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a sheat that tells about prince albert.
Character's Full Name: Prince, Albert weastpillow.
Reason or meaning of name: his dad lost a bet.
Nickname: john Reason: it’s better than Prince Albert.
Age: 16
How old does s/he appear? 16
Eye Color: blue or green depending on his mood.
Glasses or contacts: no
Weight: 180
Height: 6, 7
Type of body/build: broad and muscular
Skin tone: Celt-pale
Skin type: white
Shape of face: hawk like.
Distinguishing Marks: a scar running along his left arm that he got from falling out of a tree.
Predominant feature: arrow like nose.
Looks like: his father except with his mother’s eyes.
Is s/he healthy? Yes.
If not, why not:
Character's favorite color: purple.
Music: rock music.
Food: his mom’s rabbit stew.
Literature: fiction

Smokes: no
Drinks: yes, What? Wine, When and how much? A small glass with supper
Hobbies: chess, and martial arts
Hometown: Dublin
Type of childhood: happy-ish.
First memory: at the age of four using a stick as a sword as he cut though imagery enemies.
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her: his best friend was killed. Why does it still affect him/her? He swore that he would try his best to stop this from happing to others.
Education: high school diploma.
Religion: still trying to find one that he doesn’t think trying to force him in to things.
Finances: middle class.
Mother: Jessica weastpillow.
Relationship with her: friends
Father: James weastpillow.
Relationship with him: friends
Siblings: has none
Most at ease when: driving though the rolling hills of Ireland
Ill at ease when: he can’t figure something out.
Priorities: his family, his job, his country.
Philosophy: no point in complaining about your job if it is one that needs done.
How s/he feels about self: al in all he feels pretty good about himself.
Past failure s/he would be embarrassed to have people know about: the time he got beat up by a chicken. Why? he got bet up by a chicken
If granted one wish, what would it be? To know name of his best friends killer. Why? So that he can get revenge for his best friend.
Greatest source of strength in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such or not): his undying loyalty
Greatest source of weakness in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such or not: his stubbornness
Character's soft spot: his family Is this soft spot obvious to others? yes
Biggest vulnerability: his fear of heights
Drives and motivations: his family and the memory of his late friend.
Talents: fighting, seeing things people normal wouldn’t see. And convincing others to do what he asks.
Extremely unskilled at: arts

Biggest regret: not being there to try and save his friend.
Biggest accomplishment: taking down the don of the Dublin mafia
Character's deepest secret: he once took ballet
Does anyone else know? Yes
If yes, did character tell them? Yes
If no, how did they find out?
One word CHARACTER would use to describe self: strong.
What does CHARACTER consider best physical characteristic? His height.
What does CHARACTER consider worst physical characteristic? His nose
Are these realistic assessments? yes
How CHARACTER thinks others perceive him/her: as a strong headed jackass

How does character relate to others? Friendly unless he is cuffing them.
How is s/he perceived by...Strangers? odd.
Friends? a stubborn jackass
Wife/Husband/Lover? A loyal man that can be a bit strong headed.

Immediate goals: to catch the serial kill that has all of Dublin afraid to leave their homes.
Long range goals: to kill his friend’s murderer.
How does character plan to accomplish these goals? Using his brain and his martial arts.

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