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December 20, 2014
2:15am EST

by Jeaz
Rated: E | Short Story | Other | #1867363
Now these ladies are the smartest of the bunch, and they are the:

         Here it is that time of the year again, the time for the complete
eradication of the ant species from this planet. Yes, it made
me think while strolling through the store the other day.
Every year between spring and autumn the ants are murdered
off in the billions, from every possible area above and below the
soil, dirt, or earth. Somebody should try and investigate and see
if those bugger ants are living under water these days. Because
there are way too many of them about this planet at any given
time! How many years has this been played out upon this planet?

         While in the store, the area where they keep the poisons
for the ants and every other sort of bugger you could ever
imagined on or around this planet, was almost full of products.
Only when swinging around to the area again to get some
citronella oil products, (yeah to ward off those damn mosquitoes)
the shelves were empty of most items say a few.

         For years my objective has been to find a natural way for the
ants to either just go away or die off somewhere else. Yet,
it seems that they don’t know how to take no for an answer
when building barriers between them and me! Is your home
free of those little ant buggers that you can barely see until
they are all in a swarm in some corner, doing who knows
what with the other ants in that area? Oh yes, then there
are the wars among and between the different sorts of ants.

         To name a few of the 8, 800 different kinds of ants on
this planet, there are:

         Harvester ants: they build huge underground nests, some
as deep as six feet or more in depth. They feed mostly on
seeds and the such and enjoy an arid area.

         Slave-maker ants: (they resemble the males of the humans
or could males just have copied these ways?) They steal larvae
and pupae to use as their slaves, the slaves stay and work there
till they die (almost like the marriage system).

         Honey-pot ants: Now they are opportunists, They feed on
honeydew excreted from aphids! You can spot them almost
anywhere among the roses, they look like round marbles with
spindly arms and legs pasted on the sides of their abdomens.

         Fire ants: They are invasive and give a very painful sting,
and will takeout anything that messes with their nest. Very
very aggressively.

         Weaver ants: Now we have seen more of these in the
past few years, they build their nests in trees. They use
the silk spun from their own larvae, and link their selves
from branch to branch and tie it off as if in a web.

         Leaf-cutter ants: They gather leaves and chew it to a
pulp, to put into their underground gardens of specialized
fungus they grow for food. (Also known as Parasol ants)

         Carpenter ants: Those pesky ants that get into wood
to build their nests, and they don’t give two hoots what
wood they tunnel into either. Thus meaning, most houses
yes are built of wood, and ants really like the insulation
that houses have in them as well. Houses are built and
ants build theirs into, on or over it, sounds like history!

         Army ants: Include the legionary ants of South
America and the driver ants of Africa, all are nomads
and predators. They don’t nest as they are always
on the go to the next raid somewhere, they are in a
constant state of war!

         Now these ladies are the smartest of the bunch,
and they are the:

         Thief ants: These ants build tunnels that fit only them
while they go and take food from ants much larger then
they are, that way the other ants can’t give them chase
or know where they took their supplies to.

         All of these might give us some ideas of why the ant
has made it this far into time, they are female lead. Women
leading women, using every possible means of survival to
get to live their own way. Imprinting on all the other ants
to follow their plan to survive and to think ahead and be

         Guess that is why those that rule copied the ants
ways to make societies the way they are now. Only it
seems they forgot to be flexible. Oh and they forgot
to make our societies mostly females, as those that
have followed that plan have survived haven’t they!

         Even just going to the store can provide you with a
lot to think about when it comes to how societies are
and function these days. Simply watching nature itself
will tell you where this and that started. Most of it has
been copied into our lives and the way stuff is done. Only
somebody puts a patent on it and said they invented it,
and others have to pay to have or get it for them selves.

         Everything was made from something else, shuffled
around with some other item to make it useful or usable
for what they want it to be used in, on or whatever.

         There is nothing that has ever been truly invented
except the spoken and written language! That too was
through women and their need to communicate with each
other. It’s what women all seem to do the best on this
planet. Yes, even in the creatures domain.

Word count: 911
© Copyright 2012 Jeaz (UN: jeaz at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Jeaz has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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