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April 20, 2014
12:28am EDT

Rated: ------ | Fiction | Fantasy | #1854672
it is a love story about a boy meeting a cute but mysterus girl in a black dress.
Chapter 1 The meeting
It was a dark night and I was walking home from my friend Dane's house when I saw a girl sitting under a tree she was wearing a black dress with a white pattern with an umbrella in her hand. She was looking up at thy sky looking at the stars "how are you?" I asked.She smiled and said. "fine but I am so bored ." she said with a frown. she was breath taking she was pale white with white hair and powder blue eyes.
she smiled and I sat next to her she look up and said."you are warm."she said with a smile.I smiled back she was cold but I was warm enough for the both of us. It was getting colder I was shivering she looked at me and said. "lets meet here to morrow night?" she asked with a smile. I hugged her. as I was walking home I look at my watch 11:30 man I am so busted.When I walk in my dad was screaming at me he asked why I was late I told him about the girl at first he looked mad but when I talk to him about the girl he smiled and said. "that's my boy." my dad said with a smile. I smiled and went to bed and I saw her in my dream. The sun rose in the sky and I was sleeping in when I herd the phone ring. I got up answer it." hey dad whats up." I asked half asleep."you have to get ready we are going out." "okay." It was strange.had gotten up and got dressed it was raining and I saw her standing in my living room. "hey it's you." I said with a smile.she smiled and walk closer to me and kissed my cheek."good morning."I saw she didn't have her umbrella ." "you know it is raining right." I asked her."yes inset it lovely out side."I look at her and smiled then I asked."So whats up?"
"I just had to see you." I smiled and hugged her as I held her in my arms I notice she was cold."So does that mean that we are going out?"I asked."yes if you want Dameon." "Hey how did you know my name I didn't tell you." "I asked your dad I followed you home I hope you didn't mind."She said as she bit her lip.I smiled and hugged her. "So what are you doing today?" "I was hoping we could cuddle and watch a movie." "Hey, um, babe what is your name since you already know mine I should know yours." "Dorothy Bloodstone." As I look at her a smile came to my face and I did the one thing I thought I could never do. I held her in my arms and I kissed her, her face was red and my heart was racing but hers wasn't I felt no heartbeat.

Chapter 2 First Date
That night I could not sleep, all I could think about was her she eating at my soul when I closed my eyes I could see her smiling in my dreams. It torched me and I didn't know why. As my dreams were getting more aggravating I wish the sun would gust rise so I could get some real sleep. As the sun rose I was starting to sleep when my dad let my dogs in my room and they jumped and lick me. "Alright I am up." I was wearing my all black attire and was sitting in the living room watching TV waiting for dad to get out so we could go to the movies so we could see the new underworld movie.My dad walk out warring ripped up jeans and a black t shirt he had long brawn hair and brown eyes with glasses. "lets go." "yes sir." I was sitting in the car listening to oozy and his crazy train song.As my dad got in the car I had notice that he was silent . "Hay Dad whats up?" I asked.He look at me and smiled."I met your little girl friend she is one fine girl if she was 20 years older I would go after her." I look at my dad thinking that I should ether be freak out by that comment or happy I didn't know which.I then sat in the care the house of hair was on the radio and I was listening to the classics.I then fell asleep in the car as we pulled up in the car my Dad nudged me. "hay wake up are you okay?" He asked me. "I am fine I gust couldn't sleep last night." I yawned.As I walk in the theater it started to rain hard then I herd. "hello my love." I turned and saw her standing behind me. "Hi Dorthy what are you doing here?" "Going to see underworld and you?" She asked. "The same."She smiled and held my arm. As we walk in Dorthy paid for her ticket but I used my card to get a discount for her I paid for some drinks but we don't like popcorn.I smiled and she sat next to me as the movie starts.I sat watching the trailers for new moves. I smiled and Dorothy took a drink from my soda.
© Copyright 2012 Dameon Alexander Walrath (UN: dameon666 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Dameon Alexander Walrath has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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