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March 5, 2015
9:34am EST

Rated: 13+ | Other | Adult | #1767064
School Humiliation
Jason was on his way to school when he spotted something, There was something in the bushes, something was sticking out of the bushes, it looked like money. Jason sprinted over and made a grab for the 10 pound note, it moved, he went to grab it again and it moved, thats when Jason spotted that the note was attached to a piece of string, he looked up and saw Jamie Piper the school bully, He was laughing, Jason was a bit irritated but thought it wasn't worth getting beat up over and it was a lame trick anyway.

Jason was only a few minutes from school but was walking extra slow so he could keep behind Jessica palma (His crush), He loved watching her, he thought she was beautiful, she was wearing a tight red cardigan, a bouncy black skirt, see through tights and black boots. Jessica was very popular, Jason didn't have a chance so he made the most of watching her. Jessica's skirt was rippling when she walked and Jason knew that if a strong wind were to start her skirt would fly right up, the thought of this was making Jason aroused he could feel a twinge in his pants so he stopped thinking about it, he didnt want to walk into school with a full blown erection.

Jason went to meet his friend at the lockers, he was called paul, he was lanky and kind of geeky looking. Paul was Jason only real friend.
(Paul) - "Alright ?"
(Jason) - "yeah i'm good, Had a bit of a weird morning though"
(Paul) - "What Happened ?"
(Jason) - " I was walking to school and..........
As Jason was saying that, Jamie the school bully sneaked up and pantsed Paul. Everything seemed to go in slow motion, Jason saw the grin on Jamie's face grow and the blood rush to Paul's cheeks. Paul's sweat pants had come all the way down and one side of Paul's briefs had slid down a bit, not enough to see everything but enough to see that Paul was bald where men shouldn't be, He's nearly 16 Jason thought, he should at least have a few hairs.
(Girl standing behind Jason) - "Oh my god, did you see that, It looked like a porn stars pussy" (Shouted so everyone could hear)
(Jamie) - "What the hell"
Jamie grabbed the front of Paul briefs and pulled them slightly further down.
(Girl standing behind jason) - "well we might as well see the full package"
As soon as that was said Jamie yanked them all the way down,then he pulls Paul's arms behind his back and carried him over to the girl behind Jason.
(Jamie) - "give it a stroke if you want"
The girl behind Jason started to stroke the area just above Paul's penis"
(Girl standing behind jason) - "wow, There's no way he shaves coz it would feel stubbly, i'm not even going to comment on the size of his penis either, He looks like a ten year old"
Jamie laughed, pushed Paul to the ground and walked off. Paul picked himself off the floor and pulled his pants up.
(Paul) "was your morning weirder than that ?"

Jason wondered through the corridor on the way to gym class when caught a glimpse through the girls changing rooms, he moved closer to get a better view and there was Jessie Palma in her tights, pink panties and white bra, he moved closer again when Jessica looked up and saw Jason, she moved out of sight and came storming out with a towel rapped around her.
(Jessica) - "What are you doing"
(Jason) - "Urm..uh."
(Jessica) - "You were watching, are you some sort of pervert ?"
(jason) - "Urm..uh."
Jessica grabbed Jason by the arm and pulled him into the locker room, Jason couldn't believe how many half naked girls he was surrounded by, he started to get a twinge in his penis again exept this time it was stronger, allot stronger.
(Jessica) - "Strip off then, You've seen us in our underwear, we get to see you, besides boxers are just like shorts anyway"
(Jason) - "But..Urm"
(Jessica) - "Oh my god, are you wearing briefs ?"
Suddenly all the girls piled on Jason and started stripping him, he was mortified but arowsed at the same time, he really didn't want the girls to see him in tighty whities but on the other hand he could feel breast and bottoms all over him, The twinge was getting stronger and stronger until.. One of the girls noticed and screamed all the girls stood up and looked at Jason lying in his briefs in which he had just ejaculated.
(Jessica) - "Ew, How did that turn you on ?"

Jason scrambled his clothes back on and made his way to the boys locker room. Jason started to get changed into his gym kit when he realized he didn't want people to see his seamen soaked underwear. it was inevitable that the girls would tell everyone but at least if the boys didn't see he could pass them off as rumors, So Jason went into one of the toilet cubical's to change.

Jason finished getting changed and wondered over to the running track. Mr Hanson the regular Track and field teacher was off so ms Jackson a textiles teacher was filling in.
(Ms Jackson) - "OK guys i really cant be bothered with this, this is supposed to be my free time but i have to substitute for you, I'm going to sit here and mark papers you can all do laps, My assistant here will mark down how many laps you do and if any of you don't complete 10 you will have detention after school"
Jason didn't like this, he has asthma and really struggled running long distances. He knew he needed to stay steady and keep hydrated. by the time Jason had done five laps he had drank 4 bottles of water but there was only 15 minutes left and he didn't feel he could complete it in that time. Sarah Hill an older girl (the one ms Jackson referred to as her assistant before) walked over to Jason.
(Sarah) - "Come on hurry up, If you don't finish all ten laps its detention, come on iv seen 10 year old girls run faster than this, is that what you are a 10 year old girl ?"
(Jason) - (under his breath) " yes if it means getting out of this)
(Sarah)- "What, you are ?"
Sarah grabbed his crotch rubbed it a bit.
(Sarah) - "Yeah definatly feels like a pussy to me, Go back to the locker room and braid your hair or something"

