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December 17, 2014
9:21pm EST

by Henka
Rated: 18+ | Short Story | Animal | #1857885
A fictional story of my first sexual encounter with my pet dog, a large german shepherd.
         Well, it's June, my birth month. I'm states away from my family and none of them can afford to take the trip to see me, nor can I afford to take the trip to see them. I'm going to be mostly alone for my 20th birthday. Wonderful.. So, really, my only source of company is my german shepherd.
         She's a beautiful, full-grown dog, I make sure she's always up to date on her vaccinations and always feed her right. I take her out on long walks a lot, so we've been getting closer and closer lately. Just last week, we were out late walking. Cliche as it may be, the sunset was beautiful, so I got on my knees in front of her and touched noses and she licked my face once. It was a really heartwarming moment. But, just last night, something really changed.
         I was lying down in my bed, reading a silly romance book, feeling sad and sorry for myself like I normally did. Sara, my dog, came in the room and instantly sat down next to me on my bed, setting her head down on my thighs. It was a really sweet moment, like the sunset. It seemed like she was here to make me happy. (I don't like to be called her master, by the way, because I look at her as an equal.) I began to softly pet her, scratching her behind the ears and on the neck, the places she liked being pet. Suddenly, she stood up and stood in front of me, her rear facing me. I said her name curiously, wondering what she was doing. She responded by lifting her tail and suddenly everything changed. It was the right moment. I sat down my book, which fell to the floor due to my lack of concentration on where I placed it. In front of me was Sara's ass. Absolutely beautiful! Right where her tail met her rear was her anus. It looked clean and was a light-brown/beige in color. I felt a gentle tingle in my chest and -much to my pleasure- on my now-erecting penis. Slowly, I reached forward and scratched her above the base of her tail, not certain if I should try something or not. Trembling lightly from the excitement and nervousness, I sucked a finger and slowly pushed it easily against Sara's anus and into her warm, welcoming rectum.
         I felt my breathing get harder and my heart thumped against my chest as my finger had gone as far in as it could go. Allowing my sudden lust for her to overtake me, without thinking much at all, I took back my finger, sucked it again and placed it back inside her rear. Her tail fell lower, covering my hand almost, then raised back up as I moved my finger out. Focusing on her face, I saw that she was panting, her tongue lolling out the side of her open mouth. I could feel the intense force put upon my crotch as I became more and more hopelessly aroused. With a slight sigh of relief, I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, allowing my fully erect penis to be free. I reached for my drawers at the side of my bed and opened the top one. Shifting slightly to reach it, I grabbed the lube from there that I use for masturbation and, with fervor, began to stroke it onto my cock. I pointed my penis upward towards Sara's anus and positioned it just below it. I gently pushed her ass down onto me, she lifts it back up slightly when she felt my penis push lightly against her tailhole, then allowed it back down again.
         With a loud *shlurp*, my penis pushed into her rectum and I began to moan loudly. Her virgin ass was tight and warm, absolutely irresistible! I started to move my hips back and forth slowly, sliding my penis in and out of Sara's ass. My body screamed at me in pleasure, begging me to go deeper, faster, harder, but I continued at a calm, slow pace, being very gentle. I didn't want to make my girl uncomfortable. Gently stroking the fur on her back, I kept going and going, my breathing was uncontrolled. I couldn't help but moan deeply and ever so heavily. My penis slipped out by accident and Sara looked back at me, seemingly wondering why the pleasant feelings had stopped. I grabbed my slickened shaft and, with a lustful gasp, pushed it back into that big dog's ever-so-slightly gaping bumhole. The liquids being pushed around inside Sara's ass squished and squashed as I lost myself in a nearly-primal passionate lust. A powerful, unwanted burst of my cum then suddenly entered Sara's large intestine. I wanted to keep going, but the pleasure felt too intense. I began losing myself in it, I kept pushing my body to its limits and beyond, continuing the sex as long as my body would allow. With a final, weak push, I passed out with my manhood still inside her.
         I woke up later with her lying next to me, breathing softly and sleeping happily. In truth, I wish I had went for round #2 that night, but I didn't. I was still in shock that it happened! I certainly have no regrets, nor does she by how she likes to stand with her butt towards me! It's my birthday tomorrow! I think I have an idea of what Sara has planned as a gift for me! Oh, I also sold her old doggy bed and even the cage I used for the extremely-rare times when she'd misbehave. She now sleeps in my bed with me, but I keep a comfy new doggy bed in the corner of my room for her just in case I -somehow- upset her and she wants to sleep alone. Did I mention I don't even need to use my blanket half the time? She's such a big dog and so warm! Sometimes I find my fingers wandering towards her rear, wanting to just touch and feel again. She doesn't mind, but I prefer to let her make the offer first. Sometimes I'll play with her clitoris during anal sex to keep her at the peak of pleasure. When I do, she tends to "wink" her anus, especially when my shaft is already in her. The more I play with her little pink nub, the more often and more powerfully she clenches her gloryhole.
         She's a good girl! Always taking care of her man <3
© Copyright 2012 Henka (UN: ryuurider at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Henka has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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