ameterasu, a charity anthology: (No longer in print)
Pumpkin Cheesecake in Wash the Spider Out  
Widowhood: Some Notes (parts 1 & 2) in On Our Own: Widowhood for Smarties   anthology
This is a book of "small stones" for which I made a contribution. Small stones are short observations. A Blackbird Sings  
Aelvis in Chains in Ain't No Sanity Clause  

Nonfiction pieces online:
Turville Woods published in
Stream of Consciousness Biography in

Nonfiction in an anthology:
I don't know in What Peaches & What Penumbras: An Anthology of Grocery Lists:

Short stories online:
Here's How You Escape was published on a website that is no longer functioning.
Bay to Breakers at
A Tale of Our Ancestors at
Another Side of Light at (Summer 2012 edition, page 39.)
Atalanta's Gambit at
The Fairy's Kiss at

Poems online:
Green Tea at Literary Mama  
Quantum Sestina at NewMyths   (Note to self: This will need a permalink once it's no longer in the current issue.)
Four poems published at Strong Verse  
A Tree Without Glasses at
A Memo Went Out at
Mother's Maiden Name at
New Moon Spell, Everyday Poets, 10/7/10
Shapeshifter, Everyday Poets, 11/3/10
Foolish Love, Vox Poetica, 6/25/12

Queen of Persia Imports, Poems about the Wisconsin Protests, about halfway down the page here:

Poems in Anthologies & other publications:
Sendai in Ameterasu, a charity anthology/out of print
Decoy, Last Birthday Plan & On a Working Farm at Willow Review, Spring 2012 edition.
Moundwalker in the WDC Anthology/out of print, as far as I can tell
New Moon Spell in The Best of Every Day Poets, volume 2  
Blue Moon in Cancer Poetry Project 2  
Behind Those Clark Kent Glasses in Star*Line  

"Loup Garou at Necrology Shorts.

No longer available:
The Video Game, at Lorelai Signal in 2010
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Asymmetrical has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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