Jason was busy getting changed when his classmates came back, Jamie Piper walked in with a diaper in his hands.
(Jamie) - "Look what i found in the nurses room, it's for Jason, it's so next time a girl touches him he won't ruin a perfectly good pair of briefs by cuming in them"
Word had obviously got out about what happened in the girls locker room, Jason kept his head down and packed the rest of his things up, Jamie walked over and pushed Jason against the wall and grabbed him by the neck, Spying on my girlfriend were you (referring to Jessica Palma) You will regret it, Jason's face went bright red, he was scared of Jamie but he was more scared of the fact that he had drank 4 big bottles of water in the space of 40 minutes and he was desperate for the toilet, Jamie didn't let go of Jason's neck, Jason was struggling to breath and felt weak, Jamie let go and Jason felt to the floor which shocked him and resulted in him loosing control, a puddle was building up around him, screams of laughter were surrounding him.
(Jamie) - "Hahaha.. I don't believe it, Little baby Jason's gone wee wee in his pants, I cant believe i actually get to put this diaper to good use"
Jamie grabbed Jason and dragged him to the shower, he pulled Jason's clothes off, pushed his legs apart and started cleaning him, everyone was taking video's.
(Jamie) - " look at baby Jason's little willy"
The shower water was cold and Jason's 'willy' was non existent. Jamie pulled Jason out of the shower and back into the locker room, Jason thought he would rather be seen naked than be seen in a diaper so he picked his moment and ran he, he got to the door but Sarah (the assistant) was waiting there.
(Sarah)"Oh my, I knew you had a small one but that. Haha, looks like babies being bad"
Sarah then picked Jason up under the arms like a kid and took him back into the locker room, He couldn't believe she was in on it as well and he found it harder to believe that he was about to be diapered and most likely humiliated in front of the school. Jamie Put a diaper on Jason it was light blue with a pink ribbon on, They forced milk down his throat and then put a pacifier in his mouth which had a strap on it so Jason couldn't talk or take it off.

Jamie picked Jason up and started marching to the lunch hall everyone from the locker room was following, Sarah would spank Jason every time he kicked, Jason's stomach was starting to hurt and he suspected it could be something to do with the milk he was given before plus from the stress of the situation, so Jason just had to clench every time Sarah spanked him. when they entered the lunch hall everyone went silent, Jason tried to struggle away but was overpowered. Jason was dumped on the middle table and a swarm of people surrounded.
(Jamie) - "Everybody, Baby Jason may be a little moody Because he hasn't been poo poo yet, Go on Jason go poo poo"
(voice from the crowd) - "come on Jamie he's 15 he's not going to poop himself"
Suddenly there were a few screams, There was a smell surrounding the hall, Jason burst out crying he hadn't been able to hold it what ever was in the milk had worked, He was humiliated he had came, peed and pooped himself all in one day.
(voice from the crowd) - "Wow i guess i was wrong, Wasn't i baby Jason".
Everyone was laughing even his best friend Paul. Jason didn't feel well, he felt dazed and could hardly keep his head up, maybe he was having a reaction to the milk. A dinner lady came over and told him to change immediately, Jason couldn't move he had no energy.
(dinner lady) - "We will have to do something, unless you will get a rash"
The dinner lady called for a janitor to carry Jason over to the preschool next door because there would be a changing table and fresh diapers, Jason tried to object, His little sister went to that preschool but he couldn't muster up the strength to say anything. The janitor carried him into the preschool laid him down on the changing table and explained the situation to the teacher, the teacher was young and looked irritated.
(Teacher) - " OK then lets gets you sorted"
She opened the Diaper to find Jason was peeing again, he had completely lost control. his sister was there and she was joining in with the other kids laughing and tormenting.
(Teacher) - "Come on boy, Even the kids don't pee at the changing table, Wow you've really made a mess haven't you"
The teacher finished cleaning and wondered back with a pink diaper.
(Teacher) - " We don't have any big boy diapers but here are some girls one's, it might be a little bit tight around the hips but luckily your a slow developer and there should be enough room at the front"
Jason spent the next couple of hours in the preschool, he had a bit more energy but was still having trouble with wetting and since the Teacher couldn't just concentrate on Jason They asked one of the younger girls from the school that had free periods, whether she would change Jason when he needed it. She seemed nice at first but then she started taking pictures and sending them to her friends.

Jason's mum and his 10 year old brother Sam came to pick him up, They took some spare diapers and Jason still couldn't walk so his mum picked him up under the arms and carried him to the car holding him away from her so her clothes didn't touch the wet diaper.
(Jason's Mum) - "Sam, Jason is wet would you mind changing him"
Sam had learned how to change had learned how to change diapers from changing his little sisters. He removed the diaper and went to get a fresh one.
(Sam) - "This Diaper says 5-6 year olds and its for girls, That wouldnt fit me and im 10"
(Jasons Mum) - " Sam, dont you think your brother has been humiliated enough today without his little brother commenting on how small his penis is"
(Sam) - " Suppose so, its just weird.
© Copyright 2011 aspire5335 (UN: aspire5335 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
aspire5335 has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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